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Best Foosball Table for Home Use


Play Foosball in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Foosball has been a popular game often seen in arcades and gaming areas for many years. Many of us would like to have one of these in our homes for personal use without the hassle of fighting with others for playtime. Whether it’s for some fun recreation with the kids or you are an avid foosball enthusiast, picking the right foosball table is an important decision. Foosball tables come in a variety of models with various features. The budget model tables often are made of lower-quality components and aren’t suitable for tournament play. Mid-grade tables are a solid balance of price and performance. Some mid-grade tables are even rated for tournament play and offer high value.

We have looked at some of the more popular models of foosball tables for home use to save you time while you search. We found the Tornado Sport Foosball table to be the best of the bunch. While it offers tournament level play and performance, it won’t set you back as much as most commercial tables. It provides extremely high performance, durable construction, and exceptional design. If you are looking for value, the budget-model Kick Monarch 48” foosball table may fit the bill. It excels in terms of performance for a budget table. Read below to find out more about the best foosball tables for home use.

Our Top Foosball Tables

Tornado Sport

Kick Monarch

Kick Legend

Warrior Pro

HonorsBest in ClassBest Value
The GoodHigh quality with durable and sturdy gaming. Gorgeous design and finish. Made with enthusiasts in mind.Good performance to price balance. Little to no movement while playing. Customer service is best available. Very responsive.Same great customer service as Kick Monarch. Fast action with no shifting. Rods slide smoothly and ball is quick.Heavy and solid with nice innovations. Rod guards do well for protection. Playing surface is top-notch.
The BadVery little to complain about. Assembly is difficult and takes a long time.Difficult to put together, like most foosball tables. Made for short to average height. Taller players may have to bend over.Very heavy and difficult to move. Strong strikes can cause ball to jump out of goal.Ball return is good idea and it works well but feels like it belongs on a different table. Balls are slow. Assembly takes longer than advertised.
OverallHigh-level foosball play with very few downsides. Made to last forever and provide plenty of enjoyment while doing it.A good option of you are on a budget. The best table in the budget category. Solid play, sturdy, and well-made. Doesn’t compete with mid-grade or higher models, but does a good job trying.Nice chestnut finish tops off a solid design. Strong mid-grade foosball table that works well in most facets. Pleasing to the eye and provides crisp performance.Tournament certified table for those wanting a tournament table for a fraction of the cost. Works well in most facets, with a few exceptions. Strong entry, but there are better options.
Our Rating9.
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The Reviews

Best Choice

Tornado Sport

By: Tornado

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  • Jewel Mahogany Finish
  • Adjustable Legs
  • End Ball Return
  • Made in the USA
  • 1” Snap Bearings
  • Rubber Handles
  • Classic Style Match Counters

Tornado Sport Foosball Table Review

The Tornado Sport Foosball Table is made by a leading American manufacturer in Richland Hills, TX, so you know you are going to be getting strong bang for your buck. Looks are classic and the construction is incredibly sturdy. A gorgeous Jewel Mahogany finish allows the table to fit well into almost any setting, including areas not normally dedicated to gaming. All components are made of high-quality materials and promise to last for many years. Expect this table to outlast lower quality foosball tables two to three times over.

The height-adjustable legs work well in allowing a variety of players to join in on the fun. The gameplay is fast and smooth with little to no friction. Furthermore, as this uses snap bearings to eliminate the problems associated with ball bearings, it is built to last with little maintenance. The men are cut with sharp corners that allow for experienced players to better control ball placement and striking. The ball returns work well with no hangs.

This is a quality product – and just because it comes in at the lower end of the Tornado experience as far as price is concerned it doesn’t mean that it is not a worthy contender for a great home Foosball experience. Tornado is well-known as one of the premier foosball manufacturers for home and tournament-level play. There are very few problems associated with this table besides the tedious and time-consuming assembly. We recommend hiring a professional if possible and save yourself the hassle. Otherwise, if you need something that will last for years, provide hours of hassle-free enjoyment, and looks fantastic, the Tornado Sport Foosball Table may be exactly right for you.

  • Exceedingly well-made
  • Solid and durable
  • Beautiful finish
  • Perfect for true enthusiasts
  • Assembly is time-consuming

Best Value

Kick Monarch


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  • Foldable Table
  • 1/4” Playing Field
  • End Ball Return
  • 1 or 3 Goalie Setup
  • No-Slip Grips
  • Abacus-Style Scoring Coutner
  • Lifetime Warranty

Kick Monarch 48" in Folding Foosball Table Review

Kick Monarch’s 48-inch foosball table features folding legs and a design with a wood-grain aesthetic. Because of this, it can fit in just about any room you want to place it in. The foldable design allows for extreme flexibility in how you would like to use the foosball table. It is easily folded and stored to provide additional space if you don’t have a dedicated gaming area in your home.

The table weighs 90 pounds and it features (8) durable 1/2-inch semi-solid stainless-steel chrome-plated rods. Therefore, you are getting durable yet lightweight rods. Each handle features a no-slip grip which is always a solid addition to a foosball table where your grip can dictate your shot. Each end of the table includes a ball return section which can make playing games seamless.

Kick offers a lifetime warranty on any purchase which is amazing. There is a slide scoring system mounted on each side to make it easy for each player to keep track. You can choose from 1 or 3-men goalie setups and it features two sets of players in either blue or yellow. The entire look and feel of the table are well thought out and it features all the must-have components of a foosball table that you are likely going to want.

The overall quality and aesthetics of the table are superb, and you are getting best-in-class support with a lifetime warranty on all parts. As this is a budget foosball table, it is not at regulation size, so it is not suitable for tournament play. It is geared more towards children around the ages of 10-15 than for serious enthusiasts. If you are interested in buying a foosball table for home use and do not want to spend too much money on a near-professional grade model, the Kick Monarch 48” Folding Foosball Table is an excellent option.

  • Good quality for price
  • Sturdy with little movement
  • Responsive customer service
  • Difficult assembly if alone
  • Tall players may have to “stoop”

Kick Legend


Check Price


  • Chestnut Finish
  • End Ball Return
  • 5” Leg Levelers
  • Counter Balanced Men Set
  • Uniformed Men Set
  • Lifetime Warranty

Kick Legend 55″ in Foosball Table Review

For those who want to bring in the sports bar experience of Foosball into their own homes the KICK line of Foosball tables is a common option. If we look at the Kick Legend 55″ Foosball Table, one thing becomes apparent – it really does look as if it would fit perfectly into a den, game room or anywhere else with its striking appearance. The wood grain finish contrasts well with the dark legs and helps it to blend into most surroundings. The legs also come with leg levelers to ensure the playing surface is always perfectly level and prevent weird ball movement.

The table performs very well in that it is incredibly stable without any shifting that is commonly found on lower quality tables. Beginners and experts alike will appreciate the counterbalanced strikers and adaptable goalies (1 or 3 goalie setup). The handles feel natural and very sticky in the hand to prevent any slipping while striking. The classic slide scoring mechanism works as would be expected with an end ball return available for quick play. One thing to note is that on some hard strikes, the ball may ricochet out of the goal.

Overall, the Kick Legend Foosball table is a solid addition to any game room. It is backed by the KICK brand, which is synonymous with high-performing foosball tables. While it is not competition level table, it is a very good mid-grade table. The smooth play surface, solid construction, and high-quality materials lend to a durable piece of equipment that will last for many years. It offers a good balance of cost vs performance and is suitable for almost any household that is looking for some fun entertainment.

  • No shifting while playing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast action and solid construction
  • Very heavy when moving
  • Ball can ricochet out of goal

Warrior Pro

By: Warrior Table Soccer

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  • Solid Steel Rods
  • Tournament Certified
  • Pro-Style Return System
  • Fast Assembly Tool
  • Rod Protection System
  • Leg Levelers

Warrior 56 Inch Foosball Table (2020 Model)

Billed as a tournament table at not tournament table prices, the 56-inch Warrior Table Soccer Pro Foosball Table is USTSF & ITSF recognized. It features durable construction and foot levelers to ensure that the foosball table is completely level no matter what surface you place it on. The integrated leg levelers come with a 5-inch rubber base along with a locking nut which can keep the table from moving during intense sessions.

The table is tournament certified which means you are getting a standard playing experience. It comes with a rod guard system to ensure maximum safety while playing. It can be beneficial whether you have kids, or you simply want a safer playing experience to avoid accidents. The table is very heavy and feels secure while playing. Likewise, it features an improved pro-style ball return system that channels the ball to the center. While it is a nice addition, it feels tacky and cheap compared to the rest of the table.

The men that come with the foosball table is perfectly designed to offer the best playing experience. They feature ridged feet to offer better control and grip on each hit. This will enable you to play foosball like a professional by being able to execute difficult shots and maintain better ball control when you are pinned. The included balls are exceedingly heavy and sticky. This causes them to be slow while in play. This is easily remedied with a new set of balls.

The Warrior Pro Foosball table is durable and extremely easy to use. It offers a standardized playing experience that you would expect from a tournament certified table. Warrior Table Soccer is well-known for being one of the leading manufacturers of foosball tables. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to find that they managed to create a very durable and long-lasting foosball table that has all of the pertinent features you would want. There are some minor drawbacks such as the balls and ball return system, but overall, this is a good table. Maybe not completely tournament-grade, but it makes a good attempt at balancing price and performance.

  • Heavy and solid
  • Rod guards work well
  • Rods move easily and smoothly
  • Playing surface is well done
  • Ball return system feels tacky
  • Balls are heavy and slow
  • Assembly not as easy as advertised

A Buying Guide For Your Next Foosball Table

A foosball table is one of the best things you can add to a game room. It can be both entertaining and a good addition on the style front. However, there are so many foosball tables out there. Because of this, finding the right one to buy can be a struggle for anyone not familiar with the buying process. This article is here to help you cut through the weeds to ensure you make a good buying decision. By the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of which foosball table you should add to your game room.

Boy watching ball being dropped into foosball tableWhat to Look Out for While Shopping

Know The Types of Tables

One of the first things you need to be aware of when buying a foosball table is there are different types to choose from. If you aren’t familiar with the different types, you may not select the right one. You will find standard foosball tables that are regulation size. These are meant for those that are looking for a competitive and realistic experience. You will also find smaller foosball tables that are meant for casual play or even tabletop versions that are meant for portable play.


These foosball tables are your standard variety. They are full-sized and they are likely to be rather large and heavy. As mentioned, you can find standard tables available in both real wood and particleboard. They require assembly because they are shipped in pieces.


These varieties are much more for the casual player. Tabletop foosball tables require placing them on top of another table. As long as it’s placed on a stable enough table, they should provide a rather authentic gaming experience. The good thing about tabletop foosball tables has to be their versatility and portability. You don’t get the same benefits with a standard table.

Combo Tables

Combination tables are another option that you can consider buying. These tables usually include different games whether it be air hockey or ping pong. With combo tables, you get much better value because it delivers more than the foosball gaming experience. This is great for families because everyone can play the game they enjoy the most. However, combo tables come with their sacrifices. Usually, they aren’t going to deliver an authentic playing experience for every game they offer.

Material and Build Quality

Another major factor that you have to consider when buying a foosball table would be the material makeup. You need to identify a table that is made out of the material you are looking for. The material of the table will dictate the build quality. The best tables are made out of solid wood. These are going to be the most expensive. The more affordable varieties are typically made out of a less durable and more lightweight material known as MDF particleboard. These tables are not nearly as sturdy, but they are more affordable and easier to move.


When you are shopping for a foosball table, you need to be aware of the different features that you’ll find in the marketplace. Knowing which features you need to consider can make or break your buying decision.

One half of a foosball table at ground level with a soccer ball in front of the red team ready to kick off a soccer matchGoal Configuration

Despite what you may think, foosball tables come in different goalie configurations. Some will have a three-man goalie setup and some will have a single goalie setup. The three-man goalie setup is usually better for those that want a faster pace of play. For those that want a slower pace of play, a single goalie setup is likely the better option. Inexperienced players are usually going to have an easier time with three-man goalie setups because it tends to be more forgiving.


You also want to check for a foosball table that is counterbalanced. Having counterbalanced players is a must when you are shopping for a table that will deliver an authentic and competitive playing experience. Having a counterbalanced table ensures you don’t need to worry about teammates getting in the way of the shots you’re taking. Thus, it can deliver a much better playing experience. Having counterbalanced men will ensure you don’t have players swinging all over the place when you let go of a rod to reach another.


The handles of the foosball table are an important feature consideration to make. You want to find a foosball table that has easy-to-grip handles. While it may not seem like an important consideration, it can change the way you play and it can dictate how satisfied you are with your table.

Adjustable Leg Levelers

Not everyone has perfectly even floors. If you don’t, you’ll want to ensure your table has adjustable leg levelers. Without these, you’ll find the ball inching one way or the other without even hitting it. This can lead to uneven gameplay experiences.

Ball Returns

You are going to want to find a table that has ball returns on the side of the table. While this shouldn’t be a dealbreaker when buying one, it can be a major convenience add for anyone.


What Type Should I Get?

This one is purely based on what you want out of the table. If you want an authentic and competitive experience, you’ll want a standard table. If you want a table that is for fun and casual play, you can opt for whichever one suits your room the best. If you already have a solid wood table, adding a tabletop version can save you money and allow you to get the foosball experience without spending too much.

How Do I Level A Foosball Table?

As mentioned previously, you want to ensure you are buying a foosball table that has built-in leg levelers. This will ensure you can level the playing field no matter how uneven your floor is.

Does Brand Matter?

Yes, you want to ensure you are buying from a reputable brand that stands behind its products. Finding a table that is manufactured by a reputable brand can save you a lot of headache in the future as they will typically come with a good and dependable warranty.

What About Size?

While you want to get a traditional and standard size foosball table for an authentic experience, if you don’t have the size for it, you’ll want to opt for a foosball table that can fit in your room. A combination table can be a good option for those that want to add a lot of games to their game room without tasking up too much space.