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Kimo 20V Cordless Leaf Blower Review


KIMO Vacuum/Sweeper Leaf Blower




Ease of Use





The Review

An electric leaf blower can be one of the more useful tools almost any homeowner can appreciate. They commonly provide utility in several situations apart from the most common use of cleaning your driveway or deck of leaves. For example, many use their leaf blowers to clean sawdust after cutting wood, clean their automobile engine, or even gutters. As such, it is important to have a tool that can perform well and is adaptable to a variety of situations. The KIMO 20V cordless leaf blower attempts to fill that role and is one of the more popular models available today.

KIMO was founded in the ’90s and has grown quickly since then. They are well-known for their line of battery-powered tools that don’t cost buyers an arm and a leg. Furthermore, they have a reputation for making solid equipment that doesn’t break as soon as the warranty expires. Their broad areas of expertise allow the company to produce tools for several functions that pertain to people of differing backgrounds, from professionals to simple homeowners. The KIMO 20 volt leaf blower follows in this tradition by incorporating some features that are not commonly found in most cordless leaf blowers (see Types of Leaf Blowers). Read below to see what we think of this offering from KIMO and whether it is a useful tool or something to avoid.

Home with clean driveway during daytime

Powerful Dual Blower and Vacuum

The first aspect of the blower that draws attention is the fact that it quickly turns into a small handheld vacuum to clean corners and small dirt and debris. The vacuum works very well at cleaning the interior of your car, vacuuming pet hair, or cleaning those corners the home vacuum doesn’t get easily. The vacuum bag is relatively small (think handheld car vacuum), but can hold enough for small areas. While it may not work as well as your standard shop vac, it does an excellent job considering the dual feature nature of the unit. Where the KIMO really excels is in its capacity as a leaf blower. It is portable and comfortable to use without the hassle of constantly struggling with a cord. It can easily blow a variety of debris that often requires a much more cumbersome corded blower.

The 20-volt motor packs a powerful punch and works very well either vacuuming a chair or blowing leaves off the lawn. As this is a surprisingly small leaf blower, it can be somewhat shocking to see how well it blows leaves and debris off any number of surfaces. The 20000rpm/min capacity copper motor and turbofans deliver tremendous wind power that can blow even heavy, moist, or wet leaves away from your yard, making the space look cleaner and more attractive after a quick run.

Clean wooden deck outside of a homeIntuitive Design and Usability

The KIMO 20V cordless leaf blower’s design is surprising lightweight and offers nimble use to anyone. As this leaf blower only weighs 4.4lbs., anyone can use it without worries that are associated with some of the more cumbersome models. Although slightly larger than your standard hand-held car vacuum, the KIMO easily fits in your hand and doesn’t cause discomfort over prolonged use. The small and lightweight design allows for the blower to effortlessly change to a vacuum on a moment’s notice to get those hard to reach areas. Furthermore, the portability is powered by a fast-charging battery that can reach a full charge in as little as 60 minutes. Users can get approximately 30 minutes of use at top speeds, which is plenty of time to clean almost any surface for most households.

Quiet, Convenient, and Flexible

The KIMO leaf blower allows users to conveniently clean leaves, pine needles, or other debris without the noise and trouble that some of the more powerful and expensive corded blowers require. For example, variable speeds are available to allow users to change the speed of the blower to best suit the current task. If you need to blow some leaves out of a flower bed gently, users can select the lower speeds to get the task done without damaging the flowers. Furthermore, it has a very quiet operation compared to other models. While no blowers are exactly “quiet”, this one is not excessively loud or uncomfortable. Finally, as it’s very lightweight and easy to use, buyers appreciate the ease with which they can use it to quickly get a small job done. No more 100ft extension cords to get under your feet or needing to deal with the hassle of unwinding and rewinding the cord after use. This blower is perfect for those small jobs that won’t take more than 15-30 minutes and don’t require the power a corded model would bring. Additionally, due to the small size, you can store it somewhere more convenient than an outdoor toolshed or garage. Many store theirs in convenient locations such as the kitchen or a storage room for easy access.

Red leaves over a drivewayWhat We Don’t Like

Although this leaf blower performs well, there are a few issues buyers should be aware of before purchasing. First, as with most battery-powered tools, there is a time limit that one should take into account. If you have a 5-acre lawn that needs to be cleaned, don’t expect the KIMO to be able to do that in one battery charge. Depending on the size of your project, you may need to recharge before it has been completed. This blower is best used for small jobs, although with a little patience, it can work fine on the larger projects. If you have a deck, garage, or driveway to blow out regularly, the KIMO will work fine. Furthermore, corded leaf blowers are generally more powerful and are able to more easily blow away heavier materials such as wet leaves or grass. While the KIMO leaf blower puts out impressive power, it doesn’t really compete with some of the more powerful corded models.

Final Verdict

In summary, the KIMO 20-volt cordless leaf blower is a worthwhile product that offers a lot of value in a small package. This product works great and overdelivers in many areas. In addition to the above, the KIMO also offers a 2-year quality & complete satisfaction guaranteed warranty. The convenience and versatility of the KIMO provide endless uses to the whole family. The nature of the corded or gas-powered blowers severely hampers their usefulness for small jobs, such as daily clearing of leaves on a deck. The KIMO blower is the perfect companion to take care of these kinds of small jobs, but still have the power to tackle larger tasks such as cleaning up wet leaves. The vacuum works well but takes some getting used to before you are comfortable with the way the bag sits. Overall, this is a deceptively good compact leaf blower. If you are looking for something that provides powerful blowing power in a small package, the KIMO 20V cordless leaf blower may be just what you’re looking for. Read our comparison of the best cordless leaf blowers to learn more.

Product Specifications

Charge Time1 hour
Size11 x 6 x 7 in
Weight4.4 lbs
Warranty2 years
Variable SpeedsYes