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Bowflex M8 Max Trainer Review


Bowflex M8









Bowflex Max Trainer M8The Bowflex M8 Max Trainer is an elliptical machine that has been established as a new-age option with all of the perks needed to work out properly. The Bowflex M8 is another in the Max Trainer series of workout equipment. Having similar features to the Bowflex M7, the M8 is one of Bowflex’s top-tier products. As Bowflex is highly regarded in the quality of its products, it is interesting to see how the M8 stacks up. If you’re searching for a solid elliptical that wouldn’t be out of place at your nearest gym, read our review of the Bowflex M8 Trainer to see if it’s right for you.

The Bowflex M8 offers a wide range of features to ensure your workout sessions are enjoyable and productive. Many aspects of the M8 are also available in the M7, with a notable exception being the JRNY App. This innovative feature provides coaching during workouts that adjust based on your current requirements. Bluetooth connectivity, LED/LCD screen display, a high number of resistance levels, and various workout programs are just a few of the features the Bowflex M8 provides to its users.

Key Features

* Dual-Mode Backlit LED Screen
* Bluetooth Technology
* 20 Resistance Levels
* 4 User Levels
* Magnetic Media Shelf
* 7 Workout Programs
* Integrated JRNY App

What We Like About the Bowflex M8

High-Quality Engineering

It starts with engineering because Bowflex does not make flimsy products. This is something you can trust them with as their engineering team has spent a lot of time perfecting the overall durability of their product. While exercising, the ride is stable and feels solid at all times. The foot pedals provide excellent support and keep you moving in a natural motion. It’s often easy to tell how well-built a product is by the warranty that is included. If a company believes in its product, expect the warranty to be strong. The Bowflex M8 Max Trainer features a rock-solid warranty that includes 90 days labor, 3 years frame, and 3 years parts.

Resistance Levels

There are 20 resistance levels and 7 workout programs to choose from. You can have 4 user profiles making it a breeze to toggle through and set up your account on the machine as a user. Just look to set things up and then track everything you are doing from day one. Adjusting the resistance levels is a simple task and provides an excellent way to improve your workouts. The workout programs are well-defined as you can easily manipulate the display to pick the perfect workout.

Seamless Switching

It is one thing to have a lot of resistance levels and another to make sure they are easy to switch between during a workout session. You don’t want an abrupt stop in the middle of the switch as that is when a person gets hurt. The way this has been engineered makes sure the seamless switching is consistent between all of the resistance levels even if you make huge jumps. This is essential when you are pushing through the latter stages of a workout. You can easily make switches and know it will not hurt you.

Bowflex M8 display screenApp Integration

The app integration is something that will blow you away. They have spent a lot of time perfecting the JRNY app and it provides coaching to keep you motivated as you work out. The workouts are invigorating and help with an immersive feeling. This is where the JRNY app takes the machine to the next level and helps it stand out from its competitors. If you want a high-grade app to go along with the machine then this is a good fit.

Comfort Level

Let’s assume you are someone that is going to be working out for a long period and want to ensure it does not lead to injury. The equipment plays a big role in how you feel about a workout whether it is a short or longer session. Due to this, you are going to know it will be as comfortable as you want it to be from the word go. From the handles to the pedals, everything has been designed to be comfortable. The handles invite users to take a firm grip without the biting feeling some may feel on other machines. Overall, this is one of the more comfortable elliptical or cross-trainer machines you’ll find.


The striking LED screen is the first thing you are going to notice as soon as the machine is plugged in. The big and bright LED screen works well at any angle as it provides a wealth of information and interactivity. Easily manipulated, the dual-mode screen provides easily readable information such as calories burned, heart rate, resistance level, and distance.


The assembly is something that you are going to have to account for when setting up the machine. Bowflex has taken a lot of time to prep this machine, which means there are several moving parts involved in how it works. You are the one that is going to be assembling the machine and making sure it works as you want it to. While most equipment of this type can take a while to assemble, you can expect approximately 1-2 hours time to put this one together. The time required can be sped up greatly if you have a helper.

What We Don’t Like

While there isn’t much not to like about the Bowflex M8 Max Trainer, there are a couple of points that could use improvement. The power cord could be longer to provide more flexibility in positioning the machine. Additionally, during assembly, the rollers can be tricky to position correctly. This can cause unnecessary squeaking during operation, which would force you to disassemble to fix the issue. Ensure that you pay close attention to the positioning of the rollers during assembly and tighten them as instructed.

Final Words

The Bowflex M8 Max Trainer is a wonderful machine that has been engineered with a lot of care. You can tell the team has thought about everything that a user would require when setting up this machine in their home gym. The build quality is impressive and the settings are great for all types of users. If you are particular about changing things up during a workout then you will love the adjustments available on this machine. It is one of the better options currently available to simulate gym conditions in the comfort of your home.

Product Specifications

Resistance Levels20
Workout Programs7