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How To Use A Treadmill To Lose Weight?

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For many, the challenge of losing weight can be compared to climbing the biggest mountain every day. Not everyone shares the ability to get rid of additional fat in a few days or weeks. And with this thought in mind, you have to understand the limits of a treadmill. Make no mistake; you can burn a lot of calories on a treadmill. But there are other factors that influence your success too. So, this post looks at how to use a treadmill to lose weight, as well as some tips on how to make every session more effective.

Treadmills in a gymChoose The Best Treadmill

There is no right or wrong when it comes to buying a treadmill. Instead, you want to get a model that fits into your lifestyle better. For example, you might not have a lot of floor space available. And when this is the case, you automatically look at more compact models first. Remember, you want to look at the treadmill as your friend and not as the enemy. Hence the reason for the following suggestions:


As mentioned, you want to pay particular attention to the size of the treadmill, and maybe even the portability. Unless you have more than enough space to fill. Then nothing is stopping you from going big. But living in an apartment can seriously compromise the situation. So, it is recommended to prioritize factors like the size of the treadmill (check out the GoPlus compact treadmill review), before making a final decision.


Treadmills are not exactly cheap. And this is exactly why the quality of manufacturing plays an important role too. In other words, how long can you expect to use the treadmill? Can it stand constant use? These are critical questions to ask.


If this is your first time shopping for a treadmill, then get ready to be bombarded with many different models. While the experience can be overwhelming, it is also good to know you have enough options. Some designs are going to be more expensive than others, while some quality bargains are always on offer if you search deep enough. The point is to shop around first. It could lead you to the perfect treadmill.


No, treadmills were not designed for comfort. But the better model is going to make sessions easy and fun. Because the last thing you want is to spend a whole ten minutes just getting the treadmill running at the right level. When everything about the treadmill is easy and straightforward, it wins points for comfort and functionality.

Woman exercising near treadmillsStay Motivated And Consistent

The main secret of losing weight is being consistent. This does not necessarily mean sticking to a specific exercise technique for the rest of your life. More specifically, it means gathering energy to get things done. Whether you chop and change your exercise regime on a weekly basis, the fact is you still put in the effort to sweat.

Sure, having a consistent routine definitely helps. But this can also influence your motivation in a negative way. Some individuals prefer mixing things up in order to stay interested. For others, it helps to see an instructor in front of them.

Find a good workout program and keep the engines going. Because the only way you are going to be successful is by staying consistent. And remember, this is the one thing most successful individuals have in common – never giving up. If you’re interested, read our article to learn how to turn your treadmill into a full-body workout.

Tips For More Effective Sessions On The Treadmill

Follow A Good Diet

You are what you eat, whether you agree with this fact or not. And by following a healthy diet, you can be more effective on the treadmill. That means more energy, more stamina, and more calories getting burned. But when you follow a contradictory diet based on fast food and soft drinks, sessions on the treadmill will likely feel like hell.

Get Enough Rest

Contrary to popular belief, your body does not follow the hours on your watch. In reality, your body clock reacts to the sun. And as much as you want to stay active, quality sleep is just as important for losing weight. Not only does sleep perform necessary regeneration, but it keeps your mind fresh too. And with a fresh mind, you are better able to stay motivated.

Do Not Limit Yourself

Owning a good treadmill is definitely a step in the right direction if you want to lose weight (see When is the Best Time to Buy Treadmills for more). But there are no rules that you should depend solely on this machine. There are other forms of exercise you can entertain, and these can complement your treadmill sessions.

Whatever you do, don’t try to burn yourself out. Get the best treadmill for your lifestyle, make a few changes, and see how it goes. If you like your new routine, nothing stops you from expanding.