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How to Clean a Gas Grill with Minimal Effort

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After you are done using your gas grill, it’s always advisable that you clean it. It saves time when you want to use it the next time as you will only maybe dust it off and set it ready for your next grill. Cleaning also ensures that your grill stays hygienic because you’ll be placing meat or vegetables on it and you don’t want them contaminated (see our article on how to cook chicken wings on a gas grill). Apart from the hygienic aspect, cleaning will extend the life of the grill greatly when compared to just putting it away after each use. Grime and dirt buildup can greatly impact the life of your grill. Some grills are easier to clean than others, with stainless steel being some of the easiest material to clean. If you’re interested, take a look at our comparison of some affordable stainless steel gas grills. Below are the steps to follow to clean your grill on a regular basis with minimal effort:

1. Turn of the gas supply

Before you do anything, the first step should always be to turn off the gas grill, locate the gas supply and turn it off. You should never clean your grill while still burning as you may injure yourself or cause gas leaks if you do not turn it off. Turn the knobs to the gas supply off and if possible, disconnect it. If you had been using your grill and started cleaning immediately, ensure that you at least let it cool for a few minutes but not so much that grease hardens completely on your grates.

Cleaning grill with brush

2. Remove the grates and smoke box (if applicable)

The grates are where you had been grilling your meat and should always be kept as clean as possible. Using a pair of oven gloves if still hot or if not just use your hands, remove the grates and the smokebox (see our tips for smoking meat on a gas grill) if you had been using it. Always have a brush to scrape off the grease on your grates and do it as gently as possible. If you do not have a brush, you can make one by using a stick and attaching a tangled ball of aluminum foil to the end. Scrape off both sides of the grates till you see no grease on it and then proceed to wash.

What do you use to clean? It would be best if you always used liquid soap as with it you will save on time of soaking your washing wire brush. Fill with water and pour in the right proportion of liquid soap for a maximum bubble wash. Now use your wire brush to clean both sides of the grates and scrub off any unwanted grease or grime on the grates. Once you are done cleaning the grates, rinse them with clean water and let them dry in natural sunlight. The smokebox should be emptied and washed thoroughly and left to dry.

3. Remove the metal plates covering the burners and clean both

After you are done with the grates, now proceed to clean the burners and burner covers. Safely and carefully remove the metal plates that cover the burners and clean them. For the plates and burners, do not use a hard wire, like the grates, but instead use a soft sponge that is soaked in soapy water. Gently clean the plates for any drippings that may have got on it and the burners. As you clean the burners, ensure that you do not use a soaked sponge but rather let it just be damp. Also, check on the holes of the burners and uses something that may clean them to allow removal of anything that may disrupt the flow of gas. Allow the burners to dry after you have completed wiping them down.

4. Clean the bottom pan

If your grill has a removable bottom pan, you may now remove it to clean all drippings. Use a spatula first to scrub them off and be gentle so that you do not scratch it. Some gas grills have bottom pans that are not removable. All you must do is use a spatula and as you wipe it with a soft soapy sponge, drain the dirt into a trash bag. After you are done cleaning, rinse with a clean, water-soaked sponge and let it dry before you place back the metal plates that cover the burners.

5. Return all components and fix the grill to the gas source and turn on

Assembled grill drawingAfter all parts have dried, you may return them to their places and set the grill to its gas source. Before you do so, ensure that the knobs are closed. After you are done now light up your grill so that it burns the extra soap and dries off all the remaining wet areas. Do this for about 5-10 minutes continuously and when done, turn off the grill and detach from the gas source again. For storage, you may wrap the grates with a foil so that they remain clean for the next time you use it.

6. Wipe the exteriors

Wiping down the exterior of the grill helps keeping it looking new and resistant to the elements. This is especially true in the case of stainless steel. As it is easily cleaned, it’s a good idea to do a quick wipe-down of the exterior and important parts after each use if you don’t have the time to devote to the full cleaning process above. Take a look at the Char-Broil 4 Burner Gas Grill review to learn more about an easily cleaned grill.

Using soapy water, clean the surfaces with a soft sponge gently so that you don’t scratch it. You should gently wipe down all exposed components of the grill including the lid, knobs, handles and gas valve. After you are done, rinse with clean water and spray using a stainless cleaner to polish and give it a fresh spark. Always store your gas grill in a dustless place away from direct contact with sunlight. Before using it, always also check on the gas valve to ensure it is still attached securely to reduce the chance of any leaks.