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The Most Unusual Uses for a Pressure Washer

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Pressure washers are a common tool you will find in many homes. Their usefulness and wide range of application allow many to use them for purposes that you would rarely think of upon initial purchase. Besides their commonly known cleaning tasks, pressure washers come in handy other areas as well. Read below to find some of the most unusual uses for a pressure washer you will find that every day people commonly perform. If some of these uses surprise you, you are not alone!

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Tree Branch Removal

Loose tree branches are a common concern for homeowners. High winds and age cause trees to regularly have broken branches that can be a danger to those walking or standing underneath. Even if the broken or loose branch is noticed by happenstance, it could easily be a monumental task to get it out of the tree, depending on the height and type of tree. Fortunately, the always adaptable pressure washer comes to the rescue for many forward-thinking owners. Shooting a powerful stream of water can easily remove any loose or broken branches from tree(s) with minimal effort from the owner. This is a good preventative task that one can do anytime they have their pressure cleaner out taking care of another task. Once the initial task has been completed, simply point the wand high in the tree and try to be as thorough as possible to ensure there are no loose branches.

Stress Testing Roofing Projects

Testing stress levels for roofing projects is a common occurrence for many. In fact, this happens upon completion of every project to ensure that they can withstand varying weather conditions. No matter where you live, severe weather is a fact of life. It is important to ensure that roofs can withstand these kinds of conditions to avoid injury and structural damage at the worst times. Pressure washers have become a useful tool to help with conducting this test. The high volume of water and pressure output make them perfect for simulating harmful weather conditions. Testing for leaks is a breeze as the water can easily find any problem areas that need repair without much trouble from the user. Simply walk along the roof (if possible) and spray at a normal distance to test the roof in a quick and easy manner.

Tool belt and tools on the roof

Old Paint Removal

Intense use of a power washer can quickly remove any residue and old paint on several types of surfaces. This mostly happens when users are preparing to apply new paint to these surfaces (i.e. homes, sheds, decks, etc.). Depending on the power of the washer, the paint should peel off fairly easily. Some of these tools are commercial-grade and are inherently powerful while others are more useful for everyday tasks around the home. If you plan on removing paint with your washer, ensure it has enough power for the job at hand. Remember, electric washers are, in most instances, considerably less powerful than a gas-powered washer.

Cleaning Fish (What?!?)

If you have any experience with fishing, then you know everything that goes into cleaning the fish. In fact, many do not like the idea of having to clean and gut fish for a variety of reasons. Some of the more squeamish fishermen (or fisherwomen) can sometimes hesitate at the idea of gutting a fish correctly. One of the more creative uses for a pressure washer is that it can facilitate cleaning of fresh fish without having to lay a finger on it. While this may not be the best or most precise method to prepare your fish for cooking, it is a fast and somewhat fun method.

Fencing Maintenance

Tom Sawyer was very good at getting others to do his work when he was tasked with painting a fence. While a pressure washer may not be able to paint a fence for you, it can make the task of removing grime and dirt a much easier task. The pressurized water can quickly cut through unsightly dirt that can make your fence a completely different color that what was originally intended. These tools are even good at cutting through vines and other plants that have been growing on your fence. Wooden or chain link fences are prime targets for using this tool to save you time from doing it manually.

Cleaning Gutters

Gutters are notorious for gathering unwanted dirt, leaves, and sticks. This can often cause the gutters to become clogged and stop them from doing their job of diverting water. While some may opt to ignore their gutters for longer than advised, employing a power washer to clean these makes it very quick work. By outputting a strong stream of water, the leaves and dirt can be quickly removed without much effort. The most difficult part of the process is often simply getting on the roof or climbing up a ladder to get to the top of the gutter.

Cleaning gutters

Vermin and Insect Removal

Pests can be both hazardous and annoying, depending on the type of pest at hand. By invading your space, they can damage and interfere with pathways and exterior areas of your home. Many homeowners often call exterminators to help in dealing with these pests. Unfortunately, exterminators can be expensive, depending on the job at hand. One of the more ingenious ways of dealing with this problem is to use a pressure washer to remove the vermin or insects. For example, bees and wasps commonly inhabit areas around homes and can be dangerous to unsuspecting passersby. Using a pressure washer, at a distance, can save you and other residents from a painful sting.

Boat Maintenance

During the boating season, boats can be get very dirty due to consistently moving from dry storage to the water. If you have ever attempted to wash a boat by hand, you probably know the frustration involved in this task. Pressure washers allow you to access difficult locations and easily get rid of dirt lodged in hard to reach areas. They are quite effective and leave your boat having that sparkling and beautiful look. This method is environmentally safe and plays a major role in boosting your boat’s longevity.

Cleaning Garbage Cans

Do you ever think about cleaning your trashcans? If this thought has ever crossed your mind, then you know what it means to deal with that odor that foments from consistent usage without cleaning. Due to this, people often leave their trashcans outside. Even though this is safe, you can have your trashcans cleaned by simply using a pressure washer. Pressure washers knock off old trash and enhance the overall look of the can. In addition, using soap helps with dealing with odors.


Pressure washers have a variety of uses that many don’t realize. If you have one and maybe have never considered any of the above, chances are high that you are under-utilizing the tool. Depending on the type of pressure washer, it can function as a powerful paint stripper, tree branch remover, or roofing tool. Creative minds can come up with many more uses for these tools, so see what you can do with yours. If you don’t currently have one and are looking for a portable power washer for small tasks around the house, we have reviewed a number of pressure washers at an affordable price.