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eufy 11s Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


eufy 11s Slim


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The Review

Although it doesn’t really qualify as a smart robot, the Eufy-Boost IQ-Robovac 11s is definitely a robot, which means a hands free Vacuum cleaning machine that will get the job done. It is produced by Eufy which a sister brand of the smartphone accessory brand Anker. Along with its Tech-on-the-go, Eufy was launched as a sister brand of Anker with the aim of making home life a bit more high-tech, which it delivers with production of the Eufy-boost IQ-Robovac 11s.

The company also gave us a reasonably quiet device; you will not be inconvenienced with noise while it does its thing. When operating at high power it is mildly silent and when operating at a low power, it is virtually inaudible. When operating on high power its noise levels were measured at an average of 66 DB and when measured at low power its noise levels were at an average of 56DB.

A clean floor with white interior

Affordability and Power

Eufy has put out a product worth checking out and has proven to be quite efficient in helping keep your home, apartment or even office floors clean. The eufy robovac is one of the most affordable robot vacuums put out on the market. The beauty about this pricing is that you will get your money’s worth because the eufy 11s does what it is made to do very well. It is adept at cleaning even the most disgusting carpets very well. Aside from the fact that it has a beautiful design and can get to hard to reach areas, this machine has power! When preliminary tests were run, it was proven that this robot has an airflow of 10CFM when running on low power and an impressive 15CFM when running on high power. It beats the Deebot N79 which runs at 12CFM on high power and 9CFM on low power. While it can’t compete with more advanced models such as the Roomba 690, it does a good job at providing power and affordability in one bundle.

Hallway with carpetCrevice Cleaning

The eufy 11s Boost IQ shines in the crevice pick up test where it performs just as good and sometimes better than robot vacuums more expensive than it is. The navigational system, though random, has been incorporated with edge cleaning in its algorithm in a consistent way. This leads to not only a more thorough clean up than its competitors but also a faster process. It is very efficient in picking up debris be it in smaller or larger quantities. Most consumers have complained that many robot vacuums out there don’t quite pick up things like cat hair and the like, but with the eufy robovac that’s a thing of the past. It is impressively thorough for a robot vacuum of its price.

Variable Surface Cleaning

When tested on different surfaces like a smooth floor and carpet, the Robovac 11s was equally efficient. It can even sense the difference between a rough surface and a smooth one and then adjust its power level to best suit the need of the task. When dealing with smooth surfaces like a floor, it operates on low power but cleans very well. And when it encounters a rougher surface like a carpet or a rug, it will automatically adjust to high power and clean just as thorough. In one preliminary test, sand was put on a carpet and the Robovac was used to clean the carpet and it faired quite well. It was pitted against the ILife V3s and the Deebot N79 in a deep clean test. The robot vacuums were used on a carpet that had sand on it of the same amounts. The dust bins were then removed and measured. It was found that the eufy slim scored 68% while the Deebot N79 score was 58% and the ILife V3s score was 30% which is saying something.

Furthermore, the dust bin is quite large for a robot vacuum. The dust bin is measured at 1/5 cup, which is the same as the Deebot N79 but higher than the Ilife V3s and other brands. While not really a stand out feature it is helpful in ensuring the vacuum can pick up as much dirt as possible before needing to be emptied. When coupled with its more impressive features, the Eufy makes for one useful cleaning device.

Not Really a Smart Vacuum

The iRobot Roomba on hardwood floorAlthough it does have the remote control features, the Eufy-Boost IQ 11s doesn’t have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capabilities, nor an App like the Deebot. Incorporating an app or Wi-Fi capabilities, the Eufy Robovac 11s could have been incorporated with smart features like Alexa or Google Assistant, similar to other Robot vacuum cleaners. This is a great feature that allows the vacuum to be controlled via your phone from anywhere you can access the app. While the app doesn’t come standard, there is an option to upgrade to get it along with voice command. If these features had been incorporated without requiring an upgrade, it would have greatly improved the efficiency of the Eufy-Boost IQ-Robovac 11s.

Another point of contention, is that its navigation system is not as sophisticated as other robot vacuums like the Shark ION, causing the Eufy to navigate randomly to clean your home. This random pattern that plagues other vacuums, does not lend confidence that it is cleaning the entire house. But when compared to the Deebot N79 and other competitor brands, the Robovac 11s was found to have missed fewer spots than its competitors.

Final Verdict

Let’s get the facts straight, it is not perfect. Like every other Robovac within its price range, it has its pros and cons. But undoubtedly its pros significantly outweigh its cons. In looking at the facts, the stats and the information at hand, the Eufy Boost IQ Robovac is a worthwhile gadget to include in your home. It has good reviews, fairs well in the tests and holds its own against competitors. If you have the money, going for one of the more sophisticated (and more expensive) robot vacuums is a great option. But, if you are aiming to be a little more frugal, the Eufy robot vacuum should fit the bill, and perform almost as well.

Product Specifications

Dimensions12.8 x 12.8 x 2.9 in
Battery100 mins.
Weight9.7 lbs.