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Top 5 Innovative Products for the Elderly

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In life, aging is a fact that affects all of us. This understanding helps us in gauging how best to handle each stage of life. Right from childhood through adulthood and into old age, each stage comes with its own set of requirements. As such, it is vital to know what needs associate with people who are in your circle. When breezing through young adulthood, very few people think that they will one time get old. However, this reality strikes when one of the family members starting to develop dependency. When this happens, the questions that surface are, how do we care for the elderly? Are there products that we can use to promote quality of life? To answer this question, we are going to look at five innovative products for the elderly that focus on enhancing quality of life.

The Liftware

This is an eating utensil aimed at enhancing stability while eating. Eating stability is one of those challenges facing the elderly. Elderly people experience hand tremors due to the toning down of their nerves and poor muscle coordination. This makes it difficult to eat without spilling food. However, this does not have to go on for long. Liftware is a handling device that detaches from an array of cutlery including forks, regular spoons, and soup spoons.

Liftware comes fitted with enhanced technology that comprises microprocessors and motion sensors. These sensor and microprocessors have been designed to handle calculations of up to 1,000 times per second. When attached to the utensils, it reduces the shaking experience by up to 70 percent. The reduction helps the elderly to know how much it should move in order to compensate for the shaking. This helps the elderly to enjoy their meals with ease.

Liftware comes as a package enhanced with a storage pouch and a charger making it easy to carry it around. A point to note is, though the attachment is dish washable, the person handling it must wash their hands using mild detergents.

ReSound Hearing Aids

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Hearing loss is another common feature among the elderly. In most cases, this makes life difficult because one cannot hear what the other person is trying to communicate. It can also be risky because an elderly person might miss an important signal that can have a perilous effect. For this reason, the ReSound hearing aids come in very handy to boost the hearing capacity among the elderly. The technological features fitted in this hearing device allow the user to communicate easily while also creating a rich communication environment. They also have wireless technology for various mobile devices such as the iPhone, and iPad, which boosts levels of entertainment.

Robot Vacuums

Some of the elderly in our circles often prefer to do various chores in their homes. One of these chores includes vacuuming the house. Essentially, vacuuming is not something fun or easy for older persons to do consistently. As such, to help with this chore, robot vacuums have increased in popularity, for all ages, due to their autonomous nature. Although they require a small amount of oversight (i.e. picking up small objects before vacuuming), they have improved to the point that they are very self-sufficient. They are lightweight, easy to store, and require little to no maintenance. In fact, one can easily schedule when they will clean the house in case someone is prone to forgetting about it.

Robovacs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price points. They can range from the expensive variety, primarily intended for offices and large homes, or much more affordable versions, such as the eufy 11s Slim.

The beauty of robot vacuum cleaners is that one does not have to hire a helper to assist in vacuuming the house. This means that they eliminate some of the financial costs as well as challenges that come with working with employees. Lastly, the robots are fun to watch, which can be simple form of entertainment.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out all of our robot vacuum cleaner reviews on our product reviews page.

Fitbit Inspire

Staying active is one of the most important health requirements for the elderly. Even though this is the case, many often shy away from this for various reasons. Sometimes all we need is a little motivation to spur us on to healthy activities. Enter the Fitbit Inspire.

The Fitbit Inspire is a fitness tracking device worn on the wrist or clipped on a belt. It has a dashboard that helps in tracking calories and provides information on the number of steps taken and body activity. The battery has the capacity to last up to five days, which reduces the need for continuous charging. One does not have to switch it off when going to sleep. This is great news for anyone who wants to track how it operates while asleep.

The Fitbit provides feedback through short messages especially when you are not using it to track body activity. You also do not have to worry about swimming. The device is waterproof meaning that one can also have it while showering. The small size ensures the device can easily be attached to the belt or wrist in as unobtrusive a manner as possible.


This is a virtual reality experience-enhancing device. Essentially, the elderly use it to alleviate any form social isolation. Participants using this device can control their experiences by themselves or get an opportunity to participate in group experience designed and led by the programming teams. One of the unique features associated with this device is that it has built a virtual reality version that comes in the form of Netflix where it gives participants various options. In this case, participants can choose from different experiences that include educational activities, travel, spectator activities and sports. It is important to note that Rendever ensures that they supply lesson plans for various sessions.

The company founder says that this device helps in elderly reminisce therapy. It is helpful because it encourages the individuals to discuss some of their experiences as well as learn from what others are going through in their senior years. Studies reveal that this device boosts participants’ mood and is important for those experiencing some form of dementia.


Today’s technology continues to improve as the years go by, subsequently improving quality of life in a variety of areas. Senior living is no exception. From robot vacuum cleaners to virtual reality, innovative products for improved elderly living quality increase every year and provide numerous benefits, if used correctly. Each of these devices plays a critical role in promoting healthy living among the elderly. If you or a loved one could benefit from one of these devices, do your research to ensure the product is exactly what you need.