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Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Gas Grill Review


Weber Spirit II E-310









The Review

Outdoor grilling is an enjoyable experience that many participate in throughout the year. If you’ve ever had to deal with the hassle of a charcoal grill, you understand how much the convenience of a gas model increases that enjoyment. Being able to simply walk outside, flick a switch, and start cooking is a breath of fresh air compared to the frustration of lighting and cleaning a charcoal grill. The Weber Spirit II E-310 liquid propane grill offers a fast and convenient grilling experience from this high quality and well-made device. See where it lands on our list of best affordable gas grills.

Weber has been well known as a leader in the backyard grill industry for over 65 years. Starting with their first kettle grill in 1952, their innovative approach to perfecting the cooking experience has gifted backyard cooks with some of the best grilling tools found anywhere. Numerous unique features, flawless design, and extremely durable materials have made Weber one of the best-selling and trusted brands throughout the world.

Weber logo on grillPorcelain Enameled Grates and Quick-Start Ignition

At its core are the cooking grates that are made of cast iron and enameled using porcelain. They stand apart from the others in the sense that they are reversible. This allows for more flexibility in cooking your meals as each side offers different cooking options. The thin side can handle delicate foods while the thicker side allows for more strenuous cooking. Furthermore, the porcelain enameled grate holds heat very well to better produce a solid sear or cooking experience. Combined with the powerful burner, this Weber grill heats up very quickly (500+ degrees) to get you cooking as soon as possible. The Infinity Ignition (part of the GS4 Grilling System) further enhances convenience as it makes starting the grill an absolute breeze. Made to withstand extreme weather conditions, the ignition features flawless and reliable starting technology. This is one of the best starting grills at any price point.

Consistent and Even Heating

Cooking on the Weber Spirit II is effortless and incredibly satisfying as the grill offers excellent temperature control and even heating throughout. Placing the burners on a low setting allows for long and slow cooking at 250 degrees. Alternatively, raising the temperature allows the grill to jump up to 600 degrees extremely fast. Overall, the heat distribution is excellent from side to side with only a slight difference between front-back temperatures. Cooking burgers leads to all getting done at the same time without the hassle of selectively removing patties that may or may not be finished like with other grills. This is one of the better grills at this price point as far as heat distribution is concerned. While it may be hard to believe that a simple grill can change the way food tastes, this model can lead to juicier and tastier food.

The burner tubes and flavorizer bars are made of high-quality materials, like most of this grill. Their solid construction ensures a consistent flow of gas that operates flawlessly with the temperature control knobs. The precise nature of this interaction is integral in ensuring you are cooking at the correct temperatures for the best tasting food. Furthermore, the flavorizer bars are angled to catch any drippings from the food. This enhances the food with a “smoky” flavor like one would expect from a grill. The bars are also adept at channeling any grease drippings away from the burners and into the grease management system to help keep the grill as clean as possible, preventing flies and the like.

Strong Warranty and Easy Assembly

The warranty is one of the best aspects of the Weber E-310. It isn’t often you can find a grill under $500 that comes with a massive 10 year warranty. The peace of mind this provides is hard to underestimate. The customer service is responsive should you have any issues and they are quick to deal with any issues you may have after purchasing. Furthermore, compared to other grills, the assembly is relatively simple. If you have put together a grill before, assembly may take as little as 30 minutes. While the instructions are lacking (as is often the case), a recommended BILT app is available that makes it much easier via the use of 3D renderings. All you should need is a screwdriver and a wrench and you should be grilling in no time flat.

What We Don’t Like

While this is one of the best affordable grills you’ll find, there are a few problem areas that Weber should address. Moving the grill can be difficult if you intend to roll it on a regular basis. The wheels are made of cheap materials, which makes rolling difficult. Furthermore, there are only wheels on one set of legs which further adds to rolling difficulties. Getting a good hold of the device is also difficult as there isn’t a proper handle in place. Free assembly is also advertised with this model. Unfortunately, this service is only available in some areas. While assembly isn’t difficult, if this option is important to you, ensure that the service is available in your area before purchasing.

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Final Verdict

The Weber (45010001) Spirit II E-310 3 Burner grill is an exceptional propane grill that checks almost every box. It performs like a much more expensive unit at an affordable price. The high quality construction materials, even cooking, exceptional grate, and overall ease of use make it a joy to use for those outdoor cooking sessions for the family and friends. Delivering an effortless cooking experience, the E-310 is one of the more versatile grills that works perfectly for all but the most serious cooks. The problems are few, the benefits are great, and the value you get out of this unit is exceptional. An incredible 10-year warranty is top of the line and speaks to the craftsmanship you can expect.

Weber Spirit II E-310 Specifications

Dimensions52 x 26 x 57 inches
GratePorcelain enameled cast iron
Cooking Area (Total)529 square inches
Warranty10 years