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How to Lay Carpet on a Concrete Garage Floor

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If you are entertaining the idea of converting your garage into another room or your very own “man cave”, you have probably thought about laying carpet on the garage floor. Concrete in your garage can detract from the looks and will keep the room very cold. Covering the concrete with carpet is a good way to spruce it up and maintain a more pleasant temperature in the newly renovated room. Fortunately, adding a layer of carpet is fairly simple, provided you are aware of a few precautions to take. For example, you must ensure that you select the right type of carpet for your garage to best meet your needs. The choice of the best carpet material depends on the use of your garage. Here, the carpet dealer can give the best advice. Choose one that can be vacuum cleaned, and stains can be easily removed using a mild detergent and you are good to go! Read below to find the exact steps in covering your concrete floor in your garage with the carpet of your choice.

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Measure the Garage

Taking the measurements of the garage will help in getting the correct amount of materials. Make sure you measure the length and the width of the garage. Do the necessary calculations to convert the measurements to square footage. Here you can find a handy square footage calculator. Take the measurements to your nearest carpet distributor to get the carpet and ensure you tell the salesman what it will be used for to get the right kind of carpet. Laying carpet over wood requires different materials and tools compared to covering concrete.

Measuring tape to measure the garage

Style Selection

You can take with you some paint samples and share the decorative plans you may have in mind. This will help you and the dealer come up with the best choice of carpet to see your ideas come to fruition. Ensure that the carpet is made of synthetic products to better interact with the concrete. After that, consider the carpet style of your choice. It is up to you to choose a patterned or plain carpet depending on your tastes.

Prepare the Garage for Installation

Remove all the items in the garage to allow room for carpet installation. Address any issues related to moisture before carpeting the garage. This will prevent moisture problems that might occur in future and remove the need to pull the carpet back up to deal with those issues. Allowing for little moisture will ensure that the carpet rests on the floor in a secure and comfortable manner. Ensure you give the carpet plenty of time to air out before installing in the garage to reduce any smells that may be present from the factory.

Repair any Blemishes or Problem Areas

If the purpose of this carpet is to hide the flaws in the floor, make sure it is appropriately repaired. The bumps or the holes in concrete could show on the laid carpet. Remove the bumpy areas using a chisel and hammer. You can find instruction on repairing various concrete flaws here. Clean up the concrete floor using detergents and water for stain removal. Once the concrete is in good condition, the next step is to begin laying the carpet.

Laying the Tack Strips or Carpet Grippers

Place the tack strips around the perimeter of the room with the tacks 1/2 inch from the wall. This will allow you to tack the carpet to the floor for solid grounding. Masonry screws can be used to attach the tack strips to the concrete at about 6-8 inches apart. You can also use glue-down carpet if you so choose. Whichever is easiest for you. Once the carpet has been laid in place, it is time to start working on the padding strips.

Lay Padding Strips

A carpet padding strip is a protective layer of padding between the carpet and subfloor to provide an extra layer of protection for your carpet and improve cushioning. It is usually thin (7/16”) and able to be cut through with a utility knife. Cut padding strips the length of the garage room. Pour adhesive around the room to help hold the padding in position. Make sure that the padding covers the entire floor without overlapping. Use the utility knife to cut away any excess padding. You can use duct tape to cover the seams, but ensure that any adhesive is kept from the perimeter of the room.

Carpet knife

Cutting the Carpet

Make sure you buy a carpet that has a marine backing for moisture resistance. Measure the carpet and lay it to fit the perimeter of the garage. Make sure that the patterns are matching in length and the seams are hidden. Use a knife to cut the strips to the perfect fit. Cut from the back and ensure you do it in a straight and smooth line. You can use a straight edge while cutting just to be sure.

Laying the Carpet

Proper carpet installation in the garage requires it to be glued down instead of taping. Place the carpet in the garage. Where the pieces touch, place seam tape with the adhesive part facing upwards. Activate the adhesive using a steam iron and join the pieces together. Line up the ends and the corners of the carpet as required.

Stretch the Carpet to Fit

Use your hands to stretch the carpet as much as you can. Use a knee knicker to force the carpet into the corners starting with one of the corners. Ensure that you are aligning the carpet with your hands as you tap the knee knicker with your knee. Continue doing this until you can tack the corners to the tack strips. Repeat the process for all four corners.

Edge Finishing

Finish the edges by cutting out the excess carpet around the perimeter of the garage. You can also tack the extra carpet behind the tack strip. Use door jambs to cover the edge at the doorways. You can also cover any excess carpet along the walls by installing baseboards.


Carpeting a concrete garage floor can be quite a task. Although it is easy, once you have done it, laying carpet for the first time can seem overwhelming. For perfect results, we recommend hiring a professional. But, if you are trying to save a little money, doing it yourself is not out of the question. Following the correct steps and taking your time is integral in ensuring a properly laid carpet in your garage.

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