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Imperial Outdoor 8’ Pool Table Review


Imperial Outdoor








When it comes to high-grade pool tables, it’s the attention to detail that sets them apart. Whether it’s the materials, build quality, or overall efficiency, you will appreciate how well-designed the pool table is once it’s set into place. One option that has stood out in recent times would be the Imperial Outdoor 8’ Pool Table. This review will take a deeper look at what this pool table is all about and how it continues to impress enthusiasts worldwide.

Our Review

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One of the first details many notice about this pool table is often the build quality. It is impressive and sturdy ensuring it can perform in an outdoor environment without breaking a sweat. Made of high-quality materials, the Imperial pool table is built to last for many years. One hundred and forty layers of Formica sheets and polyester make up the bed board to produce one of the most durable bases you’ll find. Anodized aluminum rails, corners, and legs are also in place for maximum outdoor performance and durability. Furthermore, the pool table includes a waterproof Taclon cloth that covers the bed of the table when not in use to extend its life.

The table has a solid feel to it that is hard to replicate from a traditional indoor pool table. Shots are true and straight, if a little fast, but that may change slightly over time as it is used more. The rails and K66 cushion rubbers perform well in providing lively bounces and exciting play. One of the best aspects of the Imperial pool table, and a testament to its quality, is that this is one of the most maintenance-free tables you’ll find. If you’re looking for something that can withstand the harshest of winters and hottest of summers, the Imperial 8′ pool table is a strong candidate.


Another plus point with this pool table has to be its presence. Some pool tables will settle into the background and not look inviting. This pool table looks the part as it is visually impressive. The tan coating gives it an elegant appearance that also doubles to hide the inevitable dirt and debris that happens outdoor. The design enhances the pool table’s ability to appear new for an exceptionally long time as it hides otherwise noticeable blemishes very well. The anodized rails and legs do a good job of accentuating the design to better align with almost any outdoor decor.

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Another factor to think about is the pricing. You don’t want to settle for a solution that is overpriced and not in line with what the rest of the market has to offer. Outdoor pool tables are more expensive than a typical pool table due to the materials needed to withstand the outdoors. The Imperial Outdoor 8′ pool table, while not cheap, does provide strong value for those looking to invest in something that will last a lifetime. The low maintenance, high performance, and durability work together to provide an option that you can just start playing whenever you want, without the fuss. Overall, if you are on a budget, this may not be the best outdoor pool table for you. But, if you can afford to invest in a lifelong pool table, there aren’t many better options.


The accessories that come with the Imperial 8′ pool table are about what you would expect. Pool cues, polyester balls, chalk, triangle rack, and a cover. The cover is well-made and comes in very handy. One issue that has been noted with this pool table would be the rack. It is flimsy and that is not always ideal when you are setting the game up and hoping to get things underway. While most people will invest in another rack or get used to this one, it is not a dealbreaker. Additionally, the cues are not as responsive as some of the best options on the market have to offer. If you are someone that plays professionally, it is better to use personal cues rather than something like what is offered in the package here. The table itself is world-class and you are not going to have to think twice about putting it to use, but replacing the rack and cues are something to consider.

Final Words

The Imperial Outdoor 8’ Pool Table is a masterpiece when it comes to the build quality. It is made with a purpose that shows through its edges and overall choice of materials. Everything about this pool table is refined and that is what allows it to stand out as soon as you take a look at it. Rather than settling for something, it’s better to go with a pool table such as this one. It’s the real deal and a good fit for anyone’s outdoor space. It is built to last forever, provide excellent performance, and looks good to boot!