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Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


Coredy R500+


Pet Hair








The Review

Coredy, as a company, was founded in 2011 and specializes in developing robot vacuums that help their customers to alleviate the drudgery of household chores. Their goal is to provide affordable, high-quality products to their customers that can perform like the top brands at a fraction of the cost. As a testament to this goal, Coredy launched the R500 and R500+ models. While the R500 offers 3-in-1 functionality via their vacuuming, wet, and dry mopping capabilities, the R500+ model is geared strictly for vacuuming the floors to the best of its ability. The below Coredy R500+ review will be dedicated to the vacuum-only model.

The Coredy R500+ robot vacuum falls in the lower tier, price wise, technically. While it may not offer some of the more sought-after features of the higher-end robot vacuum cleaners, it does provide a number of enhancements that can lead you to believe you purchased one of the higher end models. This Coredy model is not a true smart robot, as it does not feature app or smartphone integration, but it does include a remote to help you control the robot when needed. It also utilizes a limited form of smart navigation as opposed to a completely random pattern. Read the Coredy 500+ review below to see it this robot vacuum works best for your home.

Dog on floorNo More Pet Hair

One of the most common questions associated with almost any brand of robotic vacuum, is whether it can do a good job at cleaning up after pets. Pets can often require vigorous cleaning on a consistent basis to ensure there isn’t pet hair all over your home. The Coredy robovac is designed with an intended purpose of cleaning up pet hair better than other robot vacuums in the same class. While it may not be able to compete with the higher tier vacuums (iRobot, Neato), it does a great job competing with others.

The Coredy R500+ sports a very strong 1400pa Max Suction, which is one of the primary factors for its enhanced performance. It outperforms similar vacuums, such as the Ecovacs Deebot N79S, to a large extent. This strong suction allows it to clean pet hair for multiple dogs without many problems. Short carpet, tall carpet, or hardwood shouldn’t be any problems as the motor is more than adequate for getting the maximum amount of pet hair possible. While it may not be able to keep up with an upper tier model for those with many pets, it does great for most pet owners.

Another excellent feature relating to how well the R500+ does with pet hair is that the roller brush is specially designed to reduce the amount of pet hair tangles that occur during cleaning. It employs the use of a unique v-shaped design, to more thoroughly move the dust and hair particles into the dirt bin. This greatly reduces the number of times you will need to take apart the roller compartment to clean out pet hair or other debris. While it doesn’t completely eliminate the need to clean the robot, you won’t have to worry about becoming a mechanic to get the most out of this product. Furthermore, the large wheels are perfect for climbing those areas (i.e. rugs, dividers), that aren’t level. This allows it to do a good job on most floor types.

The biggest problem you may face with pet hair is that it picks up pet hair and dirt too well! If you have a large number of pets (3+), you can expect to need to empty the dust bin more than once per cleaning. This is a common problem with many of the robot vacuum cleaners and their smaller dirt bins. Fortunately, after the initial cleaning, a daily run will keep the pet hair down to a minimum to reduce the number of times the dirt bin must be emptied.

Reduced Human Interaction

Best friends laughing on couchThe Coredy 500+ offers several other benefits such as low noise output, automatic restart after recharge, a long battery life, and a roomy dust bin. The noise the vacuum makes is not comparable with what you normally expect from a vacuum cleaner. Upright models are notoriously noisy and can easily disrupt activities. The R500+ model is quiet enough that talking in the same room is not a problem. Likewise, you may have to turn up the television or computer audio, but you can still participate in listening to audio while the vacuum is in operation. Another nice feature is that when the battery needs a recharge, the robot will return to its base for recharging. Once the battery is sufficiently recharged, it will return to its last clean position and resume cleaning from that point. With that being said, you’ll be impressed with the long battery life. With a stated runtime of 120 minutes, the Coredy 500+ can clean large areas, multiple rooms, and many small homes on just one charge. Finally, the dust bin is larger than you would expect from such a slim design. While not as large as the dust bin on the eufy 11s, it is bigger than most that you will find on similar models.

Delivers Quiet and Hands-off Operation

Many of the mid-grade and upper-tier robot vacuums offer smart features such as app or Alexa integration to provide more avenues to operate your vacuum without direct interaction. Unfortunately, the Coredy 500+ robovac does not include app integration, but it makes up for it (somewhat) by offering other features such as the remote control. The remote allows users to enter the all-important scheduling feature so you can automatically set your robot to clean the house on the schedule that works best for you. Coming home to a clean house every day is a wonderful feeling. Additionally, a return to home feature is included that allows you to send the robot back to the charging station at the push of a button.

The Coredy 500+ also offers a slim and attractive design. The modern design is aesthetically pleasing and even adds to the cleaning capabilities. Due to it’s extremely low profile (2.7 inches tall), it is able to get underneath objects or other commonly difficult areas for cleaning. While reports indicate that the Cordey R500+ is in the “average” range as far as durability, those that have had issues also indicate that the lengthy warranty has been beneficial. A 12 month warranty ensures that any time you have a problem, Coredy is there to back up their product.

The Not So Good

Magnifying glass looking at small gearsAs the Coredy is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum, you can expect that there may be a few problems. Some of the problems that are commonly encountered include poor navigation, missing common features, and difficulty finding replacement parts. First, this robot vacuum suffers from a navigation that is inferior to other brands like the Neato D7 Connected. The Coredy can sometimes become lost, although it usually makes it back to its home for recharging. You may need to help it out from time to time as it tries to navigate especially difficult areas such as tables with chair legs around it. The Coredy 500+ also lacks features on true smart robot vacuums such as app integration, mapping reports, and Alexa or Google Home integration. While these aren’t “make or break” features for some of us, they are nice to have and will ensure that you are jumping into the mid-grade versions of robot vacuums. Finally, as Coredy is not as popular as other brands such as iRobot, replacement parts can be hard to find. Sometimes, if the warranty has passed, you will need to contact the company directly to contact a reputable dealer. Overall, these are problems that are commonly associated with the lower tier of robot vacuums, but they aren’t insurmountable.

Final Verdict

Our review of the Coredy R500+ robot vacuum cleaner shows that it does a good job at keeping you within your budget while still providing some of the features you only find in more expensive models. It does a great job on pet hair, although it may be better to move up to a higher end brand if you need a heavy-duty pet cleaning robot. This robovac is excellent though, when it comes to keeping the house clean for most of us. The remote control, powerful suction, low noise output, and sleek design give the illusion of a much more expensive machine. While you may not be able to control it remotely from your phone, the remote control can be quite a time saver for fine-tune control. Furthermore, unlike a traditional vacuum, you will still be able to listen to music, watch tv, or hold a conversation while it is cleaning a room you are in at the same time. There are a few problems associated with the 500+ vacuum, but these are really only remedied by stepping up to a higher priced model with a greater range of features.

Overall, the Coredy 500+ gets high marks for trying to compete with the big boys without requiring their customers to take out a second mortgage. You will get better performance from a higher tier robot, such as the Neato D7 but, if you are looking to save a little money and see what the robot vacuum fuss is all about, this may be just what you are looking for.

Product Specifications

Dimensions12.6 x 2.76 x 12.6 inches
Weight9.4 lbs
Wi-Fi EnabledNo
Virtual WallNo (Boundary Strips)
Battery Charge120 mins
Warranty1 year