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VIGBODY HL-EB801 Indoor Exercise Bike Review


Vigbody Indoor Bike









A stationary bike like the Vigbody HL-EB801 exercise bike can be a welcomed and healthy addition to your life. Stationary bikes can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight level in the long term. A stationary bike will give you a full-body workout, which helps your cardiovascular system stay in peak condition. Additionally, a stationary bike enables you to work out all your major muscles, including your calves, thighs, and hips.

The VIGBODY Indoor Exercise Bike has been designed with sturdiness and durability in mind. While this highly compact and mobile exercise bike does not have all the bells and whistles a stationary bike can have, it has all the features you need to have a complete workout at home in comfort. It will give you the full-body workout you expect from an exercise bike while serving you for a long time.

Woman riding spin bike at homeNotable Features

Thickened Brake Pad

The VIGBODY HL-B801 comes with a thickened brake pad made of wool felt. A thicker brake provides users with a better overall experience. The most important advantage of the thicker brake pad is its performance advantage. The thicker pads produce more wear resistance, which gives the pads an extended service life. While the vast majority of wool felt pads last anywhere between 6 to 12 months, the thicker pads that the VIGBODY Indoor Exercise Bike comes with can last as much as three times more.

Another advantage of the thicker wool felt pads is the suppressed noise levels the stationary bike produces, making for a quieter riding experience. The thicker pads also reduce the maintenance requirement the bike needs.


Almost every aspect of the bike is adjustable. Adjustability ensures you are comfortable and safe while using the stationary bike. You can adjust the distance between the handlebars and saddle, the handlebar height (from 37.8 to 44 inches), the saddle height (from 33.5 to 38.5 inches), the pedal toe clips, and you can perform inseam adjustments (from 28 to 35 inches). As you can appreciate, with the extensive adjustability the bike has, getting a bespoke set up for you to use is straightforward.

LCD Monitor

The LCD monitor helps you track your time, speed, distance, odometer, and calories. Moreover, it helps you fine-tune your adjustments to workout intensity and speed on the fly.

Resistance Transformation And Adjustability

An easy-access tension knob allows you to adjust the level of difficulty of your exercise. You can increase or decrease the resistance the bike produces to keep your workout challenging as you improve on your fitness.

Quality Build

According to VIGBODY, their exercise bike production process has strict quality control. It has a sturdy frame built using 1.5mm thick, heavy-duty square tubes. It uses a 35 lbs. bidirectional flywheel. This system can support as much as 330lbs. Additionally, this indoor exercise bike is ISO9001 certified. The use of heavy-duty metal allows the exercise bike to last a long time, all the while allowing you to exercise from the comfort of your home.

Woman riding a Vigbody exercise bike at homeErgonomic Design

The VIGBODY HL-EB801 exercise bike has an inherently ergonomic design. It comes with comfortable seats bolted onto an ergonomic frame. The 10.3 by 7.9-inch cushion gives the seat exceptional comfort. Additionally, the cushion has air channels that allow air to permeate through the seat for enhanced comfort. Aside from the cushion, the seat has built-in shock absorbers that negate shock. By cutting down on the shock transfer to your body, you can exercise longer without comfort.

Pully and Flywheel

The 35 lbs flywheel is designed to provide smooth and strong resistance. The belt drive system is quieter and more suitable for indoor riding.

Caged Anti-Skid Pedals

The VIGBODY Indoor Exercise Bike comes with caged anti-skid pedals made of aluminum alloy. The easy-to-install pedals are fitted with adjustable tightening straps that secure your feet to the pedals.

Dual Wheels

The front feet of this stationary bike are fitted with dual wheels. You simply lean the bike forward and move it around as needed. While this might seem like a mundane feature, it adds to the overall positive experience that many VIGBODY Indoor Exercise Bike users rave about. The ability to move the bike with ease makes a world of difference when you want to use or even store the bike.



Who Will Benefit

The VIGBODY HL-EB801 Indoor Exercise Bike (available at Amazon) combines features that make it appropriate for use by a wide variety of people. For instance, the heavy-duty frame this stationary bike comes with is perfect for heavyweight individuals starting their weight loss and fitness journey. It is also designed with adjustability in mind. As such, adjusting the stationary bike to your specific liking is easier and straightforward. This also means for couples or families sharing exercise equipment, you are not stuck with a single setting; individuals can adjust the bike as needed.

The exceptionally quiet flywheel and compact form factor also make this spin bike the perfect package for a small-sized apartment. Unlike other stationary bikes that tend to be noisy, the VIGBODY Indoor Exercise Bike has an extra thick flywheel pad that reduces noise emissions from this bike. On the other hand, unlike some stationary exercise bikes that can be bulky and difficult to store, the VIGBODY Indoor Exercise Bike is compact, and, therefore, easy to store.

Our Verdict

While you might find it difficult to schedule some time to hit the gym, having the VIGBODY Indoor Exercise Bike in your home will make it very easy to stay active and fit. This super quiet stationary bike allows you to exercise in your home without disturbing other people, even when exercising at night or early in the morning. Its heavy-duty build ensures it lasts long and the ease of adjustability and comfortable saddle will keep you comfortable. Overall, this is a sturdy spin bike that provides excellent value for what it offers. While it doesn’t compare to some of the gym-level bikes, it is a perfect starter bike for beginners and intermediate enthusiasts.

Product Specifications

Dimensions46" x 25" x 44"
Weight64 lbs.
Max Weight Capacity330 lbs.