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Skywalker Trampoline 15′ Jump N’ Dunk with Enclosure Net Review


Skywalker 15'








The Review

There are ways people choose to spend their leisure time. The most common one is outdoor entertainment like swimming, hiking, biking and even trampolining. Trampolines have been around for quite some time, and new designs are still being created. For a person in the trampoline business, the assembly and sturdiness of the construction is core. Most consumers today expect their purchases to be made of quality equipment while also providing required safety measures to ensure there are no mishaps.

Parents can also use the Skywalker 15′ Jump N’ Dunk trampoline to add more fun to playtime. Parents and kids alike can have a great time to liven up the entertainment. Some even choose to wear earplugs as they jump up to their favorite music. Also, this trampoline offers a serene place to lay down with your kids and look at the sky. If it’s at nighttime, star viewing is more beautiful and keeps the bugs and pests away during summer.

Skywalker makes numerous trampolines to fit every shape, budget, and size. This 15′ Round Trampoline is a popular size that comes with very good bounce. It is not your typical unit and has excellent features that offer lots of benefits to the consumer. When you look at its design, it has a beautiful color. You can choose from five different shades including blue, red and or even stars and stripes. Additionally, the construction is above average. Some of the parts are made of stainless steel material which offers premium performance. Rust and stain resistance are also common features of these trampolines.

Couple jumping in air holding hands

Safe and Modern Construction

When purchasing a new trampoline, there are a few considerations one must take into account. Trampoline safety is paramount in determining whether it is right for you and your family. With this unit, it offers maximum protection for kids to promote trampoline safety and reduce injury risk. It has a 6-foot height that accommodates even tall people. Also, it comes with safety parts that are well-made to hold up to 200 pounds. The no-gap enclosure design ensures there are no spaces in between the jumping area and enclosure net. When you safely connect the net on each spring, you and your children are safe from dangerous openings. The inclusion of holes is a good feature that enables more accessible and secure assembly. You can screw on the available screws with ease.

The padding is thick enough to offer comfortable extended use. The material is soft on the skin and kids to help eliminate injuries and scratching problems. Another safety feature is the strong black plastic caps at the bottom of each pole that are hammered into place to safely secure the pole from below. The caps ensure that there is no damage to the pole feet even during portability. Thus, you get an extended service with minimal maintenance.

Another great aspect of the Skywalker 15′ safety precautions is the spring puller that helps to tighten and pull the springs. The frame piece made with brass buckle adds more aesthetic beauty together with the sturdy pole.

wrenchesEasy To Assemble

Apart from the modern design, this Skywalker trampoline does not take up a lot of time during the assembly process. It only requires one person, but some users prefer a little assistance. When you purchase this unit, the easy to follow instructions help a user to put together the different parts more easily. The whole set-up roughly takes less than 3 hours for an unskilled person. For the experts, 1 hour is usually enough.

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A well-built enclosure system with an upright foam-padded pole, helps to increase stability. Each pole keeps the net away from the sturdy poles at an angled top for added safety while jumping and moving around the trampoline.

One unique thing with the manual, they have a bit of humor in them as compared to the normal robotic directions. You can laugh your way all through the assembly making the exercise more lively. The manual offers detailed instructions for each part and the takedown process, if it ever needs to be disassembled. The tubes fit together perfectly without the use of special fasteners to promote simple disassembly. For a person who wants to take it down, the process is simple, and the whole trampoline is collapsible. You can safely store it without the worry of using a lot of space.

Large Surface Area

Another fantastic feature of this trampoline is the roomy interior. With a 108.3 x 180 x 180 inch dimensions, more than one child or teen can jump freely inside. The spacious area with a well-stitched net plus a zippered enclosure adds to user convenience. Some other units come with minimal space, hindering natural movement. This is a product that focuses on great entertainment and play experience.

Additionally, the available space also accommodates a basketball hoop. The hoop is not only a hit to kids but also for adults. It helps to add extra gameplay and creativity. As compared to the standard trampolines, this one stands out because of the hoop. Besides, the basketball hoop is simple to install and uses Velcro to allow your kids to assemble and disassemble without assistance.

The spacious room allows the well-integrated polyethylene netting with tightly woven strands to ensure fingers and toes don’t get stuck within the net. No matter the finger and toe size, especially for kids, as a parent you will have worry-free monitoring.

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Yellow and black screwdriverProblem Areas for the Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk

The Skywalker has one minor issue. The spring puller is not sturdily made and often breaks off. For a person in the process of assembly, this can get frustrating. Fortunately, a simple screwdriver can greatly improve the ease of setting up the trampoline correctly. The manufacturer also offers a 1-year warranty for the parts, so in case your spring puller breaks off within this time frame, you get a replacement.

Final Verdict

Skywalker is a budget brand that offers better construction materials than one would expect. They are renowned worldwide, and still, their customer base is growing in number. When Skywalker developed this trampoline, they ensured all the safety protocols are in place. Features like sturdy poles, straps, zippered enclosure, plastic caps and more help to maximize safety. When you use your product, you are guaranteed maximum safety.

Due to a wide array of features, this trampoline is perfect for those on a budget but don’t want a piece of junk. The price is quite affordable for some users and offers lots of benefits. Your kids get a more entertaining playtime as compared to the traditional swing set. They can create amazing games with the presence of a basketball hoop. The design allows the user to mount the basketball hoop either inside or outside the trampoline. Your kids (or you!) get endless hours of practice as they perfect their dunk and play skills. In the process, they get fit entertainment and strengthen their eyes and hand coordination. Remember that most trampolines do not have this feature which makes the Skywalker better in offering exceptional entertainment. The basketball hoop is small, low and made out of fabric and foam for safety.

Also, the material for the net and mat is well-made, and there are no cases of toes and fingers getting stuck. The net can withstand quite a bit of punishment, especially strong ones from inside and outside the trampoline such as wind or general playing from the jumpers. When you and your kids jump up and down, falls are expected. But with this product, the foam padded surface offers a soft landing. You are free from scratches, bruises, and hard knocks.

Another notable feature is the clear directions. They give you simple step by step instructions on how to assemble and disassemble your unit. The process can take less than three hours with breaks in between. For a professional, setup time is usually 1 hour.

This is a nice trampoline that every house can make use of without breaking the piggy bank. The SkyWalker 15′ Jump N’ Dunk trampoline gives buyers some of the best value for your money when compared to other trampolines. You save on time and money for the numerous trips to play parks. Enjoy this fun entertainment at the comfort of your home as you watch the sky and listen to cool music.

Product Specifications

Dimensions108.3 x 180 x180 inches
Shipping Weight125 lbs
Spring Length6.5 inches