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Skybound Stratos Trampoline Review


SkyBound Stratos








The Review

SkyBound is a renowned trampoline manufacturer with years of experience in the arena. They are so far one of the leading companies when it comes to coming up with safe and durable trampolines. They have state of the art equipment and highly skilled manpower who are dedicated to producing some of the best high-quality trampoline. Their expertise has made them trusted among their customers with an incredible number of referrals across the globe. They have left an extraordinary footprint in the trampoline market, and this is because they provide their customers with great value for their money.

SkyBound has been steadfast when it comes to the product’s safety, design, and dependability. The materials used in making the product are high grade. Therefore, the SkyBound Stratos trampoline can last for quite a long time before the customers start noticing any depreciation. The springs used are excellent to ensure that they hold the centerpiece in place without any problems. What their customers want is precisely what SkyBound delivers. The company works tirelessly to ensure that they deliver customer’s satisfaction.

Girl jumping in the air

SkyBound Safety Net Enclosure Impresses

The concave safety net of SkyBound Stratos trampoline is a feature that is meant to impress customers and take care of their safety concerns. The safety net is meant to ensure everyone is contained within the jumping area. Once the kids enter the trampoline, it is impossible for them to jump off. The net is specifically designed in a concave shape to provide a large surface area for jumping. It is then well secured to prevent collapse once erected. The curvy poles give it the support and stamina needed to hold the jumpers even when they fall on the net.

The safety net is made up of high density, thick and UV resistant material. These qualities give it the durability it requires to last longer. It is thus not affected by light and can withstand constant use for quite a long time. The technology used is impressive, and the simple fact that only high-quality materials are used makes the trampoline much safer and more trustworthy.

wrenchesQuality Parts for Quality Experiences

More effort has been put into the assembly components to ensure they are made up of high-quality materials that can withstand the test of time. The components include large premium yellow Zinc-coated springs. The springs are rust resistant, and so their strength cannot be attenuated with time. These springs hold the jumping surface tightly in place giving it the bouncing quality required. The springs also absorb the pressure exerted on them during jumping making them very reliable. All these abilities ensure that the user is in no danger of falling through to the ground just because a spring snapped or it broke during the jumping session.

Among the components are wide steel frames that are very strong to hold the trampoline in place. The steel material is used to ensure that the jumping pressure exerted doesn’t break it at all. They are strategically located to increase the structure’s stability. They are then fully coated with black powder. This coating method ensures that the steel is fully enclosed and so the material cannot rust. With rust out of the picture, the steel frame will last longer giving the structure the needed support. The customer can thus use SkyBound Stratos trampoline in any environment, be it wet or humid without the fear of impending corrosion.

The Stratos also comes with vinyl padding to ensure that every part of the beam that may pose a threat to the jumpers is well safeguarded. When manufacturing, among the process, that the trampolines undergo is quality scrutiny to ensure that the whole structure have everything needed to make it safe and durable and that there is nothing that can cause any danger to the user.

Patented Installation Technology

The patented SkyBound installation of the this trampolines is genius. This design prevents users from using brackets, bolts, nuts, washers, and braces for fastening the trampoline into place. Instead, the company makes use of a push-pin technology to set up the structure. This is accompanied by a clear and detailed manual which should be followed while setting up the trampoline. Assembly is fast and easy and can be completed within an hour or two. The user no longer must undergo the frustration of using bolts, nuts, and braces which can turn out to be very tiresome and dangerous in case they are not tightly fastened. Additionally, this lends itself to those of us who just don’t have much experience working with traditional tools.

The push-pin patented technology will enable the user to hold the steel frames in place. It also helps in quickly having the w-shaped leg tubes well placed. SkyBound has a patent certificate, and thus it is the only company with this incredible technology. It has minimized the amount of time required to completely set up the structure in place. It has also solved the stress involved, and so the user doesn’t have to worry about the installation process. With the Stratos trampoline, the user will have the structure up and ready within no time. They also have a US-based team in place to help the customer during the installation process so that the customer doesn’t make any mistake.

A Few Drawbacks

Woman in blue shirt confusedThe trampoline comes with a plastic tool that is supposed to thread the safety net to the mat. This tool is supposed to be very useful and rigid enough to enable the people installing the structure to perform the threading fast enough. But then, the plastic tool is feeble and useless. It doesn’t do the threading well enough, and so if the user doesn’t have his/her own tool, he/she will have a problem threading the net to the mat.

SkyBound could and should replace the plastic threading tool with a much better material like bamboo. This will not only make it much stronger but will also increase its efficiency. This is a problem that should be solved first hand. It also tends to add additional cost to those people who lack another threading tool. They must go and purchase a tool better suited for the job at hand. The plastic tool slows down the installation process and doesn’t always do the best job possible.

Final Verdict

The SkyBound Stratos trampoline is by far one of the best trampoline manufacturers currently available to the general public. They manufacture unique trampolines with some of the best features you will find in a mid-grade trampoline. Their ingenuity is best demonstrated in their patented installation technology that makes use of push-pins instead of the conventional bolts and nuts that slow down the set-up process.

The equipment also makes use of high-grade materials that are both UV resistant and rust resistant. This means that once a customer purchases their Stratos, they will enjoy long-lasting equipment that will not fail them. Despite the little issues that this trampoline possesses, SkyBound has one of the best and most aesthetically pleasing trampolines available. While there may be better trampolines, their cost is often prohibitive, with the Zupapa trampoline and enclosure possibly being an exception to the rule. This trampoline threads the needle perfectly in giving you one of the best trampolines you’ll find for the amount of money you pay. Check it out!

Product Specifications

Sizes Available12' 14' 15'
Rated BounceA+
Spring Length8.5" (extra thick)
Rust ProtectionA
ASTM CertifiedYes