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How Much Do Foosball Tables Cost?

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Are you looking to figure out how much you can expect to pay for a foosball table? Overall, there is a lot that goes into figuring out the total cost of the table. By using the information below, you will be able to determine out what you are going to get with a higher-end foosball table and what you might be lacking if you opt for a lower-end alternative.

If you are planning on using the foosball table a lot and you want it to last a long time, you will want to invest more money upfront to get the kind of long-lasting experience that only a high-quality table will be able to deliver. You may not need to get a tournament-quality table, but you’ll want to find the best foosball table for your home possible, without going over your budget.

Table football strikerYou can spend as little as $50 for the smallest tables (often for children) up to well over $1,000 for the higher end tables. It really comes down to figuring out what you want out of the table. You will get very different playing experience and a very different lifespan as you go up and down the ladder in terms of the cost. Therefore, you need to go into the buying process knowing what you are prioritizing in order to find the right foosball table to purchase. That being said, you can find sales throughout the year that can reduce the price tag.

Read below to learn more about what to expect out of a foosball table and how it impacts price.

Factors That Dictate The Price


The main thing that is going to dictate the price of a foosball table would be the quality of the materials and the construction. The tables with higher quality materials will subsequently cost more. Whereas, the tables that primarily use lower-quality materials will cost much less.

This is important to consider because, while you will pay more initially, you can end up getting a much longer-lasting table with higher quality materials. Whereas, anyone that is looking to sacrifice quality for a smaller initial price tag will have to deal with the table breaking down much sooner. A lot of the lower quality and cheaper tables are made up of pressed wood which isn’t going to last nearly as long as hardwood.

Another material that a lot of brands and manufacturers will skimp on when constructing tables for the low end of the market would be the rods. If you purchase a lower quality table, you will likely end up with a table that has poor quality rods that aren’t made up of durable steel.


Foosball playfieldThis one should be obvious. Any table that is smaller in size is going to end up costing less. Therefore, if you are looking to save money on your table, you might opt for a table that comes in a smaller size. This will allow you to save money while being able to avoid buying a table that is manufactured using poor quality materials.

However, it is not going to provide the same foosball experience because they aren’t going to be nearly as large and they might be uncomfortable to use for anyone who isn’t a child or smaller in stature.


Another factor that can come into play when you are trying to figure out how much the table is going to cost would be the overall weight of the table in question. This goes along with the materials. When you are buying a high-quality table that is made up of the highest quality materials, you can expect the table to be much heavier in comparison.

A lot of the cheaper materials are lightweight and prone to shifting. This is not something you should want in a foosball table. After all, you will be placing a lot of weight on it and you will want the table to refrain from shifting along the floor as you are playing intense games. That is something you simply won’t get with a lower quality table.

Instead, you need to spend more money on a table if you want something that is going to deliver a smooth playing experience. The more expensive and more durable tables will be built of much heavier materials and are often easier to assemble (see how to setup a foosball table).


Likewise, another thing that you are going to have to factor in the total cost of the table would be whether or not the legs and entire table are sturdy. This goes along with the weight and quality of materials, but a lot of the lower quality tables won’t be adjustable. They will lack certain features like this which can diminish the playing experience.

If you have people of different heights that will be using the table in your household, you are likely going to want to have adjustable legs on the table. That way, you can adjust the height of the table to provide a suitable playing experience. The sturdiness and having this feature available can raise the price significantly.