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ANCHEER Elliptical Machine Review


ANCHEER Elliptical









The Ancheer Elliptical Trainer seeks to provide users with a gym-level experience in the comfort of their homes and at an affordable price. Elliptical machines are commonly one of the most expensive and cumbersome pieces of equipment you will encounter at the gym. While these devices are excellent tools for providing a solid workout, having one at home can be daunting. The space requirements are often too large for small homes or apartments. Additionally, ellipticals are commonly thought of as one of the most expensive pieces of exercise equipment a person can buy, outside of a treadmill.

Enter the Ancheer Elliptical Machine. This elliptical machine seeks to provide users with an affordable option for everyone that can fit in almost any home. It has many features that make it a budget option that can do a good job of simulating a gym experience. If you’re currently in the market for a space-saving elliptical machine that you can use to your heart’s desire, read our review of the Ancheer elliptical to see if it has what you need.

young woman doing exercise on a elliptical trainerFrame & Construction

This machine features a frame that’s designed of solid steel and the same applies to the handlebars. The ANCHEER Elliptical Machine typically supports a user weight capacity of up to 350 lbs. It’s a highly stable machine when exercising with it, and you won’t experience any wobbling movement. Primarily, this is because of its great base framework that consists of front and rear stabilizer bars accompanied by a rubber cap on all ends which also makes the base surface-friendly.

The elliptical trainer’s compact design will appeal to people with a space issue and those that just need something small. While it isn’t a foldable machine, it has a small footprint that won’t consume space during storage or a workout session.

Handlebars & Pedals

The Trainer consists of 2 sets of handlebars. There is a static set that comes with EKG pulse sensors while the second set is movable and enables you to exercise your upper body. So, you might decide to use either of the handle sets based on what you need to achieve. Keeping track of your heart rate is a breeze with the heart rate monitor embedded in the static handles. Alternatively, its movable handlebars could be used if you are looking to exercise your shoulders and arms.

The Ancheer elliptical’s handlebars are typically coated with a special soft rubber foam material that primarily inhibits slippage and blisters in your palms; simply put, it provides you with secure and comfortable grips. What’s more, its handlebars are stable.

The large pedals consist of an anti-slip cushion that makes sure your feet don’t slip when exercising. They enable you to exercise with a stride length of up to 13 inches. The pedals are attached to flat steel that’s connected to a moveable handlebar and a crank arm and that’s the reason why the pedals and the moveable handlebars move simultaneously every time a user pedals.


The ANCHEER Trainer consists of a manual magnetic resistance system of up to 8 adjustable levels. This resistance system is smooth and quiet because the flywheel and the magnetic pad never come in direct contact to generate resistance. They instead use the magnetic field produced around the flywheel to do this. As a result, this makes its magnetic brake pad last much longer since it never wears out.

Belt Drive System

The ANCHEER Elliptical Trainer consists of a belt drive system whose entire operation is smooth and quiet. That means you can put this machine trainer in front of your TV and watch your favorite movie without needing to turn up the volume more than usual. And since you won’t end up disturbing the family members or your neighbors, it is undoubtedly ideal for home use. The drive utilizes a heavy-duty V-belt, as well as a 12-lbs perimeter weighted flywheel. Its drive system does not need any post-maintenance procedure, simply put, it’s almost completely maintenance-free.


Typically, the ANCHEER Elliptical Machine Trainer consists of a tablet holder that primarily holds a tablet or even a smartphone. The holder is in a comfortable position that makes it a piece of cake to quickly access your favorite music. To stay hydrated, you need to improvise to ensure water is always available throughout your workout session as a water holder is not available.

Woman wiping sweat with towel after a workoutConsole Display

The ANCHEER Elliptical Machine Trainer’s console is generally large and basic. It consists of an LCD monitor and only 3 buttons (SET, MODE, and RESET) for navigation. Its digital monitor comes with an easy-to-read huge window display that primarily tracks time, speed, distance, pulse, calories burned, and SCAN function. That said, its readability might be compromised if observed in a poorly-lit environment since it’s not backlit.


The ANCHEER Trainer does not fold up but only needs a small area for storage because of its small footprint and compact design. Two feet by one-foot area may be enough to store the elliptical machine trainer. It’s also a lightweight machine trainer that weighs 79 lbs and is uniquely integrated with transport wheels that generally make relocation from a particular room to another pretty easy.

Bottom Line

The ANCHEER Elliptical Machine Trainer (available at Amazon) is basically an entry-level trainer that allows you to experience low-intensity cardio workouts (like in the gym) in your home’s comfort. It might not have all the bells and whistles as some of the other elliptical machine trainers, but that is to be expected with a budget model. The one-year warranty and 30-day risk-free return ensure that you have peace of mind that any problems will be corrected shortly. If features like the preset programs, longer stride, and Bluetooth connectivity are not an issue for you, then this machine trainer may just be what you require for your home gym. This trainer is perfect for beginners who are looking to start exercising but don’t want to shell out the big bucks for gym-grade equipment.

Product Specifications

Maximum Weight Capacity350 lbs.
Pedal Size13"