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Cyclace L-003B Indoor Stationary Exercise Bike Review


Cyclace Exercise Bike









The indoor stationary exercise bike from Cyclace provides an ideal blend of functionality and affordability. It may lack some of the most advanced features present on high-end exercise bikes, but it is still modern, comfortable, durable, and is more than enough to help a person progress on their weight loss journey. This is especially true if you are a beginner (read our spinning tips for beginners at home)With the sturdy tablet holder at the front, you can follow along with the same fitness videos and live training courses that the expensive “connected” bikes utilize.

Physical Specs

The Cyclace indoor bike is compact and designed to fit easily in any home gym, bedroom, or studio apartment. However, its small frame does not create severe limits on who may use it. Several elements of the bike are adjustable to allow for riders in the range of 5’1″ to 6’5″. The high-quality building materials can support a rider up to 330 pounds.

Here are a few of the important physical specs:

Maximum Height: 47.25 inches

Inseam Height: 28 – 39 inches (adjustable)

Bike Length: 47.25 inches

Cushion Size: 10.4 x8 inches (LxW)

Bike Weight: 87 pounds

The similarities between the maximum height and length of the bike create a squarish design that is unique among stationary bikes. It’s clear that there is no space wasted for additional extensions or features. Having a compact bike like the Cyclace is important for many people who struggle with limited space. It may seem as though the bike cannot support a larger adult, but it has a height and weight maximum that is comparable to some of the most expensive stationary bikes on the market today.

Notable Features

There are currently dozens of new stationary bikes flooding the markets at this very moment. Each of the manufacturers strives to be different in some regard. It often boils down to the design of the bike, the materials used in construction, and the features that the bike includes. These elements also heavily influence the price.

The Cyclace bike is able to maintain an affordable price by eliminating many of the bells and whistles that the average rider will rarely use. However, that doesn’t mean the bike doesn’t have plenty of notable features. Here are some of the best features of this particular bike.

36-pound Flywheel

The flywheel is responsible for creating an opposing force while exercising. It produces a force that works against the rider while pedaling. Thus, the flywheel is responsible for controlling the intensity of the workout and it has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the bike. Many stationary bikes hide their flywheel, but the compact design of the Cyclace doesn’t include room for hiding much. Instead, the Cyclace is placed front and center with a stylish design that fits the rest of the bike.

The weight of a flywheel is important because it is responsible for building and maintaining momentum while riding. If a flywheel is not weighted properly, then it will be difficult to build momentum, and gaps in pedaling may occur. This breaks immersion and it detracts from the workout efficiency. A flywheel needs to be either heavy enough or light enough to build momentum through the use of speed or weight.

The 36-pound flywheel from Cyclace is an excellent option for building momentum through weight. It is heavy enough to build significant momentum and requires extra effort to start or stop. The only disadvantage compared to a light flywheel is that it will have a greater impact on the joints.

Natural Wool Friction Resistance

Many high-end stationary bikes use complex magnetic systems to build resistance with their flywheels. Magnetic resistance certainly has some advantages, such as lower noise levels, but it adds a lot to the price tag without justifying the cost. The Cyclace stationary bike uses traditional wool brake pads to create resistance with friction. Wool brake pads need to be replaced over time, but the replacement process is simple and the bike ships with a replacement pad ready to use.

With wool resistance, a rider can utilize an incremental friction system that can be fine-tuned to their exact skill level. At the maximum levels, it will be nearly impossible to pedal the bike. This is actually a positive feature for advanced riders who want a high-intensity workout. By comparison, most magnetic resistance systems can be easily turned by experienced riders even when set to maximum. Sooner or later, most riders outgrow their magnetic bikes and return to traditional friction resistance systems like the Cyclace.

3d human man wrench tool repair blue mechanicAdjustability

The Cyclace exercise bike can be adjusted in several different areas to ensure a comfortable, safe ride for riders of different shapes and sizes. While most exercise bikes only have 6 adjustable seat positions, the Cyclace bike has 8. The handlebar has a total of 5 different adjustable positions. The cushion on the seat can be adjusted to lean further forward or backward depending on the rider.

Adjustable features often create problems for other stationary bikes because they can decrease stability and lead to wobbling. For example, a handlebar with too many adjustable settings may wobble in the rider’s hand during a workout. However, this problem can be circumvented with quality engineering, design, and manufacturing, which is exactly what Cyclace has done to prevent wobbling and ensure proper stability. For example, an additional bushing was installed in the handlebars to prevent wobbling.

Safety Features

Safety should always be a primary concern when designing exercise equipment. Cyclace has installed four unique safety features on their bike. The first is on the adjustable resistance knob. The knob can be pushed down instead of turned to immediately stop the flywheel from spinning. Second, there are warning joints on the handlebars to indicate the minimum height levels. Third, there are several balance regulators installed on the bottom of the bike to maintain stability on all types of surfaces. Finally, the pedals utilize a cage design to keep the rider’s feet safely on the pedals during high-speed routines.

Final Thoughts

The Cyclace stationary bike (available at Amazon) isn’t the flashiest exercise bike on the market. The standard model doesn’t include its own pivoting monitor, but it does include a simple LCD computer that displays all of the data needed for a thorough exercise. The Cyclace excels in many other areas, though. It is durable, sturdy, and surprisingly comfortable. It is compact, yet can fit riders up to 6’5″ and 330 pounds. It uses traditional friction resistance on a 36-pound flywheel that makes less noise than standard friction flywheels. And finally, it has all of the safety features necessary to provide confidence while riding. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for beginners and expert riders alike who are interested in a quality home exercise machine.

Product Specifications

Dimensions40" x 34" x 9.75"
Weight86 lbs.
Weight Capacity270 lbs.