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How to Lose Weight on a Treadmill in a Month

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When you are looking to lose weight, it is only natural to want to see results fast. However, losing noticeable weight in just a few weeks is easier said than done. Also, depending on your goals, some exercises and gym equipment are better suited for you than others. When it comes to losing weight quickly, what many people fail to realize is that the treadmill is one of the most effective ways to do it. It’s an ideal rigorous-intensity cardio workout for adults as it gets the heart pumping, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease among other benefits. The treadmill can easily help you reach your fitness goals when used correctly.

Woman wiping sweat with towel after a workoutTips to Slim Down on a Treadmill

Always Warm Up

Most people tend to make the mistake of using the treadmill at breakneck speed from the onset. However, you need to start slowly at a lower speed and give the body time to adjust to the motion. Failure to warm up can result in cramps and other complications. So, when you hop on the treadmill, begin at a gradual, moderate pace such as 4 miles per hour. This gives you time to loosen the muscles and adjust. Ensure you warm up for around 5 minutes before you get into heavy-duty running for ideal results.

Watch Your Step

An important running aspect, and not just on the treadmill is landing your feet correctly. It’s advisable to land on the midsole, neither on your heels nor on your toes. If you land on your heels, you’re not putting everything into forward momentum and stress the knees unnecessarily. Landing on your toes is likely to put too much pressure on the calves and lead to shin pain. In addition, it’s imperative to keep the toes pointed straight and not keep them in or out. Keep in mind that this is something you’ll have to work on consciously as you continue with your weight loss regime.

Use the Treadmill for Interval Training

One of the best perks of this cardio machine is that it makes interval training far easier compared to conventional running. Interval training also referred to as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great cardio routine if you’re looking to burn calories and lose weight fast. It’s simply about periods of high-intensity training followed by a low-intensity workout. Incorporate HIIT into your exercise regime and you should be able to lose weight faster.

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Avoid the Handle Bars

If this is your first time using a treadmill, then you may require support during the initial sessions. However, after a few days, learn how to operate the machine hand-free. This will allow you to mimic the natural motion, build core strength and lose weight faster.

Incline Treadmill RunningLeverage the Incline Feature

We all know that running uphill is always harder compared to level ground. That’s why it is imperative to leverage the incline feature that comes with treadmills and read the max benefits from the equipment. Even a small 1 percent incline will go a long way in burning calories and losing weight compared to walking or running on level ground.

Keep Pushing

Another important tip for people looking to shed weight, particularly beginners is that you shouldn’t allow yourself to become comfortable with the treadmill. If you find yourself getting used to it and getting comfortable, change the incline or increase the speed. Attempt longer runs and when it comes to interval training, increase the high-intensity period. All this prevents your body from being used to the regime and hitting a plateau.

Combine Exercise & Diet

In addition to walking or running on the treadmill, you’ll also want to focus on a diet rich in lean proteins, whole grains, low-fat dairy, fruits, vegetables, and a small number of healthy fats like avocado and olive oil. Try and consume less than 10% of daily calories from saturated fats and added sugars. By ensuring your plate consists of a range of healthy foods, you will not have to compromise on taste. Also, you will be getting the right nutrients and energy to boost your treadmill exercises. Consider taking at least 3 servings of fruits and 4 servings of vegetables daily and do away with refined carbohydrates such as sugars and flours.

Final Words

With regular workouts on the treadmill and a healthy diet, losing weight in as little as a month should be possible. However, it is more sustainable in the long haul to gradually lose one to two pounds per week. Also, consider including strength training a few times a week, as it helps build lean muscle which in turn allows you to burn more calories while at rest.