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Royal Gourmet Grill Reviews: The SG6002R 6 Burner Gas Grill


Royal Gourmet SG6002R Cabinet Propane Grill









Royal Gourmet Gas Grill Review

If you have a large family setting or are prone to hosting guests, investing in versatile and quality cooking appliances is necessary. The Royal Gourmet SG6002R 6 burner gas grill is one such device that allows hosts to prepare burgers, steaks, hot dogs, or anything else in quantities far above the standard 3 burner gas grills. This gas grill is intended to be an affordable option for those that need a larger model without the exorbitant price regularly seen in other gas grills.


The Royal Gourmet SG6002 grill 6-burner cabinet has a total of 5 cooking burners (10,000 BTUs), a sear burner (12,000 BTUs), and an additional lidded side burner (9,000 BTUs), perfect for sauce preparation. This Royal Gourmet features 795 square inches in total cooking space, with a 603 square inch primary cooking area and 199 square inch warming rack. A large amount of space easily accommodates a wide range of food with variable heat across the different burners. Built out of lightweight stainless steel, the grill is a joy to look at and simple to clean when compared to similar models, especially compared to a charcoal grill. The cabinet doors are easily opened to reveal additional space to help with food preparation and space to work. Additionally, unlike some models that only include wheels on 2 legs, all 4 legs have lockable wheels to make moving the grill a little easier.

Chef outdoors with tray of food

Grates and Cooking Area

The cooking racks on the Royal Gourmet grill are made of porcelain enamel cast iron, ideal for retaining heat when cooking. Porcelain-enameled cast iron grates are one of the better options as far as grates are concerned for their ability to provide a top-notch cooking service that is relatively easy to maintain. The grate’s ability to retain heat ensures you can cook delicate foods that require low temperature such as vegetables, as it allows for setting the heat at lower settings. A swing-away warming rack is included to provide additional room to keep food warm before serving.

The stainless-steel tube burners further enhance the ease of cleaning after each grilling session. While it isn’t necessary to do a deep clean after each session, a quick wipe down will keep this grill looking new and performing at the top of its range. Wiping down with water is the best solution as the non-corrosive stainless steel ensures grease and dirt will easily lift off of the surface. Additionally, a quick wipe of the burners will prevent any clogging that could impact the grilling surface. Overall, the grill is easy to keep clean as the materials are non-corrosive and rust-resistant.

Appearance, Assembly, and Affordability

The stainless-steel construction makes the Royal Gourmet a beautiful grill to show off to friends and neighbors without spending a fortune! All components fit together nicely and leave a high-end external appearance that makes this look like a much more expensive grill. Furthermore, it is easily cleaned using simple water to ensure that it continues to look like it just came out of the box. Maintaining the stunning appearance of the grill enhances the value buyers receive as this is one of the least expensive grills you’ll find featuring so much utility. While buying a less expensive grill can have its drawbacks (lower quality materials), Royal Gourmet hides that fact through simple beauty. Additionally, assembly is relatively easy for those experienced with this kind of thing. The instructions are difficult to understand at times (isn’t that always the case?) and can make assembly take longer if this is your first grill to put together.

Convenience Features

Numerous convenience features are in place on the Royal Gourmet grill to make cooking as enjoyable as possible. The wheels are in place on all 4 legs to make moving the Royal Gourmet grill from place to place fairly easily. As this is a bulky unit, expect to only need to move it to keep it out of the elements. It can easily be moved by one person as the primarily stainless-steel materials are lightweight. The cabinet shelves come in very handy for storing prepared food or cooking utensils. The doors are easily opened with plenty of space for storage. Another nice feature is the thermometer for measuring the current cooking temperature. It appears to read an accurate temperature and makes precise cooking much easier. If any problems occur, a one-year warranty to cover any manufacturer’s defects is in place for peace of mind. Additionally, customer service is responsive and fast to address any concerns.

Starting the burners is easy and straightforward, thanks to the available electric ignition. It is designed such that anyone can comfortably prepare food without the hassle of charcoal. All you need to do is push it inwards when turning on the device to cook. The grease drip pan is made of non-stick material for easy cleaning and reducing the hassle of maintaining the grill.

Blue fire from burnerWhat We Don’t Like

As this is a budget grill, there are a few problems related to quality and materials. The materials used feel flimsy and light. While this makes it lightweight for moving, it makes it feel cheap. The stainless-steel doors and back are made of thin metal. Other components not covered by the steel are prone to rust over time, so storing them in a garage or shed during the winter months is advisable. Additionally, the gas flow feels limited in trying to warm from all burners. The BTUs output can be misleading and doesn’t adequately describe the amount of heat that will be distributed. Finally, the instruction manual is prone to be missing after being shipped. This is easily remedied by contacting customer support as it can be emailed within minutes.

Final Verdict

The Royal Gourmet SG6002R gas grill offers a functional grill for those who can’t spend too much on a higher-quality brand. It is a beautiful model and adds appeal to the appearance of any backyard. Featuring a huge amount of cooking space, it is well made to handle a large number of burgers, steaks, or almost anything else you can think of to cook. Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks as far as the quality of the materials used and attention to detail. Overall, this is a good unit to save a few bucks (see our ratings for other budget gas grills). Expect it to last at least a couple of years, but it is in no way intended to be one of those “20-year grill” investments. We hope our Royal Gourmet 6-burner grill reviews was helpful in making your decision.

BrandRoyal Gourmet
Dimensions62 x 21 x 47 inches
GratePorcelain enameled cast iron
Cooking Area (Total)801 square inches
Warranty1 year