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The Best Brands of Leaf Blowers

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Leaf blowers come in handy when you need to clean up your yard, driveway, garage, or many other areas of different debris. Unfortunately, finding the perfect leaf blower to fit your situation can be a more difficult than one would expect. Selecting the best brand of leaf blower is integral in ensuring it will last you for a very long time. Even though getting a reputable brand is important, it is equally important to know exactly why type of blower will work best for you. We’ve created a guide to finding the best brands of leaf blowers just for you (and your yard), so you’ll never have to worry about the search again.

Types of Leaf Blowers

First things first, you must know which leaf blower you are looking for and if you are looking to move more leaves at once, or if you are wanting a blower with or without a cord (see our pick for best battery-powered leaf blower). There are backpack leaf blowers, handheld blowers, and blowers that you walk behind (or wheeled blowers). For power, you have corded and non-corded, battery/electric or gas – it’s comparable to car searching at times.

Another important factor when searching for the right blower for the job is to look at the CFM (cubic feet per minute) and the MPH (miles per hour) of the blower. While you may feel inclined to search for a leaf blower that covers more miles per hour, it is far more beneficial to look for a balance of the two instead. Buying a blower that is super high in MPH will mean absolutely nothing if you aren’t comparing that with the CFM, and vice versa. There must be a pleasant balance between the two.

The last important factor when searching for which blower is right for the job that lies ahead of you (but certainly not the least important factor) is to decide whether this is a small, medium, or large job. If you are just looking to clear off your pool deck or patio, a handheld brand will typically do the trick. However, with a medium job like your yard (if under one acre) or your driveway, a backpack blower might be suitable, which leaves our walk-behind blowers that are made more for parks and fields, or any yard over one acre.

Best Brands of Leaf Blowers

Once you’ve decided on the type of blower, the power you’ll need, and the size of the job at hand, you are now able to choose the brand for you. Of course, there are other important aspects of purchasing a leaf blower that you might look at such as the price or longevity, so we’ve done some solid research and found the best bang (or should we say the best blower) for your buck and will be around for years to come.


Craftsman is one of the top brands when it comes to handheld and backpack blowers, which are all mainly gas-operated machines. Craftsman is super popular and is made super durable as well. Also known as one of the most popular brands and companies since the early 2000s.


Echo is considered to be one of the finest brands of blowers (commonly backpack) on the market, labeled as a premium brand it’s super convenient and lasts for such a long period of time. You can use your Echo backpack blower on small or large properties.


Troy-Bilt is a hard-working, easy to roll walk-behind leaf blower. Versatile in its’ use, you can use these wheeled blowers for nearly everything: your patio, yard, driveway, and sidewalk.


Primarily corded blowers, Toro is super-powerful, versatile, and often includes a built-in cord lock to keep your cord in place at all times – in use and not when in use. The Toro brand typically puts a lot of work into their machines, specifically the Toro Ultra 250mph 350cfm, which is 3 machines in one – leaf shredder, vacuum, and of course, a leaf blower.


Makita is considered to be the leading cordless brand on the market with its precise airstream and massive power. Many tests have proven the Makita line of blowers (see our Makita XBU02PT 18V Cordless Leaf Blower Review) to be or of the best brands of cordless blowers, and by a long shot.


Greenworks is known as the leading brand of leaf blowers when it comes to electric pushers. They’re lightweight, super sturdy, made to last for years to come, and they certainly get the job done. Greenworks will be one of your top (see Greenworks 80V Cordless Leaf Blower Review), if not the top, choices of leaf blowers on your list when it comes to looking for cordless, electric machines.


Husqvarna promises to make things much easier for you by making their blowers versatile, eco-friendly, powerful, and lightweight. It’s no secret that Husqvarna is popular among users and is one of the most preferred along with Makita and Greenworks.

Final Thoughts

While these are the top brands we’ve researched and found to be the best, it’s important to note that they are versatile and most of the brands mentioned above can fit into more than one category, not just the category and type we’ve placed it in. It should also be noted that there are many more brands that are worth taking a look at, these aren’t the only leaf pushers that exist and do the job, but they deserve to be noted as some of the best brands made.

Once you find the right brand for you, we suggest reading reviews before making your final purchase. Knowing exactly what other people just like you have to say about the one you have your eye on will work absolute wonders. If you know just what you need beforehand and then you even get insight into the product from users just like you, you’ll have the perfect leaf blower for the job, leaving no room for disappointment.