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Hathaway Spartan 6′ Combo Pool Table Review


Hathaway Spartan









Do you enjoy playing table tennis and the occasional game of pool with your pals as a recreational activity? Perhaps you want both games in your game room, but getting both tables isn’t practical with the size of your house and what it can accommodate. So, does this mean you’ll have to forego one for the other, although you want both games? If you are a table tennis and pool enthusiast, you’ll be happy to hear that you can get the best of both worlds with the Hathaway Spartan 6’ Pool & Table Tennis Combo.

When you get this combo game, you’ll be able to play both games using a single table, which means that you only have to make room for just one game. It’s an excellent choice if you have limited space or you’re a minimalist. Regardless, the gamer in you is sure to appreciate the versatility. Not only will a stylish pool & table tennis combo game light up your living space, but also create an exciting and fun-filled environment brimming with friendly competition.

Billards pool game. Color balls in triangle. Red cloth table

Our Hathaway Spartan Review

The Hathaway Spartan 6’ combo Pool & Table Tennis allows for a chic gaming area in your household. This table provides a strong blend quality and compact size designed with flair and changeability in mind. Other than the pool table itself, the table tennis top provides a whole new dimension and sense of fun. You can expect all the accessories that come with table tennis and pool game, enabling you to revel in every moment you spend playing with friends and family.

Fun & Convenient

This table provides an incredible gameplay combination of both ping pong and pool which doubles the fun. This means you can alternate between both games to eliminate monotony affiliated with playing one game over and over. The Hathaway Spartan 6’ is medium-sized table tennis and pool combo game that saves on space. If you live in a small apartment or home with limited space, then this combo table is definitely for you. You’ll have a single mid-size table in significantly less space compared to having both tables for each game. What’s more, the tennis tabletop is light, hence you can place it over the table frame with minimal effort and keep the fun going at a cool and competitive tempo.


The Hathaway spartan 6’ Table Tennis/Pool has an amazing design as the playing area is coated with black melamine and contemporary, a crimson color that is sure to dazzle your family and friends. Added to this is the soot-black interchangeable table tennis top that provides an overall contemporary elegance. Both sets of games create a chic gaming area at your house.


The Hathaway Spartan 6’ is fabricated with quality in mind and features a poly-sealed playing area and exquisite mixed felt. It also has K819 rubber cushions that ensure fast and even action when playing. The bounce is lively and provides exciting play opportunities. Although the table has above-average play, it is obviously not intended for professional play. The roll has a tendency to drift slightly on some slower shots, which isn’t acceptable for competitive play. Additionally, a 6′ table is smaller than even the bar-style 7′ tables.

The ping pong table top is easily attached to the top of the table when it is time to play. One of the better aspects of the table tennis tabletop is that it is in one piece and doesn’t fold, like some lower-quality models. Folds inevitably cause uneven play and problems, almost every time. Lightweight and sturdy, the ping pong table is well-made to provide fast and exciting gameplay.

Family Oriented

This combo table immediately eliminates boredom and gives kids an activity they burn their energy on. At 6ft, the table is smaller compared to standard tables, but it will be easier to get into the house, plus it’s the ideal size for kids as they can easily play both games with ease. Also, the mid-size table provides the perfect setting for kids to harness and nurture their skills in both games. Its premium features, elegant design, and space-saving functionality are a huge cause for excitement for adults.

Billards pool game. Breaking the color ball from triangle. Red cloth table

The Set Includes:


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Final Words

In a nutshell, the Hathaway Spartan 6’ Pool & Table Combo game provides great value for money, particularly for persons with insufficient space who want to enjoy the versatility the combo game offers. At 6-feet long, it’s the perfect size for youngsters looking to grow their playing skills or have a competitive match with a fellow peer. If you’re interested in quickly switching to a game of ping pong, you can change out the game and transition into table tennis seamlessly by just adding the tennis tabletop.

This combo game creates an elegant gaming area instantly. Designed with versatility and style as the basis, this table is a quality buy. Both games are suitable for adults and children in the household. No longer do kids have t watch as grown-ups have fun. There are countless hours of fun with this game table. So, if you wish to add something the whole family and friends can enjoy, then this table is a strong option. Lightweight, compact, and flexible, the Hathaway Spartan has plenty of options to keep friends and family entertained for hours.

Product Specifications

Dimensions31 H x 38 W x 72 L
Weight100 lbs.
AccessoriesCue sticks (2), Rack, Chalk (2), Ball set (16), Brush, Paddles (2), Table tennis top