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Yosuda Indoor Stationary Bike Review


Yosuda Exercise Bike









With so many great cycling bikes on the market today it may be challenging at best to determine which bike is best suited for indoor needs. YOSUDA has long been a favorite in fashion fitness. With a quality exercise bike, the product is designed with strict manufacturing guides in place. Fitness should be a part of everyone’s day. Regardless of whether the person is indoors or outdoors, the Yosuda spin bike offers a variety of great examples of fitness. Priced affordably, the Yosuda offers a 35lbs flywheel, an iPad Mount, and a nicely cushioned seat for full comfort during the ride. With free shipping for Prime members, this bike is readily available on Amazon. Let’s examine some of the pros and cons of this bike and then we’ll answer some of the more common questions regarding this bike.

Woman riding exercise bike at home watching tvThe Basics

The Yosuda exercise bike offers value that is commonly seen in much more expensive models. Quality workmanship is important to Yosuda as the stationary bike includes a heavy steel frame to offer improved durability. In addition to the heavy steel frame, a 35 lbs. flywheel does a good job of simulating real-world riding conditions to ensure you get the best workout possible. Cage pedals and wool felt brake pads enhance the experience as you pedal your way to fitness. The adjustable resistance knob provides adequate resistance as it is made of M10 steel to improve rigidity and enhance the riding experience. The heavy steel frame supports a maximum weight of 270 lbs., allowing a wide range of body types to use the equipment. After set up, the bike measures 40″ x 22″ x 45″. This makes the Yosuda an excellent riding experience for those in the 5′ – 6′ range. Unfortunately, those over 6′ tall, may experience comfort problems while riding. Overall, the Yosuda spin bike is made of quality materials and provides a comfortable riding experience to a wide range of individuals.

Comfort and Ergonomics

If you have ever ridden a spin bike before, you are probably aware that comfort is not at the forefront of many bike manufacturers’ minds. While the Yosuda isn’t a recumbent exercise bike that feels like you are in a lounge chair, it features a fully adjustable seat that makes riding more comfortable than one would expect in a budget spin bike. Additionally, the sturdy nature of the bike ensures it doesn’t wobble while you are riding. The cage pedals do a good job at ensuring your feet are properly anchored on the pedals at all times without needing to constantly search for footing. Features such as the bottle holder and resistance knob are within easy reach and do not distract from the riding experience.

Features and Assembly

The Yosuda exercise bike provides riders with numerous features to make the workout more enjoyable and productive. First, the digital display provides what has become commonplace amongst exercise bikes. You can expect to find information related to time, speed, distance, and calories burned. One of the more convenient features is that the display allows you to watch videos or listen to music during your workout in an easy-to-see location. In addition to the display, other features such as the transportation wheels and bottle holder are greatly appreciated when they are needed. The bike can be easily rolled to the workout area or put away for storage when not in use. The bottle holder is mounted directly in front of the rider and is easily accessed and manipulated. The adjustable seat and handlebars make for a comfortable ride that only gets better after each workout session.

Assembly is a piece of cake when compared to some of the more elaborate models. Instructional videos, available online, provide excellent step-by-step instructions for even novice assemblers to quickly put the bike together. The high-quality workmanship is evident while assembling the bike as the parts easily connect and provide a solid and sturdy base.

Cartoon character leaning on red question markFrequently Asked Questions

Is the stationary bike pre-assembled?

No, this bike is not pre-assembled. It comes with full instructions to assemble and there is also a video available to walk users through the assembly process. Assembly will take approximately 30 to sixty minutes. All of the tools are included to make assembly easy and quick.

Can I use the Peloton App with the bike?

Absolutely, simply connect an iPad/tablet/or laptop to the mount or on a surface nearby. All of the Peloton classes and benefits are readily available. Use Bluetooth or speakers to make instructions and classes easier.

How heavy is the Yosuda spin bike?

The bike is approximately 35 pounds. Easy to carry up a flight of stairs for those who wish to use it on upper floors.

How durable is the Yosuda?

This bike is very durable and can withstand a beating. Some use the bike to stand and pedal while others prefer to use it remaining seated. Many physical therapy clinics choose this bike for durability with their physical therapy clients.

What can the bike track while it is being ridden?

The Yosuda exercise bike tracks distance, calories, burned, as well as an odometer so that it’s easy to see the distance that has been “traveled”.

What kind of pedals does this bike come with?

This bike comes with “cage pedals” that the foot slides into. If desired the pedals can be changed out to a different style of pedals.

Is there a warranty?

There is a one-year free parts replacement guarantee on this bike.

What can be adjusted on the bike?

The handlebars, seat, and pedals are all adjustable.

Our Verdict

All in all, users give this bike a high rating due to numerous factors. The bike is easy to move around and works well for apartment dwellers. Most users choose to use a pad or underneath of the unit to prevent any floor damage and for a quieter ride experience. Upstairs users state that there is no noise to be concerned about for neighbors when using the bike in an apartment setting. The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is a great choice for beginners and pros alike. With a one-year free parts replacement by the company itself, this is a great buy and works very well for the intended purpose. The high-quality construction at an affordable price provides buyers with the peace of mind that they have made a solid purchase that will last a long time. Most users are satisfied with this bike and have few complaints aside from minor issues like a pedal replacement or a few squeaks here and there. Typical solutions are easy for the average person to resolve from oiling squeaky parts to replacing pedals with other pedals found at a bike shop or online from the manufacturer or Amazon.

If you’re seeking a great bike for daily use to stay in shape or enjoy a fitness class, the Yosuda stationary exercise bike (available at Amazon) is an ideal choice. Most users are more than satisfied with this purchase and would recommend this bike to others. The few cons that this bike has are easily worked around and don’t seem to cause any serious issues to users. All in all, this is a great bike for the price.

Product Specifications

Dimensions40" x 22" x 46"
Weight35 lbs.
Weight Capacity270 lbs.