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JumpSport AlleyOOP VariableBounce Trampoline with Enclosure Review


JumpSport AlleyOOP








The Review

This trampoline comes from the inventor of the safety net! JumpSport is a reliable company with an aim to protect kids as they have fun. They also identify the health benefits of jumping on a trampoline. The founders of this company created safe trampoline as they found a friend’s daughter injured by a trampoline. She recovered quickly and the co-founders, Mark and Valerie Publicover, began creating safe trampolines.

Did you know that almost half of all trampoline-related injuries happen on impact? JumpSport trampolines are designed to be more forgiving in terms of impact. This allows less stress on the jumper’s knees and back. As such, the body absorbs less of a fall and more of a bounce. If you’re an avid jumper, you know that this is what can restrict you from using the trampoline a lot. JumpSport has done a good job at thinking of trampoline safety and ensuring your kids have a minimal chance for injury.

Assembling the JumpSport AlleyOOP VariableBounce trampoline is a fairly big job, as are most trampolines. The instructions are easy and straightforward to follow, especially if this is not the first trampoline you have set up. Following this, attach the springs to the steel structure. Then add the fabric allowing you to bounce. Finally, add the safety net and you are good to go!

Use this trampoline to improve your fitness and health! In 2008 the JumpSport got into making fitness products. All their products are created with safety concerns in mind, which is essential when you or your children bounce. Using a trampoline for health reasons can help you shed weight; improve balance and posture, all while building core muscles. If you have cardiovascular concerns, this is a low impact and safe cardiovascular exercise. Other than that it is a great way for your kids to have fun in the backyard, while also getting some exercise at the same time! Your house is bound to be the most popular in the neighborhood.

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Safe Trampolining

The JumpSport AlleyOOP is an award-winning safety fun-zone. The idea behind starting the trampoline company JumpSport came from safety concerns. It has a safety net and a no zipper doorway. This will prevent you and your children from falling off the trampoline.

Safety net doors can sometimes be tricky to close. This is a concern for many trampolines that utilize a net enclosure. The unforgettable doorway has an overlapping patented doorway to provide a whole 360 protective shield. It is an easy high-quality system with a 295-pound weight rating. The founders and engineers refer to this as “Peace of Mind Bouncing”. Therefore, you never need to worry about reminding the bouncers to close the net. The trampoline thinks for you!

VariableBounce Technology

JumpSport has patented its VariableBounce technology on the AlleyOOP Trampoline. It optimizes the shock absorption rate of the bounce. This is due to its structure. This allows half of the springs to give off lower tension and make landings softer and more forgiving. As such, the bounce is delayed by a split second. This split second can make a big difference as it can make or literally break your fall. The tension is too much for the body to handle, which may result in minor injuries. JumpSport’s technology absorbs half of the impact in comparison to a standard trampoline such as the SkyWalker Jump N’ Dunk.

This large trampoline creates a smoother and more forgiving landing while simultaneously providing a higher bounce for tricks and fun times. The bottom line is that it is safer, more forgiving for bodies, and more fun than a lower quality trampoline.

Take a Break with Rest Zones

A little break is always nice between bouncing up and down. On most trampolines, the key is to stay as far away from the other jumpers, but not close enough to the edge as you might get stuck in the spiraled springs. Basically, it’s a risky business to take a break. At least with generic trampolines.

The AlleyOOP trampoline has convenient resting zones. Say goodbye to crying kids! One jumper at a time is always safer. Your kids can sit and wait their turn in safety from the rebounding surface. And they don’t even have to get off of the trampoline! This is because the JumpSport athletic construction has an extra thick pad space and vertical net designing with external mounting. This provides a greater surface area than those with an internally mounted net. Additionally, the extra thick pad covering the springs provides plenty of breathing room while they wait their turn. These features are integral in improving the comfort, space, and durability of the trampoline.

Troublesome Safety Net Enclosure Assembly

Although this is a high quality product, the enclosure system can be cumbersome. There are many steps, bungees and straps to hold it together. It’s safe but it can easily look a little distressed, especially if you are not used to setting up trampolines or if you are doing it alone. Putting the trampoline together is not a difficult task, in fact, it is rather simple, but the enclosure can be tedious to assemble. When setting up the enclosure system, ensure that you have a partner to help set it up. It will make the experience easier. As it’s a large trampoline, an extra hand always makes assembly easier, no matter what brand or type that the trampoline is.

Final Verdict

The design of the AlleyOOP is clean and modern. It’s easy to understand the instructions and to set up, although the net can provide complications if you’re setting it up alone. The fail-safe enclosure has high strength support straps with an externally wrapped net to prevent collapse. Obviously, JumpSport is very aware of the safety of their products. The safety features are top-notch and promote confidence in ensuring the safety of any jumpers. Additionally, the JumpSport AlleyOOP can also function as a durable fitness item. The cost is higher than the average trampoline, but the safety components and longevity of the piece reflects this price.

The frame is heavy duty but easy to install. It won’t twist or become deformed. They have two sizes available, 12’ and 14’. The brand has real world testing when it comes to the weight it can take. It has a combined weight limit of a whopping 800lbs, although the maximum single-user weight rating up to 240lbs. If you’re planning on having fun with your children whilst getting a dose of cardio done, this is the one for you. It’s also a great piece for adults alike to jump on!

If you’re interested, check out our article dedicated to setting up a trampoline for additional help with installation.

It’s easy to understand why JumpSport is such an impressive company. The founders are concerned parents who also understand that kids want to have fun. As such, they provide fun perks like a basketball hoop. This is also a great way to encourage your children to exercise more, get outside away from the video games, and improve their health without them knowing what you are doing!

Product Specifications

Sizes Available12' & 14'
Weight Rating240 lbs. (12') / 245 lbs. (14')
Warranty10 yrs / 5 yrs / 2 yrs / 1yr
Springs96 (14') / 88 (12')