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Dome tents in a field

Cabin Tent vs Dome Tent: The Showdown

Cabin and Dome tents are two of the more popular tents that campers often consider. While these tents have few similarities, there are also some differences buyers should be aware of before purchasing. A final decision often boils down to personal preference, the kind of camping ground one plans to visit (learn how to find the best camping spot), the number of campers, expected weather conditions and duration of camping. Other considerations include the physical height of the campers, the amount of storage space required for additional camping gear, sleeping capacity, and if extra space is required for a pet…Read More

Different tents in a field

5 Different Kinds of Tents for Camping

Camping is often an activity we reserve for when we need a break from the monotony of the day to day grind. People who want to get away from it all, refresh, re-plan, re-program or simply have some peace and quiet to reflect. This view of camping has transformed over the years, and camping is now a popular recreational activity that is fun for the whole family, groups of friends and even serves as a corporate team-building exercise. At the center of camping are tents and their various shapes, sizes, and prices. It is important to become familiar with the…Read More

Kids jumping in the air

A Few Fun Outdoor Toys for 13 Year Olds

Getting young teenagers outside and off the video games can sometimes be challenging. If you want to encourage your 13 year old to get outside you may need to bribe them with something that is more enticing than watching that next YouTube video or conquering the gaming world. We have rounded up a few fun outdoor toys that 13 years olds commonly enjoy outdoors to help you with this monumental task. These products are good examples of quality and healthy fun! While the below list includes several fun outdoor toys, they are only a guideline and you will need to…Read More

Spin bikes in a gym

Benefits of Stationary Bikes for your Legs

Are you dreading the gym but still want a killer lower body? Stationary bikes to the rescue! This easy and convenient alternative to regular cycling offers similar benefits, with a few added in for good measure. Indoor cycling can be done by all exercise enthusiasts – beginner, intermediate, or advanced. This nifty equipment also has varying settings for resistance and speed that you can adjust to best fit your workout. Many of today’s exercise bikes offer several methods for tracking your workouts to better fine tune your routine. This often includes features such as calorie trackers, distance trackers, and more….Read More

Google Assistant

The Best Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices have exploded in popularity over the past five years. Technology has improved rapidly, which has given rise to a wide array of devices that are very good at making our lives easier. This is especially true for the elderly, as innovative products are produced daily. Taking the manual drudge out of some common tasks is always a good thing, providing you are knowledgeable about what is available. Determining the best smart home devices for your situation can sometimes be a difficult task if you aren’t up-to-date with the latest technological improvements. As we all know, technology moves…Read More

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