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The Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review


Roborock E4


Pet Hair







The Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Review

Looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that doesn’t break the bank but does the job? The Roborock E4 robot vacuum cleaner might be the answer you have been searching for. In this RoboRock E4 review, we will take a close look at its features and help you figure out why it has quickly become one of the more popular choices in its price category.

Effective Cleaning

Let’s tackle the most important things first. It does not have LIDAR (laser mapping) navigation, but you should not expect that in this price range. However, it is full of sensors and does all the mapping with the help of an electric eye and gyroscope. The sensors work well and you will never miss the LIDAR tech.

These sensors help the robot vacuum clean your home in a Z shaped pattern to ensure no areas are missed. It does not just dance around the room randomly which is typically the case with other robot vacuums (i.e. some models of Roomba) in this price range.

You can also buy a mopping attachment separately to get rid of the fine dirt completely. The mopping system makes use of innovative hydraulics allowing you to adjust the water flow as per your cleaning preferences.

Another area that sets it apart is its long-lasting battery as it packs in a 5200 mAh battery which allows up to 200 minutes of cleaning time. Also, it automatically goes back to the charging station for top up recharge to resume cleaning once it is charged again. Once it has enough power, it goes back to work and finishes the cleaning job. It can clean up to 200 square meters or 2152 square feet on one charge.

Man Relaxing On Sofa With Robotic Vacuum Cleaner On Hardwood FloorExcellent Suction Power

With suction power of 2000 Pa, it can pick up almost everything on the floor, including pet hair and fine dust. As mentioned above, it has a wide range of sensors that do a good job of telling it when it’s on a carpet/ rug where the suction power is increased automatically for deep cleaning. The Roborock E4 cleans the carpets deeper as it is able to climb up to 2 cm, which means it can easily climb over carpets and other thresholds to ensure your home is clean at all times.

Anti-Tangle Brush & Bigger Dustbin

It features an anti-tangle main brash combined with a silicone side brush. These work with an omnidirectional front wheel to handle hairs and other such things which mean it keeps cleaning without any interruption. Usually, robot cleaners in this price range stop cleaning frequently as hair and other such things get tangled in the brush causing you to restart it frequently but that is not the case with E4.

You get a 640 mL dustbin that is typically enough for a week of dust. It also does not take long to empty and the sensors inside the unit will tell you when the dustbin is full. Usually, you get 500 mL capacity dustbin with the robot vacuums in this price range, so this is a sizeable increase in storage capacity.

Right for Bigger Homes

While it can clean up to 200 square meters on a single charge, the range is enhanced by its recharge and resume feature. Once the battery runs out in the middle of a job, it returns to the charging dock for top-up. It remembers where it left off and returns to that position to continue cleaning from that point onwards. So, even if you have a bigger home, the Roborock E4 will clean it comfortably.

Highly Functional App

You do not get a remote with this vacuum cleaner, but everything can be controlled through an app. You can use the app for setting schedules as well as for starting cleaning from anywhere. Additionally, the app allows for checking on the cleaning progress in real time and numerous other functions. You even get to review a completed cleaning map that tells you how E4 has cleaned the entire home. There are a total of 6 cleaning modes including carpet, gentle, max, turbo, balance and silent.

Handles All Surfaces

It can handle hardwood floors, carpets, delicate furniture, and various other kinds of surfaces without skipping a beat. You do not need to worry about its effectiveness. It will keep working and cleaning as per the set schedule without any issues.


A total of 13 sensors allow the E4 robot vacuum to self-charge, resume cleaning after a stop, avoid object, avoid drops, and other such features. In short, everything you can think of is there in the form of a sensor which allowing the robotic vacuum to make sure everything is cleaned thoroughly.

Works with Alexa

If you already use Alexa enabled devices, add this one to your collection as you can also control it through Alexa. Integration is simple and intuitive. You can have it set up with Alexa in a matter of minutes as you let Alexa be your “robot manager”.

What We Like

What We Don’t Like


To conclude, the Roborock E4 robot vacuum cleaner combines a lot of features from the more expensive models released by the company. These features include the smart cleaning pattern, upgraded anti-tangle main brush and side brush, up to 200 minutes of battery life combined with the recharge and resume function, and a lot of other improvements over its previous iteration. It offers serious value for your money when you compare it with other models in this price range. Overall, if you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that is decently priced and does the job efficiently, the Roborock E4 vacuum is an excellent option.


Battery Capacity5200mAh
Battery Charge200 mins
Cleaning Area2152sqft/charge
Wi-Fi EnabledYes
Warranty1 year