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Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer Review


Sun Joe SPX3000

Cleaning Power



Ease of Use





The Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer

Sun Joe products are one of the most popular brands of pressure washers throughout the world. They are known for their quality and efficient products. This electric pressure washer is easy to use, if you don’t mind a fairly frustrating initial assembly. The Sun Joe SPX3000 is very efficient when it comes to cleaning cars and driveways. You will be surprised with how clean your car is after a quick once over using this product. Although there are some brands that can easily remove dirt and debris, this washer continues to be the top choice for many who want something a little more powerful. It is very powerful, with an outstanding 2030 PSI water pressure.

If you are dealing with tough stains such as caked-on mud, mold and oil, the only choice you have is either to wash it with your hands or use an electric pressure washer. The SPX3000 could be the best solution for stubborn stains. Read the Sun Joe SPX3000 pressure washer review below to find out if this is the best tool for your jobs.

Land rover stuck in the mud

Power Output and Mobility

Its powerful motor can produce up to 2030 PSI water pressure and 1.76 GPM water flow for optimum cleaning power. The higher the PSI, the better it will be able to deal with tough cleaning as compared to equipment with lower PSI. The water flow of Sun Joe SPX3000 is also impressive at 1.76 GPM. Just like the PSI, the higher the number of GPM, the faster and more thoroughly it can clean.

The pressure gun of the washer is easy to use with a very forgiving trigger and comfortable hand grip. Additionally, it has a trigger lock, which makes it very safe, although it is primarily used for protecting the trigger from getting damaged while in the storage. This pressure washer also makes portability a breeze as it weighs less (31 pounds) than you would expect. Furthermore, wheels make it even easier to move from cleaning station to cleaning station without requiring you to break your back lugging a piece of equipment around.

Holding thumb over water hose to build pressureClean Easier with Convenient Features

The Sun Joe SPX300 has a 34-inch extension spray wand that will get rid of dirt at the hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, it also includes a variety of quick-connect nozzles for different purposes. The nozzles included are 0, 15, 25, 40 degree, and a soap nozzle. Since the nozzles are color-coded, you know exactly what to do while switching them out easily. Simply connect the nozzle to the pressure washer’s wand and voila! The different degree of nozzles enables you to easily change the spray angle to complete your job. The lower the angle, the higher the amount of stream of water and the more powerful it will be at cleaning.

The SPX3000 also has two detergent tanks near the top of the unit, so you can easily switch between mixtures as you wash your car. It includes a selection dial which makes switching from one detergent to another easier and much more efficient. The tanks are removable, and its capacity is 0.9 liters.

To ensure you have enough of a pathway for the water to travel, a 20-foot pressure hose is included to allow users to reach a wide range of areas that are normally inaccessible without quite a bit of trouble. The hose is made of premium quality material which makes it very durable. It is flexible and does not keep excessive coil memory. Hoses with excessive coil memory can make the hose hard to extend to its full length. The Sun Joe hose is easy to roll and unroll. When the machine is not in use you can wrap it up without worrying about potential trip hazards cluttering up the storage area.

If you’re in the process of cleaning your home, you can find tips about the most important exterior parts of your home to clean here.

Reduced Noise and Accessories

The power washer is one the quietest pressure washers you will find. It easily outpaces the gas powered pressure washers, such as the Simpson MSH3125, in reducing noise pollution. The noise this machine can produce is only at 81 dB much lower than the average 87.4 dB of all pressure washers. This is surprising considering the motor is one of the more powerful motors you will find on an electric power washer.

If you are concerned with your electricity bill, this pressure washer is the best option for you. It has a Total Stop System (TSS) that turns off the pump instantly when idle. This feature helps save energy and prolongs pump life. Using the pressure washer continuously for an hour or two is not a good idea. You need to have a short break to allow the washer to cool down and keep it performing at its best.

This pressure washer also comes with a variety of accessories to make your cleaning job even easier and ensure you are getting the best performance from this pressure washer. It includes a 35-foot power cord, a garden hose adapter, a 34-inch extension wand and a needle clean-out tool for maximum cleaning reach. Just like other pressure washers, Sun Joe is also equipped with after-market accessories to enhance performance. You can purchase a rotary brush, a 10-inch cleaning attachment, quick connect turbo head spray nozzle and 25-foot high-pressure extension hose.

Frustrating Assembly

One of the main concerns is the difficulty in assembling the pressure washer. While this may not be a problem for a more experienced washer, others may lose patience during initial setup. Obviously, instructions are provided if you have never had to do this sort of thing, but they are somewhat hard to follow at times. Another concern is that the nozzle piece that connects the body and the pressure hose. It is made of low-quality plastic, which can fail to provide high water pressure and begins to leak. Although it is a fairly cheap part and is easily replaceable, it can be a pain when you are getting ready to clean a piece of equipment only to discover that it has broken. Some users keep a backup of these parts, just in case.

Final Verdict

The SPX3000 pressure washer is one of the more reliable and powerful of its kind available today. It has an array of helpful features and accessories, such as the variable nozzle sizes and sturdy hose. If you need a tool that can help you perform a variety of tasks, the SPX3000 is up to the task. The versatility comes in handy in numerous ways. Want to wash your car thoroughly? Check. Clean a deck or your house? Check again. What if you just want to spray off your driveway? Yeah, definitely not a problem either.

This Sun Joe pressure washer has power for days and is versatile enough to quickly clean any number of items or areas. The wand is sturdy and allows you to reach areas that are normally more difficult. Tough stains, grease, or dirt are no match for the strong pressure and water flow output by this machine. Additionally, if you want to switch between nozzles to something a little more appropriate for the job at hand, no problem! The quick switch nozzles make it very easy and fast to change out to a better suited nozzle. You can also add different types of detergent to the two tanks and switch between whichever one is best for the current situation.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is also a lightweight machine with wheels that help to make it easy to maneuver. Finally, if you find something that the off-the-shelf product can’t accomplish, there is a good chance you can find an accessory that will make that job possible or just plain easier. Overall, this is a solid product that is an excellent choice for every day cleaning around the house without the need for one of the more powerful commercial units.

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Product Specifications

Dimensions15.6 x 13.5 x 33.9 in
Noise Level81 db
Hose20 ft