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What are the Advantages of an Inverter Generator?

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Plenty of homeowners have been questioning whether the inverter generator is the best option compared to the regular ones. However, based on their unique construction and performance, their advantages outweigh regular generators. So, if you are looking for a portable generator best suited for the job site or emergency power during power outages, don’t hesitate to consider an inverter generator due to the following advantages;

Low Noise Level

These portable inverter generators operate quietly, unlike the regular generators that are louder. Most of the models operate in the range of 50-60dB which is the volume of a quiet conversation making it suitable in case of power outages in your home. Similarly, which makes them run quietly is the design and the mechanics. For instance, the engine is usually smaller and operates at a slower but steady pace; hence, it doesn’t work hard. Consequently, their construction design features an enclosed casing which makes the generator nearly silent, commonly making inverter generators some of the best quiet generators currently available.

Honda Portable Generator and Trademark LogoCompact and Lightweight

Most of the models of inverter generators have a lightweight construction which leads to a truly portable generator. If your job sites involve moving around, you won’t feel discouraged by its size and weight. If you compare them with the regular portable generators, the regular ones are heavier hence may not be the best option. Its portability is characterized by a smaller fuel tank which leads to a small and compact size. Also, they are suitable for camping trips or other outdoor use.


They are more fuel-efficient, unlike the regular portable generators. This is because an inverter generator adjusts the speed of the engine automatically, and by doing so when it runs at a slower speed as required by the load, it saves energy and hence less fuel needed. Unlike the regular portable generators that run at a constant speed thus cannot regulate fuel consumption. This is the reason why most portable inverter generators have small fuel tanks compared to regular generators.

Safe to Use with Sensitive Equipment

These portable generators are associated with clean electricity which implies that their frequency is steady with less harmonic distortion (see How Does An Inverter Generator Work). This makes the portable inverter generators suitable in case of power outage since it is safer for connecting to sensitive devices; such as laptops, mobile phones, or any other delicate electronics. Unlike the regular portable generators which don’t provide clean electricity, it may cost you a lot since they can damage delicate electronic devices. Also, if you like camping, this type of generator should be your friend since you can comfortably use its power to charge your electronic devices.

White power extension cords, close-upParallel Mode

When we talk of parallel capabilities, it allows you to connect a second identical inverter generator into the original one to double the power of the single inverter generator. It makes the output flexible such that in case you encounter a power outage during large events, you can comfortably address the situation by linking your portable inverter generators to raise the power. When less power is needed, you will just have to split your generators and run a single generator. In other words, if you usually encounter a power outage, this is the best option to consider.

Low Maintenance

Maintaining the portable inverter generator is much easier compared to a regular generator. Generally, maintenance involves inspection of the battery which is usually performed monthly to ensure smooth operation. Apart from that, you won’t need to look for an expert to do help out but you can just do it yourself. Be sure to consult the manual before carrying the maintenance procedure. With good maintenance, you are guaranteed a long-lasting option.


If you are looking for the best portable generator, an inverter generator is an excellent option. As we have seen, it guarantees safety when using it as it does not damage your electronic devices. Also, it saves on your expenditure since it doesn’t consume much fuel. Apart from that, you can carry it around especially if your working sites involve moving from one location to another. Therefore, feel free to add this type of generator to your wish list, and you are assured of great benefits.