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Are Automatic Lawn Mowers Any Good?

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Robot lawn mowers are autonomous machines that take care of a lawn without the assistance of a human operator. They are advanced smart devices that have systems aiding them to work as per your defined schedule. This mower needs to be set up either on the device itself or using a Smartphone application to control it. Below are some of the pros and cons of self-automated lawn mowers to help you decide if one is right for your situation.

The Good Stuff

Automatic mower cutting grassSelf-sufficient

One of the significant advantages of these robots is that they can cut your lawn at any time. Unlike the traditional mowers which need someone to push them around, the robot is just set and does the rest of the work itself. Furthermore, as these are quiet machines, some models can even be run at night without worrying about disturbing neighbors.

Charge Up Automatically

One of the more ingenious features of robotic mowers is that they return to their base for charging when running low. Simply plug the base into the nearest electrical outlet and it is ready to charge the mower when needed. The mowers have a programming system that assesses when they need to charge up and goes to recharge in the plugged charger. Their navigation systems allow them to remember where the charging station is located so they can quickly return.

Safety First

Automatic lawn mowers have many safety features preventing injury to people and pets. They are programmed to stop whenever they meet a foreign object or obstacle. They have lift and tilt sensors that automatically stop the blades when lifted or tilted, eliminating the risk of injury. You should check the safety features of each automatic lawn mower in detail before buying one to ensure your model has the safety features that are important to you.

Robot Lawn Mowers are Quiet

These mowers produce little noise while working when compared to the traditional mowers. This feature makes them convenient to cut grass even at night when you sleep because they won’t cause any disturbance.

Save Time and Money

Automated mowers thoroughly cut grass, leaving no extra work for you to do. This automatic machine saves the time needed by the homeowner to cut grass. Also, this mower is cheaper than the cost you would incur to hire a gardener or lawn maintenance team.

Environmentally Friendly

These mowers charge up through electric power, which emits less of a carbon footprint making it more environmentally friendly. The traditional mowers are powered by fossil fuels, thus emitting a much higher carbon footprint. Every little bit helps!

Easy to Store

Automatic lawn mowers have a compact and sleek design than the traditional lawn mowers making it easy to handle and store. Its small size makes it easy to move it from one lawn to another. Furthermore, some bases can have a roof attachment to ensure your mower is safe even in thunderstorms.

They Have a Long Lifespan

When these lawnmowers are well maintained, they can serve you for years without needing to be replaced. Over time, these mowers can save money and time that may have been spent buying less durable mowers or paying a lawn service.

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The Bad Stuff

Hand with pen and calculatorExpensive

Regardless of their convenience than the traditional lawnmowers, robot lawn mowers upfront cost is expensive to purchase. While this cost is often recovered over the life of the mower, expect to pay a similar price to what would be expected of a riding mower.

Slow and Takes Time

Robot lawn mowers are slow and take time to trim grass in your lawn. They have a small cutting deck, making it cut a smaller amount of grass. Its width is also narrower making it handle more restricted portions of the lawn; hence it passes over the lawn more times before covering the entire area.

Short Battery Life

Automatic lawn mowers are small, making the capacity and size of their battery low. As these machines use a battery, they will not last as long as a mower with a full tank of gas. Fortunately, as they are mostly self-sufficient, you won’t even notice how long the job takes, especially when considering how quiet they are.

Repairs can be Tedious

Due to the advanced nature of these machines, owners can’t just take one to the local mower repairman. Many technicians aren’t familiar with the advanced technology that comes with this device. Most repairs are done via the manufacturer and their support teams. So, be prepared to deal with customer service and sending the unit back to the manufacturer should any problems occur. This makes it important to purchase a trusted brand with proven support.

The Final Word

Robot lawn mowers have come a long way through the years. While the early models were limited and sometimes caused more hassle than they were worth, current models have progressed significantly. Their technical innovations and attention to safety have made these machines a true time saver that can be used by anyone to maintain a beautiful lawn. While some common issues continue to appear, they are minor when considering the benefits of having a robot doing the chores.