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Best Cabin Tent for Rain


Stay Dry and Comfortable with these Camping Tents

You’ve finally managed to carve out a little time to allow for you to enjoy some time away with family and friends for some outdoors fun. It never fails. You monitor the weather reports and out of nowhere on the day of your camping trip, here comes the rain. Unfortunately, you didn’t do the best job of checking out your tent and camping equipment and you find camping is much wetter than you expected. The tent is dripping, or water just seems to be coming in from everywhere. What’s worse, you seem to be not only waterlogged, but your entire group is cramped and miserable. Enter the cabin tent.

Cabin tents have increased in popularity over the last couple of decades due to their sturdy and spacious design. Furthermore, cabin tents are well-suited to repelling the effects of extreme weather when compared to most other types of tents. They are commonly secured to the ground by strong stakes and implement tie-downs or guy lines. The ground attachments and tie-downs often do an adequate to above average job when confronted with medium to strong winds.

Cabin tents are often larger than average dome or smaller tents to accommodate large groups. You can commonly find cabin tents available that are designed for groups of 6 – 12. They are often six feet tall or more to allow for complete mobility within the interior. Cabin tents are often weather resistant or waterproof to fight the effects of rain or thunderstorms. Tent liners or a “footprint” may be found on some models to prevent water from entering the interior of the tent floor. A variety of techniques are often employed to improve water resistance, so your camping trip stays as dry as possible. If you are currently searching for a new cabin tent and expect to see less than fair weather, find our pick for the best cabin tent for the rain below.

Comparison Table

CORE 10 Person

Coleman Prairie Breeze

Wenzel Kodiak

CORE 9 Person

HonorsBest in ClassBest Value
The GoodCan withstand 20-30 mph winds, solid water resistance, very roomy (for 8 people), room divider, 2 entriesAlmost completely rain proof, LED ceiling light and fan, roomy enough for multiple air mattresses, wind resistant, long lasting materials, convenient extension cord portBest used for fair weather camping, convenient hook for hanging lantern, large and spacious interior, very affordableFast and easy setup, good value for the money, good ventilation that also retains heat, better than average weather and element resistance, takedown is a breeze, high ceiling, side door
The BadPoles can rust if left in elements for too long, poor customer service, need helper for setupSetup is easier with a helper, directions could be better, tent stakes should be replacedDifficult setup, iffy weather resistance, difficult takedown, vented ceiling allow heat to escape in cold environmentsZipper system can be frustrating, poor customer support, weak stakes, thin flooring
OverallA solid tent that does a good job in the rain and wind. Obscure brand but performs well with only a few minor hang-ups.A high quality and durable cabin tent that will last a long time. Extremely good at keeping campers dry and comfy. This is the best of the bunch.A budget option tent that works best in fair weather. It can handle light rain and winds, but more causes problems. Affordability is great but sacrifices quality.A good value buy. Excellent resistance to the elements and offers several surprising features for a reasonable cost. Replace the stakes with stronger ones and you are good to go.
Our Rating7.
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The Reviews

CORE 10 Person


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  • 10 person occupancy
  • CORE H20 Block Technology
  • Ground vents
  • Gear loft
  • Room divider
  • Rain fly
  • 68D Polyester fabric
  • Electrical access port

CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

Developed by CORE, this 10 person (in sleeping bags) tent is large and roomy enough to fit up to two queen-sized air mattresses for luxury camping. It is a very tall unit measuring over 7ft in height to accommodate even the tallest of campers. This is great if you tire of the constant stooping and bending that is commonly experienced in more traditional tents. The extra leg room and height really come in handy when you are braving a storm or rainy weather. The room divider is a nice touch as it walls off part of the tent and seems to perform better than other tent’s dividers. These often seem as if they were put in as an afterthought, but this one really feels like it adds an extra dimension to the interior.

The tent boasts sturdy and solid construction that allows it to withstand up to 20-30 mph winds without problems. Further supporting the weather-resistant nature of this tent is that it features the CORE H20 block technology. This helps to prevent water from entering the interior by using water resistant materials that are heat sealed. The ample ventilation (cross-ventilation from ground vents) and multiple entry points make for a comfortable camping experience. Just be aware that the poles and setup can be somewhat of a hassle. The poles are prone to rust if left in the elements for extended periods of time without proper care. You will want to clean and dry the poles before storing after each use. This is a traditional setup as opposed to CORE’s Instant line of tents. As such, ensure you have a helper available to reduce the amount of setup time required.

Overall, the CORE 10 person cabin tent works very well in the rain. Although it isn’t the easiest to assemble or super high quality, it is above average in most areas. It can withstand moderate winds without many issues and is great for larger groups. CORE is a newer tent manufacturer, but they have consistently created some of the more popular and best reviewed tents anywhere. While this isn’t the best or most valued tent, it does an admirable job for a reasonable price.

  • Spacious and roomy interior
  • High ceilings for tall campers
  • Good weather proofing
  • Electrical cord access port comes in handy
  • Could be made of better materials
  • Traditional setup
  • Rainfly can be a hassle getting attached
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Best Choice

Prairie Breeze 9 Person

By: Coleman

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  • WeatherTec system
  • Snag-free poles
  • E-port
  • LED light and fan
  • Waterproof floor
  • Inverted seams
  • Wind-resistant frame
  • Zipper protection

Coleman Signature 9 Person Prairie Breeze

Coleman has been a leader in the outdoor camping industry for over 100 years and it shows! This Coleman cabin tent is spectacular in almost every way. The materials are of the highest quality (more below) and give the feel of quality craftsmanship. Coleman has perfected their craft through years of experience, and they have produced one of the best systems to waterproof your tent. The WeatherTec system is a complete solution that always keeps the interior of the tent almost completely dry, no matter the outside conditions. A highly durable rainfly coupled with a waterproof floor, weather-resistant zipper openings, and waterproof seams ensures the rain does not become a problem. Furthermore, the strong poles and guy lines let the tent withstand strong winds better than most tents. Even those that state they are “Weatherproof”.

The convenience features such as the E-port, fan, and LED light are also very useful. The E-port gives you an easily accessible port for any electrical devices such as a blow dryer. The ceiling fan, while it doesn’t produce a strong gust, is a nice touch to help move the air around a bit. The LED light is also useful at night when visibility is at a minimum. About the only problem with this car camping tent is that the stakes seem flimsy compared to the rest of the tent. These should be replaced at your first opportunity with solid steel stakes that can take a pounding. The setup is relatively simple for a traditional cabin tent, but a helper makes the process easier. Over time, it gets easier and faster until one person can do the assembly in about 20 minutes. Expect a 45 minute setup for the first go around.

Overall, you won’t find a better tent to withstand inclement weather than this tent. The price point is very nice as well, considering it outperforms much more expensive tents in many regards. The huge interior, quality components, and excellent convenient features are second to none. There is very little to complain about with this tent and it is recommended above all other models we have reviewed for camping in the rain.

  • WeatherTec system is best in class
  • Huge interior
  • Very high quality construction
  • E-port is excellent
  • Can withstand strong winds
  • Tent pegs need replacing
  • Instructions are lacking
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Kodiak 9 Person

By: Wenzel

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  • Gear lofts
  • Hanging pockets
  • Propriety assembly technology
  • Mesh doors/windows
  • Welded polyethylene floor
  • Room divider
  • Mud mat

Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person Cabin Tent

Wenzel has a solid reputation of providing quality products at extremely affordable prices. We’re not sure what went wrong here, but it seems to be providing a low-quality product at an extremely affordable price. This tent is good at fair weather camping as it does provide a spacious interior and good-looking appearance. The hook for hanging the lantern is very convenient as it allows you to easily provide light on dark nights. Without a doubt, the best feature of this tent is the price. This is substantially cheaper than other similar models.

Unfortunately, the cost-effectiveness is outweighed by a myriad of drawbacks. Most notably, water resistance is minimal. Rain can seep in through the seams at an alarming rate. Furthermore, wind can easily cause problems if it is anything more than a minor breeze. Another problem if camping in cold weather is that the mesh ceiling allows heat to escape rapidly. On some tents, placing the rainfly over the mesh ceiling can alleviate this heat loss to an extent. The Wenzel doesn’t bat an eye if the rainfly is placed on top as heat continues to escape the interior. Finally setting the tent up is a hassle and takes longer than it should while taking it down is almost as bad.

Overall, there are better options available for almost any situation where you are camping in the rain. The water resistance of this tent is negligible, and it sometimes feels that you need to weather proof it yourself. If you plan on camping in good weather and are looking to save some money, this may be a good option for you. But you would probably be happier spending a few more bucks and getting a higher quality cabin tent that will last longer and keep you dry.

  • Hook is convenient
  • Roomy
  • Very affordable
  • Difficult to set up
  • Weather problems
  • Gets cold easily
  • Only for fair weather
  • Low quality materials
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Best Value

CORE 9 Person Instant


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  • Instant setup
  • CORE H20 Block technology
  • Room divider
  • Storage pockets
  • Electrical access port
  • Ground venting
  • Side T-door

CORE 9P Instant Cabin Tent

The CORE 9P tent provides excellent value for your money. While it isn’t quite as good in inclement weather as the Coleman (above), the reduced price and excellent features make it one of the best tents you can buy for your family camping excursions. The best feature of this tent is, without a doubt, the instant setup. Unlike traditional tent setups, the Instant tent setup allows you to have this one ready to go in just a couple of minutes. While the first try may take around 3-5 minutes, after you get used to it, 60-second setup times are not unheard of. Furthermore, taking it down and repacking it are similarly simple to provide an effortless camping experience. This cabin tent also provides great ventilation that is equally adept at keeping the interior cool/heated as the situation demands.

The sturdy materials used and H20 weather-blocking technology also make this CORE tent a very good option for camping in inclement weather. While it may not be able to handle the most vicious storms, it performs well in most situations. The weatherproofing is top-notch, and it takes a strong wind to stir it from its groundings. The high ceiling and roomy interior work especially well for your large groups to take shelter from any storms. As with many large tents, the zippers are frustrating as they can easily get entangled or be difficult to zip up or down. Another minor problem is that CORE’s customer service appears to be lacking. There are several reports from buyers who receive little to no response from their support team, which can be frustrating.

Overall, this is a high-quality tent available at an affordable price. The tent is very good in the rain and storms as it provides an exemplary camping experience. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can set it up and take it down when the time comes. Meanwhile the convenience of the side door, mesh netting to keep you cool, and electrical access port help this tent to outperform its price point by a wide margin. If you’re looking for a bargain, look no further.

  • Instant assembly is spectacular
  • Great value for the money
  • Top-notch weather resistance
  • Side door is better than front door
  • Good ventilation for heat or cold
  • Thin floor
  • Poor customer support
  • Zippers
Full Review

Cabin Tent for Rain Buying Guide

Looking out the entrance of the tent in the morningDetermining the effectiveness of a tent in wet weather is essential before buying to ensure it meets your camping needs. Cabin tents have a few built-in advantages compared to normal tents to help accomplish this such as their bulkier and more solid nature to withstand wind gusts. The quality of the tent materials is very important in determining if it will keep you and your family dry. The material should be coated with a water-resistant layer to help the water more easily fall off the outside of the tent without entering the interior. If yours does not have a water-resistant coating, you can purchase spray off the shelf to provide additional protection. But, remember it doesn’t work as well as what comes from the factory in most cases.

Keeping dry also means that you must pay special attention to areas where water can enter the tent. All seams should be sealed with a waterproof sealant. Additionally, on some models you may find that the seams have been inverted to prevent water from entering via the threading holes. Zipper protection and waterproof floors are also available on models that are generally focused on protecting from the weather.

A few other common characteristics of good cabin tents that are focused on weather protection are sealing of weak points to prevent moisture accumulation. Heat tape may be used on seams or around openings to prevent this moisture. Furthermore, you should ensure that your potential tent is able to completely seal any doors or windows as required to prevent rain water from entering. While zippers are normally in place, there should also be a protective flap over the zipper. One important step in setting up your tent that greatly extends the life of your floor is to always use a ground tarp as a layer between the ground and the bottom of the tent. The tarp should extend to at least all sides of the tent to form a protective layer underneath.

What to Expect from A Weather Resistant Cabin Tent

One of the best features of cabin tents is that they are inherently bigger than over types of tent. When it starts raining your group will most likely want to hang out inside to stay dry. Smaller tents can pose problems in this scenario due to being cramped in a tight space. Cabin tents often include plenty of square footage and headroom to facilitate groups from 8 – 12. Whatever the rating occupancy, for optimal comfort, just subtract two from the maximum rating and you’ll be sure to have plenty of room for everyone. Comfortability is essential if your group is forced to stay indoors for an extended period of time.

Setup is often one of the major drawbacks of any tents. Many of us simply dread the experience. What’s more, the larger the tent is, the more difficult and time-consuming the setup can be. Fortunately, even a difficult setup can be accomplished in under 45 minutes. The additional time is worth it though as the sturdy stakes and guy lines are in place to reduce wind effects. Some of these tents also improve setup time by offering “Instant” standup. While some of these models are more trouble than they are worth, if you can find one that operates well, setup time can take as little as two minutes.

A rainfly is essential in ensuring the rain does not enter the tent. Cabin tents often provide excellent ventilation to keep the interior cool. This includes the roof, doors, and windows. You don’t want rain coming in from the mesh roof, do you? This is where the rainfly comes in very handy. Furthermore, the rainfly can be used to keep the tent cool if the sun is shining directly in through the roof on a hot day. As the rainfly will be placed on top of the tent, you will most likely need a helper to properly secure the covering across the high ceiling.

Red and blue zippersQuick Tip

There are several factors that can help you to determine how waterproof your tent is. Waterproof tents often have several characteristics in common such as the quality of the stitching, waterproof treatment, seam sealant, and zipper protection. High-quality stitching ensures that the rain stays outside and away from the inside of the tent. The seams should also use a weather proof sealant to keep the rain from coming in. Some waterproof tents also use a sewn-in groundsheet to reduce the risk of water from entering dry areas. Taking a quick inventory of the weather resistance inherent in a tent can save you a lot of trouble during your camping excursions.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the difference between a cabin tent and a regular tent?

Overall, cabin tents are larger than most other kinds of tents. Their walls are usually tall and almost straight-up to provide additional maneuverability within the tent. These tents are usually intended for larger groups and are commonly found for 6 – 12 persons. They usually consist of a single wall and are constructed of nylon, polyester, or canvas. Canvas is much heavier than nylon/polyester and generally more expensive. Additionally, setting up a canvas cabin tent is a much more involved task. The most common cabin tents are made of lightweight nylon or polyester.

How do I know if the tent is weather resistant?

Weather resistant tents are coated in water resistant or waterproof spray, waterproof sealant for the seams, and maintain a high hydrostatic head rating to prevent water from penetrating the material. Weather resistant cabin tents are also commonly resistant to low – medium winds. Their sturdy nature makes them heavier than smaller tents and they are normally anchored to the ground by strong ties and pegs.

How long can I expect my tent to last?

Overall, a high quality car camping tent, such as a cabin tent, will last longer than those that are commonly used for creek or river camping. Cabin tents are usually constructed of sturdy materials and are rarely subjected to the rigors of backpack camping. Good canvas tents have been known to last decades, if cared for properly. On the flip side, the larger size of cabin tents offers a better chance for more people to cause wear and tear more rapidly than smaller tents.

The average lifespan of your tent will depend on many factors such as frequency of exposure to the elements. High winds, strong thunderstorms, and UV rays from the sun are all damaging to the tent material. Frequency of use, quality of construction, and exterior factors contribute to your tent’s life. On average, expect your tent to last between 4 – 8 years (if of medium-high quality), depending on use.

Are there any common “extras” I should be prepared to buy to help with comfort/weather?

Your tent will come with almost everything you will need to start camping as soon as you receive it. But, there are often a few enhancements that can improve the camping experience. A tarp should be available to place under then tent as a groundsheet. This will help protect it from rain and protrusions that could damage the flooring. Replacing the stakes with solid steel-constructed pegs is a good idea if the provided stakes are less than ideal. Finally, bungee cords could be useful if you plan on camping in strong weather conditions to help with tying down the rainfly or providing further support for the tent frame.

Final Verdict

If you’re a regular camper, you understand the unpredictability of the weather and the effects it can have on a good time. Proper preparation can go a long way in ensuring that every enjoys their time in the outdoors. Part of that preparation should be dedicated to your tent and if you are camping with a large group, a cabin tent is one of the better choices. Finding a weatherproof cabin tent can be challenging, but once you select the perfect one for your needs, it is truly a joy.

We have looked at several different tents that claim to be weather-resistant or waterproof. We believe the Coleman Prairie Breeze on Amazon is the best option for full weather protection. It features high-quality construction and is virtually waterproof. It is durable and resistant to high winds, even more so than some of those that are considerably more expensive. If you are looking for true value and ease in setup, the CORE 9P Instant at Amazon is a perfect solution. While it doesn’t perform as well as the Coleman, it isn’t far off. The “Instant” setup is truly refreshing and takes a lot of the frustration of camping out of the picture.