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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Exercise Bike Review


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The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Exercise Bike Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness stationary bike has been a premium fitness equipment distributor for over 10 years. Based in Los Angeles, California, their vast network of manufacturers in Taiwan and China have allowed Sunny to produce high-quality products at a fraction of their competitor’s prices. The Sunny SF-B901 is no exception as it demonstrates sturdy workmanship with robust features designed to give you the best workout possible. Many enjoy using exercise bikes, such as this one, to fill days in between intense training sessions for events like marathons. If you enjoy indoor cycling like spinning, hate trying to ride in cold weather, or just want a solid piece of exercise equipment at home that you can use at your leisure, this Sunny exercise bike may be the right choice for you.

Craftsman drawingsQuality Craftsmanship for a Stable Ride

The steel frame and 40 lb. flywheel help make the Sunny SF-B901 cycle a very durable and solid exercise bike. If you have ever been on some of the flimsier exercise bikes, you understand what it is like to try to exercise while on an inferior cycle. Whether you are hill climbing, sitting, or standing while pedaling hard, you will be able to experience good stability and a smoother ride throughout the workout.

The weight of the flywheel plays a vital role in offering a smooth ride and stable experience. Riding hard will not cause any problems like feeling you are fighting the equipment as much as the workout. The SF-B901 has been in the industry for the past 5 years, and it has done a good job of proving its quality construction with Sunny’s customers. As with any equipment, ensure you regularly (monthly) perform maintenance tasks like tightening any loose nuts or bolts, lubricate the brake pads and chain, change out the brake pads (when necessary), etc. and you’ll have an investment that stands the test of time.

Easy Assembly and Variable Resistance

The Sunny Pro is a fairly simple piece of equipment to put together. Assembling the pedals, bike, seat, and handlebar are a fast job that is often completed in as little as 30 minutes. Sunny provides all of the tools you will need for assembly, but as with most company-provided tools, if you have some around the house, they may work better and help with an even faster assembly.

To ensure you experience a quiet ride, the SF-B901 indoor cycle uses a quality felt fabric pad for braking and resistance. The brake and resistance pads are primary the noise causers on most exercise bikes. Sunny has done a good job of reducing the bike’s capability of making noise by utilizing the felt fabric for these purposes. Furthermore, the fabric does an excellent job at providing increased workout intensity levels when you are ready to get an even better workout. A knob at the front of the exercise bike controls the variable resistance levels by adjusting the brake pads on the flywheel.

Easy on the Body

Indoor cycling is a great low-impact exercise to keep you in great cardiovascular shape. The Sunny Pro Indoor Cycling bike further protects from jolting workouts by providing well-designed handlebars and a soft padded seat to ensure your exercise routine is as comfortable as possible. The standard ergonomically designed handlebars allow for multiple hand positions for maximum versatility. The durable handles are developed with multi-grips so that they can quickly adapt to different conditions. The handlebars are designed to be slip-free and padded to deliver ease of use and for extra safety.

In addition to the handlebars, the seats of the Sunny SF-B901 are designed to be comfortable and easy to adjust. The seat adjusts at a full range of motion (up-down, side-side) to meet the comfort demands of anyone. The padding is soft and cushy, so you can rest assured that if you are an exercise warrior and want to go all day…you can.

Problems Areas

Blue water bottle on groundOne shortcoming of this Sunny spin bike is that there is no LCD display. LCD displays are fairly standard equipment for many models of exercise bike, so not having one can be a definite drawback. In addition to not having an LCD display, there is not an app for you to track your workouts or gain insight. While this is to be expected considering the savings, it is still a little disappointing not being able to integrate with your phone using the latest technology. Also, not having a water bottle holder, although minor, is annoying. This is easily remedied, depending on where you have the bike set up, or purchase an accessory for water bottles.

The Verdict

The Sunny SF-B901 Indoor Exercise Bike is an excellent machine if you want a simple spin workout that will get your blood pumping and heart racing. The variable resistance, solid construction, and comfortable ergonomics make this one of the best exercise bikes to lose weight and get as fit as possible.

The Sunny fitness bike is an affordable solution to those looking to start spinning or just don’t want to spend too much money on one of the more advanced models. This exercise bike is not intended to be compared to the more expensive versions, as it is intended for every day people, and not professional athletes. It is a great way to ensure you can still ride, even when it’s freezing or raining outside.

Sunny’s great pricing, top-notch quality material, and outstanding service make them unique among other exercise bikes. If you are a beginner spinner, this is a great bike to get started and learn the ropes. Even the more advanced riders will enjoy using this exercise bike. Moreover, the bike has proven itself to be so good, that some gyms have elected to use it as their spin bike of choice. Although there are a few troublesome areas, this is a great value if you are looking to not break your bank account.

Product Specifications

Dimensions48.5 x 20 x 46.5 in
Weight97.2 lbs
Weight Capacity275 lbs
Flywheel Weight40 lbs
Drive SystemChain