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Shark ION 750 Robot Vacuum Review


Shark ION 750









The Review

Robot vacuum cleaners, such as the Shark ION R75, have become very popular in recent years. Popularized by brands such as iRobot, people have come to love these little time-savers as some of the best devices you can get to begin making your house smart. Their compact size, advanced technology, and self-operating nature have endeared them to countless households throughout the world.

The Shark ION R75 robovac carries on this tradition by incorporating numerous features common in many of its robotic cousins. Wi-Fi enabled, low-profile design, and smart navigation are all present, but at a considerably lower price than one would expect. Shark is commonly associated with their upright brand of vacuum cleaners. Their hallmarks are producing quality, long-lasting vacuum cleaners that do a great job at cleaning your house. They strive to accomplish the same goals with the robotic version of their vacuuming line of products.

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SmartphoneTechnically Advanced & Engineered

The Shark ION robot, as its name suggests, is indeed a robot that take the vacuuming out of your hands (literally). It can give you over an hour of uninterrupted service and works on a variety of surfaces and floor textures, including hardwoods and carpet. The RV750 vacuum cleaner is more advanced than many of its competitors in the same price range. It is compatible with Alexa, which allows for voice commands. It weighs a mere 5.51lbs and has a dimension of 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.6 inches.

Technically speaking, the device is built on an array of advanced sensors. Proximity and navigation sensors ensure the vacuum avoids obstacles and runs seamlessly until the house has been thoroughly vacuumed. The engineering and the design look to be in perfect sync and results in a great time saver for your household chores. Additionally, unlike traditional vacuum cleaners the Shark ION vacuum, does a great job in reducing noise output while in use. Obviously, you can hear that it is running, but the noise does not distract from other activities such as watching the television or listening to your favorite podcast. You may have to turn the volume up a bit, but nothing too extreme.

Mobile Compatibility

The Shark R75 (RV750), also comes with an integrated mobile application that you can install to control the robot from your Android or iOS phone. The app includes options for support, scheduling, remote start/stop, and product specifications. This is very helpful in ensuring your house stays clean whenever you like. One thing to note though, if your robot is vacuuming while you are away from home, make sure that you have picked up any loose articles of clothing, cords, or similar objects off of the ground. These kinds of obstacles can cause the vacuum to become stuck and unable to finish the cleaning cycle.

Another excellent feature is that if the robot does run into trouble while cleaning, you will receive an alert to your phone to let you know it needs help. This usually involves getting wedged into a tight spot and being unable to exit. This can often be fixed by moving the offending item to a better suited location. After a few runs through the house, you will learn all the potential trouble spots and be able to adjust as necessary so that the Shark ION doesn’t need any help.


The vacuum cleaner does an excellent job at what it is designed to do, clean your home. The device has a height of merely 2.6 inches, which enables it to slide through unreachable areas of your house and clean those areas that rarely get vacuumed (i.e. under couches or beds). Two spinning side brushes on either side of the device pulls in debris from walls and corners, without missing very much. This is a great feature that is sadly lacking on even a few of the more expensive models of robot vacuums. Furthermore, this is great at getting pet or dog hair out of corners and further promoting a clean house.

As far as how well it cleans, the Shark ION has a powerful suction and does an excellent job in picking up hair, popcorn, food particles, dust, and almost anything else that you would normally vacuum. The dirt is collected in the easy empty dustbin. Some choose to run their vacuum each day to ensure that the dirt stays to a minimum throughout the house and to make for easier cleaning sessions.

Smaller Dustpan and Poor Support

Scrabble blocks spelling supportThe Shark R75 does have a few problems that have been reported by various users. One such problem is that the dustpan is small and may lead to needing to empty it on a regular basis, depending on the level of cleanliness during that cleaning cycle. While it is easy to empty and replace, the Shark will no longer operate after it has filled up and hasn’t been emptied. If it is cleaning while you are away from home, you could come home to a half-cleaned house while it waits on you to empty the dustbin. On a moderately clean floor, you can usually get 2-3 cleanings before it needs to be emptied. The best solutions is to run the vacuum on a regular basis (every 1-3 days) and empty it out when you get home after a cleaning to ensure it doesn’t need to be emptied during the middle of the next cleaning cycle.

Shark’s customer support also seems to be lacking in either knowledgeable personnel or manpower. Placing a call can sometimes lead to being transferred multiple times until you find someone who can provide adequate technical support for your issue. Long hold times are also possible, depending on the time of the day. While it is rare to need to call support for the Shark ION, be aware that your experience could be less than stellar.

Final Verdict

This Shark vacuum does a great job at cleaning your house while saving you a little money in the process. Some of the more powerful robotic vacuum cleaners can cost up to a thousand dollars (or more!). While not able to keep up completely with the super-advanced models such as those intended for constant office use, does a great job at cleaning a person’s home.

The app and Alexa integration are excellent features that really show how much we are all stepping into the future, even with common household items. Remote device startup and scheduling really make for a convenient vacuuming experience. Furthermore, the long-lasting battery means that even very large homes can be cleaned by the R75 without much cause for concern.

Although a small dustpan and poor support can detract from an absolute bargain otherwise, the benefits of this little piece of equipment outweigh the drawbacks. It is very intelligent for a less expensive unit, made of durable material, and offers the features you would expect on a much more expensive piece of equipment. If you need something a little more advanced or powerful, you may want to look at the more expensive models. If you are looking to free up some time, ensure you keep a freshly vacuumed carpet or floor, and take a hands-off approach to as much as you are able, the Shark ION R75 is a very good choice.

Product Specifications

Dimensions12.6 x 12.6 x 2.6 in
Weight5.5 lbs
Battery60 mins