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A Few Fun Outdoor Toys for 13 Year Olds

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Getting young teenagers outside and off the video games can sometimes be challenging. If you want to encourage your 13 year old to get outside you may need to bribe them with something that is more enticing than watching that next YouTube video or conquering the gaming world. We have rounded up a few fun outdoor toys that 13 years olds commonly enjoy outdoors to help you with this monumental task. These products are good examples of quality and healthy fun! While the below list includes several fun outdoor toys, they are only a guideline and you will need to use them for ideas for your child.

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Archery Set

Kids can practice their aim and even compete with friends with this kid-friendly version of a hugely popular sport. This activity isn’t dangerous at all and can be made even safer by choosing models that have blunt-ended arrows. Your children can act out all their favorite stories and enjoy hours of active play time. This set motivates athletic talent and can also be used to improve kids’ hand-eye coordination.

Pro Tip: With so many options to choose from, check out the different accessories like sighting gear that come with the purchase.

Jungle Gym

If you are buying a gift for a kid who loves monkeying around, this one is probably your best bet. A jungle gym is perfect for kids to play on and improves strength, balance, and flexibility. Most sets available are very easy to assemble and are quite sturdy. For added fun, choose a model that has an unusual shape! Though this can be a little on the expensive side, it is completely worth the price in the long run. You can even use this nifty set indoors and store them for rainy days.

Pro Tip: Choose a lightweight, and durable model with a secure base to ensure safety.

Jungle Gym for kids

Giant Tumbling Timbers

Based on the ever-popular game Jenga, this modern twist on the game is a blessing for kids’ play time and a fun party game for adults. Though these large toppling blocks can be played indoors or outdoors, you would most likely want to restrict the un-stacking to your front or back yard. Kids can play with the standard rules or make up new ones for more fun and personalization.

Pro Tip: Make sure you choose a set that is resistant to wear and tear and is ergonomically compatible.

Pogo Stick

Bounce the time away! Pogo sticks have always been a hit with kids and for good reason. Modern pogo sticks use low-friction spring technologies for optimum feel and performance. Choose one that has a quiet, smooth, and high bounce to guarantee satisfaction with kids. This active toy will keep kids burning a lot of energy without putting them at risk of major injuries. A pogo stick is great for improving kids’ back and core strength, along with physical timing.

Pro Tip: Make sure you check specifications of strength, and foot padding carefully before buying a pogo stick.


Frisbee has become extremely popular over the last 15 years, primarily due to the rise of disc golf (Ultimate Frisbee). Always a great way to encourage kids to go out to the park, playing frisbee promotes healthy fun with very little risk of injury. Furthermore, if you have a disc golf course in your area, your 13-year-old may become interested in learning more about the sport. Ultimate Frisbee utilizes a course, like golf, in which there are baskets that the players attempt to throw the frisbee in from a long distance. There are unique challenges to the sport, and it can be challenging and healthy for all involved.


The well-loved sport of tetherball is also available in kid-friendly versions so everyone can enjoy it to the fullest! Most kits are easy to store and carry. Additionally, setting up the tetherball apparatus is a breeze as it takes up very little room. The activity can be enjoyed solo or through a competitive match with a friend. Many tetherball sets have a setting that allows the ball to spin freely or wind around the column. This family favorite outdoor game also develops hand-eye coordination skills while encouraging active play.

Pro Tip: Choose one that has a steady and durable base with good balance and surface grip.


Trampolines are excellent for not just your children, but the entire neighborhood. These jumping devices have come a long way over the years. As their technology and safety have improved, parents have been noticing the health benefits. Adults and teenagers can have a blast on one of these devices at the same time, depending on the size of the trampoline. They often range in size from as small as 8’ all the way up to 15’ (or larger). Safety is usually at a premium with various features such as an enclosure net, spring padding, and rest zones while not jumping.

Pro Tip: Quality matters for these devices as they are commonly subjected to the elements such as harsh sunlight, cold temperatures, or high winds. You can find our review of the SkyBound Stratos here if you are interested in a high-quality trampoline.

Children playing in trampoline with enclosure

Laser Tag

This one is for the more active and competitive children. With laser tag becoming more and more popular, it is only fair that the kids get their fair share of fun too. There are models that have interesting gun options like the pistol, shotgun, or rocket. Different guns can add variety and amusement to the matches. Of course, if you don’t want to buy the laser tag accessories, more and more places offer laser tag courses and arenas for players to participate. Just beware that new players could easily be paired with those who have more experience, which could impact enjoyment of the sport.

Pro Tip: Though already taken care of by most companies, ensure that the infrared laser signals are safe for kids of all ages to play with

Giant Kite Set

Kites have been the object of fascination since they were first invented. Not only do giant kites thrill kids when the kite first takes off, it also helps them develop critical thinking skills and coordination. This activity only requires simple and quick assembly that children can perform themselves. These kites made for kids are all extremely easy to launch and do not need a high level of skill to fly.

Pro Tip: Opt for a kite that has a handle and offers stable handling characteristics.

Metal Detectors

Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Metal detectors are a great way to entice your 13 year old to explore while looking for treasure. Kids will be sweeping for hidden goodies in no time. Even the metal detectors designed only for kids can detect metals buried up to 6 inches deep under the ground quite efficiently. They are commonly height-adjustable, water resistant, and LED lit. Look into metal detectors if your child has the treasure bug.


Keeping a 13-year-old busy and away from spending all their time in front of the television or computer can sometimes be a difficult task. The rise of mobile devices has made this job even more difficult. A little incentive goes a long way when your child has reached this age. The above outdoor toys are fun alternatives to ensure your 13-year-old leads a happy and active life in their teenage years.