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How Much Do Exercise Bikes Cost?

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If you’re interested in working out in the comfort of your home, then indoor exercise bikes can help you to do just that. These bikes help you to get a fantastic cardiovascular workout, improve muscle tone, burn calories and drop fat. However, there are many different types of exercise bikes, so it can be difficult to determine the best type for you. Furthermore, the price of exercise bikes can vary greatly, making it even more confusing when deciding on the perfect fitness bike. Below you will find some of the most popular categories of exercise bikes when they are best used, and how much you can expect to pay.

As a general rule, exercise bikes are available as traditional stationary bikes, recumbent exercise bikes, spin bikes, and dual-action bikes. Depending on the model and type, prices can vary greatly. Traditional upright bikes are normally the cheapest as their prices can range from $200 – $1000 for the budget to higher-end models. Recumbent bikes often fall in the range of $175 – $4000. Spin bikes are a popular option that can cost from $280 – $6000 (see Best Budget Spin Bikes Under $500 for more). Finally, if you’re interested in purchasing a dual-action stationary bike, expect to pay anywhere from $135 – $2350. As you can see, the price range can vary greatly, depending on the type, model, brand, quality, and numerous other factors.

The Upright Stationary Bike

Upright stationary bikes are exactly what they sound like, bikes where you have to sit upright while pedaling. These bikes have handles that you have to lean forward slightly to hold or rest on and the seats are relatively small. These types of stationary bikes resemble the traditional bike that you ride outdoors and the design has actually evolved a lot over the years. Many of the more modern bikes are quite sleek and usually have extra features. These bikes are very easy and natural to use which makes them the main choice for most people new to exercise bikes.

Some of the additional features of these bikes include an electronic display that allows you to see the current speed that you’re pedaling, heart rate, distance, etc. The seat is usually easily adjustable and padded and the handlebars are also padded. These bikes also allow you to sit while riding or you can choose to stand. The cost for these bikes is usually between $200 – $1000 which makes them quite affordable on the low end.

Drawn picture of woman riding comfortable exercise bikeThe Recumbent Stationary Bike

Next, we will look at recumbent stationary bikes which are quite different from upright stationary bikes. The main difference is the seat. In recumbent bikes, the seat is placed further back from the pedals and typically comes with back support so that you are quite comfortable and laid back while pedaling. This model usually doesn’t have handlebars as you have to sit back and not forward. Even though the design of this bike is quite relaxed, you can still get an excellent workout. It is simply a bit more user-friendly and is quite a low impact, especially for those who are new to exercise.

Due to the decline slope of this bike, it helps you to focus more on working out your legs which makes for an excellent lower body workout. This type of bike is excellent to be used by larger people or seniors due to the added comfort. However, it is not just meant for these groups of people and people of all shapes and fitness levels can use this bike for a great workout. Some of the features these bikes usually have often include an electronic display that shows the same measurements as the upright bike, holder for your phone or tablet, adjustable seats, etc. The cost of these bikes varies quite a lot since you can get models for as cheap as $175 and there are advanced models that cost $4,000+.

The Spin Bike

The third type of bike that we will look at is the spin bike. You may be familiar with the spin bike as there are usually rows of them in your gym where people take popular spin classes. These bikes look similar to upright stationary bikes but there are some differences. The main difference is that you have to hunch forward significantly more when using a spin bike in comparison to an upright bike where you only have to slightly hunch forward while pedaling.

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Spin bike pedals are in a front position whereas upright bike pedals are downwards. Spin bikes also have smaller seats that don’t have much padding whereas upright bikes have a bit more padding. Spin bikes also use friction resistance whereas upright bikes use electromagnet resistance. It should be noted that spin bikes focus on giving only a lower body workout whereas upright bikes work out more muscles (see Is Spinning Good For Losing Weight).

The main features of spin bikes include a display console, water bottle holders, pedals that have been reinforced, handles that have grips, adjustable seats, etc. The typical cost for these bikes is usually between $280 – $6,000.

Dual Action Exercise BikeDual-Action Stationary Bikes

Lastly, we will look at the dual-action stationary bike which is basically a stationary bike combined with an elliptical or stair climber. You can perform two actions at once, thus the name, dual-action. This means that you can pedal while also moving the handlebars for a full body workout. You can also use the same machine for two different but separate workouts. This is a great machine for people who want to exercise their entire body and it will help to drastically increase strength, endurance, flexibility etc.

Some of the features include padded grips, displays, pedals and safety straps, padded seats, various resistance levels etc. The typical cost for one of these bikes is between $130 – $2,300.


To wrap things up, we have just looked at four different types of exercise bikes, their main differences and cost. So, be sure to carefully consider your own exercise needs and budget when it comes to selecting the right bike. Getting in shape is much easier when using the right type of equipment. If you are a beginner, the upright stationary bike may be the best option for you. If you are more advanced, spin bikes are a popular option to stay in tip-top shape.