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Fat Cat Trueshot 6’ Pool Table Review


Fat Cat Trueshot









The Fat Cat Trueshot is a world-renowned pool table made with two notions in mind: fun and convenience. The sturdiness, compact design, and longevity are what make this pool table popular in both indoor settings and commercial playrooms. The best part about the Fat Cat Trueshot 6’ Pool Table is that the setup process is pretty straightforward as the game is ready as soon as you open the box. You only need to unfold the supportive legs, fit four bolts to ensure the legs are locked into position, and the games can begin from there.


This pool table has a modern design that combines impressive portability with a compact design. This classic table game is meant for pool lovers who’ve got limited space to accommodate a standard-sized table game. Note that this doesn’t imply that you’ll have to compromise the quality of the game for space. Its high-quality build featuring durable materials and smooth playing surface will provide you with a complete professional playing experience. Furthermore, the radiant black cloth make can match any interior décor in your space. Its lightweight feature means you can position it anywhere around the premises as it allows for an easy, fold-unfold-and-store option.

Fat Cat Trueshot table folded and leaned against wallKey Features

Compact Design

The lightweight and easy-to-operate design of this table are unparalleled. It has been specifically made for pool enthusiasts with smaller spaces. The easy-to-fold supportive legs and portability make this pool table really convenient to set up anywhere you wish in your house. You need not worry about how much space you require to position it when you buy the Fat Cat Trueshot Pool table. Also, you won’t require any help to assemble the table or transfer it from one place to another. So, if you live in a small apartment or your game room space is limited, then this game is perfect for you.

If your friend is hosting a get-together, the foldable and compact design of the pool table enables you to move the table game to wherever the fun is. Moreover, it comes included with a storage bag that allows for easy transport and travel. When not in active usage, you can keep it virtually anywhere. A frequent problem many users encounter with this game is the stability at the base that may significantly affect the whole game’s experience. The locking safety feature ensures that the legs remain secure and prevent the tabletop from wobbling. This pool table also features drop pockets at every corner end that capture the balls and enable you to easily recover them after the game ends.

High-Quality Surface

A wide selection of cut-price pool tables is created with second-rate materials as they promote themselves as easy-to-transport and lightweight. But the Fat Cat Trueshot pool table is different in this aspect since it’s designed with top-tier manufactured wood rather than low-quality alternatives to save on manufacturing costs. Substandard wooden table surfaces react to climatic alterations very poorly. Tables like this contract or expand with the temperature changes.

The Fat Cat Trueshot comes in-built with a first-rate playing surface fabricated with industrial-made wood, which enables you to relish an effortless playing experience. The pool table is coated with felt that is crafted with a blend of nylon and wool. It assists in minimizing friction and can withstand intense shots with ease. Additionally, you need not worry about the pool table getting stained since the material used is coated with stain-resilient materials. The felt is black in order to provide it with a more contemporary and lustrous appearance instead of the unoriginal green table.

Fat Cat trueshot with accessories on top of tableAccessories

The Fat Cat Trueshot comes complete with all requisite pool table accessories so you don’t need to go searching for pool accessories which is time-wasting and a hassle. Included is a complete set of billiard balls (2.25”). Since they will constantly be hit, they’re created out of first-rate quality material that is durable and smooth running. Alongside that, you’ll get two 57” pool cues crafted from maple wood to offer superior sturdiness. These enable you to play around with all types of shots. The pool table also comes with a felt brush to ensure that the playing area is clean and neat, along with a triangle to assemble the balls before you start playing. There’s also a storage bag available so when you fold the pool table, you can pack it appropriately when not in usage.

Final Words

If you love indulging in a game of pool occasionally but you’ve got limited space, then the Fat Cat Trueshot pool table is for you. Considering that this game is portable and can be folded easily on the go, it is incredibly sturdy and provides an even playing field. The black felt playing area and rounded chrome corners provide it with a chic yet timeless appearance. Regardless if you’re rekindling your love for the game or you want to train your children, Fat Cat Trueshot 6’ pool table is the go-to option.

Product Specifications

BrandFat Cat
Dimensions76" x 43" x 32"
Weight114 lbs.
BumpersK818 Reactive Bumpers
AccessoriesBalls, Cues (2), Brush, Triangle Rack, Chalk (2)