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Assembled foosball table

How to Set Up a Foosball Table

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Putting together a full-sized foosball table may be a tedious task, but with the right guide and a positive attitude, you could be done much sooner that what you may expect. While this guide may not be specific to every kind of foosball table in the market, it will be a general overview of setting up a foosball table in your home, and you’ll find that it holds for many models of foosball tables. Generally, your foosball table will weigh more than 100lb, which implies that it is better to assemble it in the location you plan on using it to avoid moving it later.

Before you start assembly, ensure tha all pieces are present and in good condition. A foosball table will most likely be delivered in two packages. The first step before setting up is to ensure that all pieces required to assemble a fully functional foosball table are present.

Spread the pieces around the workplace then countercheck using the list that comes with the box to ensure all components are in place. Besides being present, they should all be in good condition. This first step saves on time and avoids inconveniences of realizing that some parts are broken halfway through the process, which could mean disassembling the whole thing to receive an intact set.

Preliminary Setup

Yellow and black screwdriverTools

For some foosball brands, the package comes with all the required tools for assembly. Others may require a level, hammer, screwdrivers, and an Allen Key, which mostly comes with the foosball table.


Given the weight and complexity of assembling a foosball table, you will need an extra hand, better still a handyman, especially if you’re not one yourself. 1-2 helpers should be fine. Too many will just get in the way.


You cannot attempt to assemble a foosball table before dashing to work. You should have ample time to set up the table, and this could range anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on your experience and the complexity of the brand.

The Manufacturer’s Manual

The manual should be within close range and can be accessed from the package or the manufacturer’s website. If it’s nowhere to be found, simply send your manufacturer an email, or call them and request for the manual through email, to ensure that they do not decide to mail it to you by post.

Watch Some Set-Up Videos

When diving into something completely new, it wouldn’t hurt to gain some insight from a video. This makes you familiar with the tools, table parts, and processes beforehand. YouTube will be a great resource for such content. Searching for the model will probably bring up results related to installation.

Professional Assembly

To this point, if you feel that its too complex, or lack any of the resources, there’s no need to fret. Amazon has an assembly package that comes with professional handymen to assemble 1 foosball table, clean up, and pack all debris after setting up. This service has a 5-star rating and will be quite convenient, fast, and reliable. Note that moving the table to another location is not part of their job, so your assembly should always be in the final desired spot for the table.

Typical Foosball Setup Process

Man after setting up foosball table1.) Ensure that all steps before this setup process have been followed whereby you are familiar with the parts, processes, and all requirements are present.

2) Attach the leg levelers to the legs by twisting them in a clockwise direction till they are fully in, then stand the legs in an upright position. Avoid overtightening the legs to reduce tension.

3) Attach the side panels, ensuring that the 5 Predrilled holes are on the upper side then attach the 2 goal boxes. This is done using bolts and washers.

4) From here, insert the metal plates into the pre-cut slots on the goal box that you installed previously.

5) Place the supporting pins into the holes, then the ball return boards to these supporting pins.

6) Attach the tabletop onto the secured cabinet using bolts and washers but do not tighten just yet. Align all side panels to the legs after attaching the corner blocks to the side of the table with belts, then tighten all the bolts to secure the body. From here, place the 2 top plates using bolts and attach the score beads onto the top plate. This is the most critical step, so ensure that the base is steady and perfect. Any minor errors and your balls will not travel straight, forcing you to undo the whole thing later.

7) Guide the handle through the opening in the closer wall in the required slot then pull in, allowing the other end of the rod to rest of the opposite wall.

8) Take both bearing halves and connect them to the rod then place them into the table wall by aligning the tabs with the openings on the sides of the wall. From the side of the handle, you will see a spot to install the bearing nut. Fix it, then tighten fully.

9) Look for the rod exit side then install the rod guard bearing and tighten them fully.

10) Repeat step 9 for all the remaining rods.