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Greenworks 80V Cordless Leaf Blower Review


Greenworks Jet Leaf Blower




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The Review

Maintaining your home can be a painful process without the proper tools. One of the multifunctional tools that can come in very handy is cordless leaf blower. Whether you are cutting your grass, trimming the shrubs, removing sawdust, cleaning the deck, or a innumerable other tasks, a leaf blower is the perfect device to help save time and money (see How Much Does a Leaf Blower Cost).

One of the more popular models currently available is the Greenworks 80V cordless leaf blower. Its ergonomic handle and light weight allow you to work fast and comfortably in a wide range of tasks. The leaf blower is cordless to ensure you are not limited in your movements by a cumbersome cord. The pure electric start ensures anyone can comfortably work with this device, and the relatively quiet, functional motor allows for work around all areas of the home without causing too many distractions. Read our full review of the Greenworks BL80L2510 Jet electric leaf blower to learn the details of what this tool can offer.

Small home with leaves in front yardBattery and Power

One of the most outstanding features the Greenworks leaf blower is the powerful battery that gets the work done much faster than comparable blowers. It is powered by a powerful lithium technology 2.5 Ah battery that drives the powerful motor to put out up to 145 mph wind speed, when using the turbo mode. The battery duration is impressive, considering the strong wind speed, with a max time of 22 minutes with continuous use at the highest level. Furthermore, an extremely fast recharge time of 40 minutes gives users a short time before the blower is ready to be used again. Additionally, the powerful brushless motor offers relatively quiet operation compared to similar models. This feature allows for cleanup in areas close to the house without distracting neighbors or family members inside the home while you are working.

Flower bedGrip Design and Variable Speeds

The grip and design of the leaf blower provide a good working position to avoid fatigue and allow you to continue working. The handle has the over-mold design for excellent grip, and it has varying speeds to choose depending on the current task. If you are working in a more delicate environment, such as a flower bed, using a lower speed with prevent the flowers from being damaged. Additionally, for more difficult jobs, turn the speed up and watch the power of the Greenworks blower really kick in.

The leaf blower has an intake port that prevents the device from sucking in your clothes when working, especially at high speed. The majority of leaf blowers are commonly equipped with one nozzle. In contrast, the Greenworks jet electric leaf blower has two nozzles that facilitate the fast functioning of the motor for efficient cleaning results. The push-button start is a convenient feature that you didn’t even know you needed, until you’ve tried it. If you’ve ever used a pull-start gas blower, you’ll know the hassle it can be to crank a cold engine.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

The warranty on this leaf blower is impressive. Continued use and quality of this leaf blower are protected with a four-year warranty. The warranty covers any technical hitch that you may experience for the first four years of working with the leaf blower. The warranty also guarantees a complete return, if necessary, within the first three months. Other than the four-year warranty, the batteries are covered by a separate 2-year warranty.

Another excellent aspect of this leaf blower is that it is maneuverable and lightweight for a tool that puts out the kind of power often reserved for gas blowers. The leaf blower only weighs about 9 pounds which is a comfortable weight to hold even with one hand. The weight allows users to operate the leaf blower continuously without getting tired. While there are other models that are lighter, those are often sweepers or very light-duty tools. A comparable unit that is intended for more strenuous jobs often weight far more, especially if you must deal with the hassle of a gas engine. The estimated area to clean up with this device is around 1 acre, which is plenty for most households. If you find that you need more surface area cleaning, don’t forget there is a second battery that can be quickly switched out.

Trees with bark on the groundWhat We Don’t Like

There are a few issues associated with the Greenworks BL80L2510, although most are minor problems. While this blower offers exceptional power, it still can’t compete with an industrial blower that is intended for those commercial jobs. This blower is not ideal for large or bulky debris. Although this blower is recommended for cleaning up in large areas, it only works well in areas with light debris such as grass or tree leaves. But, if you want to work on large areas with trimmed shrubs, you may need to get a more powerful (and cumbersome) blower (or purchase an extra battery to switch out). Another potential issue is that the use of the turbo mode can quickly drain the battery compared to normal operation. It is recommended to use the turbo feature only when necessary if you need to preserve battery life.

Final Verdict

This is an excellent leaf blower that fits the bill for a variety of jobs. Cleaning up after mowing the lawn, leaves on the deck in the fall, quickly removing leaves from a flower bed, or even cleaning out your gutters are just a few of the uses you may find for a solid leaf blower. The Greenworks cordless leaf blower features an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip when working. It is also super light in weight for smooth and comfortable operation during prolonged projects. The device has different speed variations that you can change depending on the area or amount of debris you want to clear. It is ideal for removing tree leaves, grass, or other small debris. The Greensworks cordless leaf blower operates in a quiet mode to prevent disturbing other activities in the home. If you need a blower that is more powerful than the smaller sweeper/blowers, the Greenworks BL80L2510 80V cordless leaf blower has power to spare and compares favorably to others in its class (see Best Battery Powered Leaf Blower). While it isn’t intended for commercial jobs, it can do almost any job around most homes in a fast and convenient manner. This is one of the best cordless leaf blowers we have reviewed and does not disappoint.

Product Specifications

Charge Time40 mins
Size45 x 10.43 x 15.6 in
Weight10 lbs
Warranty4 years/2 years
Variable SpeedsYes