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Cuisinart CGG-7400 Four Burner Gas Grill Review


Cuisinart CGG-7400 Gas Grill









The Review

Purchasing a new grill for outdoor cooking can sometimes be confusing with the wide range of brands, features, and configurations one must consider. Some models are intended for smaller gatherings and only include 2 or 3 burners and limited cooking space. Furthermore, the various brands are sometimes household names while others may seem as if they come out of left field. Cuisinart isn’t a brand normally associated with backyard gas grills. Nevertheless, the Cuisinart CGG-7400 is a 4-burner grill that offers to provide families a solid outdoor grilling experience with plenty of space to accommodate numerous guests. Read our review below to see how it stacks up against the more traditional brands (or take a look at our comparison and buying guide for the best gas grills under 500).

How Well Does it Cook?

This Cuisinart gas grill provides a strong cooking experience for both experienced and novice grill masters. It features a robust 610 sq. in. of total cooking space with the primary cooking area (443 sq. in.) being complimented by a warming rack (167 sq. in.) for keeping food warm or toasting buns. The grill feels very spacious and has plenty of room for up to 20 hamburger patties (depending on the patty size). Four 11,000 BTU burners are used to provide heat to food resting on the cast iron cooking grates. The cooking grates are heavy duty and do exceptionally well at holding in the heat. The burners do a very good job at ramping the heat up quickly and providing fine-tune control over the different heating zones. The heat is easily controlled with the easy turn front knobs and allows for indirect cooking, searing, and low-temperature grilling all at the same time. Overall, it feels like a natural experience while cooking and doesn’t have too many areas that require awkward angles and contortions to get where you need.

Durability and Maintenance

The mark of a good grill is how well the materials can withstand the rigors of time and how much maintenance is required to keep it in good working order. The Cuisinart CGG-740 Four Burner gas grill is composed of primarily high-quality stainless steel materials to keep it looking new. The heavy duty cast iron grate is nearly indestructible and should last years. The parts fit together snugly and don’t exhibit the minor rattles and gaps that often accompany some budget models. Furthermore, the frame feels solid and doesn’t wobble while it is being used or moved. The stainless steel also lends itself to easy cleaning as a simple wipe down after each grilling session can remove most of the excess grease and grime. Regular maintenance on the burners is still required, but as these are also made of easily cleaned material, it is a quick process. Overall, the Cuisinart CGG-7400 offers a durable and fast cleaning experience when compared to other budget models. The cast iron grates take a little more “elbow grease”, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Spare ribs on a bbq grateFeatures and Assembly

The various features included in the Cuisinart work well and make cooking easier. A twist start ignition works very well and appears to be dependable over time. One tip is to ensure that the instructions are followed and that the knob is turned SLOWLY when attempting to ignite the burners. Pushing in and turning the knob quickly often causes the ignition to miss and not light. The thermometer appears to record the internal temperature in an adequate manner. While it may not be pinpoint accurate, at least it is in the same ballpark. One unique feature is the bottle opener for opening your favorite cool beverage while operating the grill. Two side tables (18” x 13”) are also included for additional room while preparing food. There is not a side burner, so all that additional room is very helpful for placing treys of food or veggies.

Assembly is a pain-free process compared to some other models. Expect to spend between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours during assembly. A helper is always recommended to speed up the process, but it can easily be accomplished by a single person without many problems. The instructions are mostly clear, with some minor exceptions, and are written so that even novice users can understand them easily.

What We Don’t Like

Considering this is a budget gas grill, some issues can be expected. While the Cuisinart CGG-7400 appears to be a mostly durable grill, there are a few exposed components that will rust without proper attention. A grill cover is recommended to help prevent damage from the elements. The wheel bars are not protected by stainless steel, so expect rust to form over time. Storing in a garage or shed helps to extend the life of any grill, and this one is no exception. Additionally, some of the metal is thin and creates a feeling of cheap and flimsy material. The lid also has a small gap (about 1”) in the back that allows heat to escape. This is troublesome as it can lead to uneven cooking, but it doesn’t appear to cause any issues in this particular case. Finally, while this is somewhere between light and medium weight for ease of movement, it sometimes feels too lightweight. A strong wind could blow it over, so ensure it is located in a secure location.

Final Verdict

The Cuisinart CGG-7400 4 burner grill is a budget grill model intended to provide plenty of grilling space to accommodate numerous guests and events without causing buyers to take out a loan. The price is very appealing and offers good value considering the features and grilling space. It feels very spacious with plenty of room to maneuver and place various kinds of food. It is a versatile grill that allows buyers to save some money and still acquire an appealing appliance that should last through numerous grilling seasons. While some of the materials feels flimsy at times, it is sturdy, and all the parts fit together snugly. If you have the money, purchasing a higher quality model would probably be cheaper in the long run, but this is a good option for a short-term investment.

Product Specifications

Dimensions54 x 22 x 46 inches
GrateCast iron
Cooking Area (Primary)443 square inches
Warranty3 years