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WORX WG545.1 20V Cordless Leaf Blower Review


WORX Cordless Leaf Blower




Ease of Use





The Review

The WORX WG545.1 20V Cordless Leaf Blower is a battery-powered leaf blower that is convenient and allows you to easily clean your deck, driveway, sidewalk, patio, and more. The airspeed provides enough power for you to clean all the hard to reach areas around your home. This blower may not be the strongest or most powerful, but it is very convenient and easy to use. Although the corded or gas-powered leaf blowers are able to generate a more powerful blowing action, it is often unnecessary for most “around the home” jobs. Cordless leaf blowers, such as the WORX, allow users to perform smaller jobs without the need to deal with the hassle that often accompanies the stronger blowers.

This leaf blower is lightweight, and the cordless design lets you get into all the areas that may have been hard to clean before. It is easy to store and use, weighs less than 4 pounds, and the weight is evenly distributed throughout the blower. There are multiple attachments included with the purchase of this battery-operated leaf blower, and it even comes with a bonus deflator attachment for outdoor toys. Additionally, there is no need to purchase a battery, as it comes with one already. This blower is surprisingly durable, especially when considering the lightweight design.

Man using leaf blower to clean sidewalkAttachments Enhance Versatility

One of the best features of the WORX cordless leaf blower is the versatility the tool affords compared to the more cumbersome models. The WG545.1 makes many annoying sweeping and cleaning jobs much easier and faster. One nice little perk (not a make or break feature) is that it is very handy at inflating/deflating the children’s pool toys. Because of the attachments that come with it, you can easily re-adjust the blower for all your menial tasks around the home. It may seem like something small but being able to use the “Wide Nozzle” to dry your car after a wash, speeding up the drying process and eliminating water spots.

Each of the attachments lock into place easily with the locking mechanism (and some just slide into place). In addition to the aforementioned “Wide Nozzle”, some of the other attachments include a Dust Brush, Extension Hose, Dust Tube, Detail Brush, and Short Tube. This leaf blower can do much more than simply blowing leaves! Patio furniture, computer keyboards, sawdust, and many more items can be kept free of debris with the WORX blower due to the versatility.


According to WORX, the leaf blower has a maximum airspeed of 120 MPH, which is a strong reason that the performance exceeds what you would expect from a cordless, gasoline-free air blower. It has enough power to easily and quickly remove dirt and debris from any patio, driveway, or porch. Even wet leaves are easily pushed to their destination. The usefulness for drying your car is excellent as it quickly and easily removes water to eliminate swirl marks one often gets from drying with a towel. While it may not be as powerful as some other models (see what is a good CFM for a leaf blower), this can come in handy when trying to blow out sensitive areas, such as a flower bed or garden. It can easily remove leaves and loose dirt without disrupting the soil or uprooting plants.

The blower does best in moving leaves and dirt across hard surfaces such as a driveway or patio. Blowing mounds of leaves across a grass lawn may present problems as the airspeed may not be able to adequately perform the task. Of course, this depends on the circumstances such as if the leaves are dry or wet. The battery has a relatively short lifespan and will work for approximately 15 minutes. WORX states that the recharge time is 5 hours, but the battery usually charges in about 2 hours. Another benefit of this leaf blower is the quiet operation. Unlike corded or gas blowers, cordless leaf blowers are much quieter, and the WORX WG545.1 keeps with that tradition by providing much lower levels of noise while in use.

Convenient with Superb Customer Service

There are several convenience features that help to make the WORX stand out compared to the competition. One of the most innovative is the ability to switch out batteries between other WORX devices. For example, if you have another WORX tool that uses a 20V battery, you can easily use the same battery for it and the leaf blower. Furthermore, the fast charging nature of the rechargeable battery ensures you don’t have to wait 12 hours or more (like some other cordless blowers). The various accessories also add to the allure of the convenience as they provide numerous avenues to clean your shop or home. Finally, this blower/sweeper only weighs 3.5 lbs., so it is similar to waving a book around on your driveway. Unlike a heavy gas-powered blower, you won’t have to worry about tiring out your arms on those small jobs. Besides the specific convenience that this product affords, the luxury of not having to deal with the hassle of a cord is hard to exaggerate. Carrying around a 50ft (or more!) extension cord and constantly needing to stop and replug the cord into a new outlet as you work is a real hassle. Cordless leaf blowers may not have the power of their stronger cousins, but they more than make up for it in convenience.

The customer support WORX offers for their customers is second to none. A 3-year warranty ensures that should you have any problems, they will be there to help you find a solution. A simple and convenient chat line is available to help answer any quick questions you may have. Their support staff are knowledgeable and promptly reply to any inquiries.

Red, yellow, and green batteriesWhat We Don’t Like

As is the case with most cordless leaf blowers, buyers shouldn’t expect to experience the same kind of airspeed and power that you get from a gas or corded blower. The WORX offers enough blowing power to easily clean hard surfaces such as driveways, garages, or decks. If you need to blow mountains of leaves across deep grass, you may need a higher-powered corded blower. Another potential issue is that the battery will run for only about 15-20 minutes. While this is fine for most small jobs, larger jobs may require charging before it has been completed. This can be quickly remedied by purchasing an extra battery and keeping 2 charged at all times. These are common concerns that many who move from a gas to a cordless blower experience. Most cordless leaf blowers are intended for smaller jobs when you don’t need the power of the larger leaf blowers.

Final Verdict

Although there are some problems associated with the WORX AIR blower, it is a good tool to make cleaning of small jobs easier and much more convenient. The WORX WG545.1 leaf blower is lightweight, easy to use, and makes chores around the property easier and faster. If you know what the limits are with this blower, you won’t be disappointed; however, don’t expect it to do more than it is designed to do. The various attachments are very nice and add to the versatility this blower offers. Small and lightweight, it can be used easily by almost anyone. Some aspects of the WORX cordless leaf blower could be improved, but it is a solid option for those who need something a little more convenient than dragging around a 50ft cord. Read our comparison of the best cordless leaf blowers to learn more.

Product Specifications

Charge Time5 hrs
Size20 x 7 x 8 in
Weight3.5 lbs
Warranty3 year
Variable SpeedsNo