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Types of Leaf Blowers

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A leaf blower is a tool that helps you at your home to get rid of unwanted leaves or debris in a fast and efficient manner. Integrated into leaf blowers are spinning blades or compellers, which produce a strong stream of air to clear all the unwanted leaves. Furthermore, you can also use your leaf blower to clear weeds from your garden as well as drying your car after cleaning.

Leaf blowers have many benefits, and how well they perform usually depends on the type of leaf blower you purchase (see how much leaf blowers cost). Therefore, it is important to ensure that you select the right type of blower for your particular situation. Below you can find the various types of leaf blowers and the task for which they are best suited.

Walk-behind Leaf Blower

Walk-behind or wheeled leaf blowers are commonly used for very big jobs such as commercial work or large estates. This machine features a four-stroke engine that produces a lot of power and moving this machine can be strenuous. Additionally, because it usually is heavy and tough to move around with, especially on hills, the user should be equipped to deal with large devices. Those of small frame or build could easily have trouble using a wheeled leaf blower to its full capacity. Additionally, as this is a very large blower, ensure your storage area is large enough.

Cordless Electric Blowers

Cordless electric blowers are the most common and convenient leaf blowers for homeowners. It is not only easy to move around but also lightweight and maneuverable. Rechargeable batteries are used to allow for freedom of movement without the hassle of a cord or the maintenance required in gas blowers. Depending on the brand/model, the battery life can range from 15 minutes all the way up to 1.5 hours or more. Extra batteries are affordable and can come in very handy to continue working without the need to stop for a recharge. If you’re interested, check out our comparison of the best cordless leaf blowers to see if one will work for you.

Corded Electric Blowers

Similar to the cordless variety, corded leaf blowers can be easily operated with one hand and offer lightweight use. However, it produces a lot of noise while functioning, which can be irritating. Furthermore, corded models have limited mobility due to the cord. Corded blowers often produce higher wind velocity and more blowing power than most cordless leaf blowers. These are commonly used by those who need more power than a cordless model can provide, but don’t need as much mobility.

Gas Handheld Blower

Gas leaf blowers are most often found in use in a commercial setting. They offer the most power, overall, and can be used for extended periods of time. They are extremely mobile and lightweight, further increasing their usability in settings such as office buildings or large client jobs. Whereas they can get somewhat noisy, they enable you to finish your work quickly and do an outstanding job. Moreover, they often are tuned periodically and integrated into its design are two-stroke engines, but some of these types of leaf blowers have four-stroke engines, making them very powerful. The two-stroke engine model weighs in at approximately 10 pounds; while the four-stroke weighs can weight slightly more.

Backpack Leaf Blowers

These types of leaf blowers usually weigh considerably more than any of the other types of handheld leaf blowers. Fortunately, distributing the weight by using as a backpack, makes them easy to carry and comfortable. Backpack leaf blowers offer impressive power and are useful in commercial settings. They are slightly more expensive than their handheld cousins, but the additional power and comfortable use make them more than worth it as they can drastically cut down the amount of time required for a job.


Leaf blowers come in a variety of shapes and sizes (see The Best Brands of Leaf Blowers). Picking the right blower depends on the kind of job that the blower is intended to undertake. For optimal convenience and ease of use, cordless electric leaf blowers are often the tool of choice. These are most often perfect for small to medium sized jobs around the house, although some of the premium models can also be used for more strenuous tasks. Corded blowers are often the next step up in the power department. They can undertake tough jobs and produce a strong CFM/wind velocity to help complete jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Gas handheld blowers are the most commonly used blower for commercial jobs due to their combination of mobility, power, and longevity. Due to the extensive maintenance and hassle in dealing with a gas engine, their convenience is less than ideal. Backpack leaf blowers are easy to carry and give users plenty of power to tackle almost any job. Finally, the walk-behind wheeled leaf blowers are the most powerful of the bunch and are commonly used for only the largest of jobs. Ensure you know exactly what kind of blower you need for the job at hand. Using the wrong leaf blower can hinder your ability to efficiently complete your task.